Idaho politics: Risch says Ryan wasn't his first pick for veep

UPDATED, 12:55 p.m., to reflect that Risch considers Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida to be the three most important states in the presidential election.

Rep. Paul Ryan is a popular budget-writer in GOP circles. Based on the math of the Electoral College, Mitt Romney would have been better off looking elsewhere for a running mate.

That was the assessment offered by Sen. Jim Risch in a Statesman editorial board meeting Thursday. "(Ryan) was not my first choice for vice president."

Ryan may put Wisconsin — and its 10 electoral votes — back in play in the Nov. 6 election. But Risch said Romney might have been better off selecting Sen. Rob Portman, who could help Romney capture Ohio's 18 electoral votes.

Ohio, Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) and Florida (29 electoral votes) are the three most important states in the presidential election, according to Risch. The candidate who captures at least two will win the White House.

President Barack Obama won all three of these states in 2008 — as well as Wisconsin.

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Words from the richest man in the Senate

Jim Risch is an embarrassment to the human race. Why bother reporting anything he says?

i guess it's a good thing

for Ryan that Risch is not running for prez. sounds like sour grapes to me. maybe Risch can buy himself into the next election.

Base your decision on votes rather than quality

Good idea.
Of all people, Risch should know that you don't automatically do well with voters in your own area.


You may not care for Jim Risch, but he won Ada County in both the primary (15,000+ in a five way race) and the general elections (18,000+ with five people on the ballot). Ada County would qualify as his "own area".

Good point.

I wasn't referring to his campaign specifically but the fact that someone with his years of experience in politics should know that. The example that comes to mind is Otter losing Ada county to Brady when they ran against each other.

What is there about KR that...

makes him dish Paul Ryan as much as he does? Not a negative word from him about Biden. Hypocrite.


It appeared that the article was about Risch dishing Ryan. I'm sure KR felt a need to put something in Risch said, since we haven't heard anything from him since his election to the senate. How much does a millionaire need to be paid for raising a mechanical hand to vote the party line?

Dale Carnegie

has got nothing on Jim Risch!

I love the fact that (a) he thinks his opinion matters at this point, and (b) he can't keep it to himself.

How about...

... putting the qualities someone brings to the job ahead of the electoral votes they would "bring into play." This country has lost its way.

Haven't Republicans Learned?

Haven't they learned you don't pick a VP based solely on how many votes you think they will get you? You pick a VP that is qualified to run the country at any moment.

Romney's biggest weakness, foreign policy, is not helped by picking Ryan. That is a major flaw that is sure to become an issue even though this election is supposed to be all about the economy.

Who's Risch?

Oh, I remember. The little millionaire ducky who dislikes swimming in the big pond. The guy who shortchanged Idaho schools so he and Idaho Power could pay less taxes. Please stay in DC, Jim, where you are invisible.

Idaho Politicals

Idaho can surely pick them!
Clowns one and all...........