A bear by any other name ... is just wrong

Sometimes, some topics are too fun to pass up. So it is with this one, a draft of a secondary editorial for Friday.

We dare you. Look at the face of Idaho’s most famous black bear cub, rescued from a wildfire near Salmon Aug. 26. Just try not to let out an “Awww.”

Now, we double dare you. Look into his eyes and see a Bernard.

You couldn’t do it either, could you?

Sometimes a name is just pitch perfect. Like Boo Boo — which Forest Service firefighters bestowed upon the bruin that they found, clinging to a charred tree, suffering from second-degree burns on his paws. A tribute, of course, to animated icon Yogi Bear. And a bit of upbeat whimsy, befitting one of the few feel-good stories from a tough fire season.

Then the Idaho Humane Society tried to mess with perfection. Yes, Wikipedia says Bernard comes from “Bern-hard,” Germanic for “bear-hardy” or “brave as a bear.” It still sounds clunky. And not to slight the Humane Society — and its good works nursing this bear back to health — but let’s leave the naming to the folks risking their lives on the fire lines.

Especially when they nailed it.

Fortunately, good sense prevailed. The Humane Society heard the bashlash, remedied its own P.R. boo boo and rightfully renamed the little fella.

Sometimes the small injustices are most outrageous. And the small triumphs most sweet.

Speaking of boo boo's......


This is a classic!