Boise State-Michigan State draws third-highest Friday rating in ESPN history; Ohio, Nevada emerge as top BCS-buster candidates

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team’s season-opening loss to Michigan State was a TV ratings winner.

The game drew a 3.2 rating and 4,194,000 viewers — the third-highest rating for a Friday night game in ESPN history. The two higher-rated games were both ends of a doubleheader on Thanksgiving weekend in 2010. Those games: Oregon-Arizona (5.3) and Boise State-Nevada (3.9).

The only game on this past Friday, Saturday or Sunday that drew a higher rating was Saturday night’s Alabama-Michigan game (4.8) on ABC. There is a media report that says Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech on Monday night on ESPN was No. 2 last week, but ESPN hasn’t released that rating.


One week into the season, there already is some clarity in the race among non-BCS teams to earn automatic berths into the BCS.

Ohio, with its win at Penn State, is in the driver’s seat. Nevada, with its win at California, looks good, too. And Boise State, which is higher ranked than either of them despite losing to Michigan State, still has a shot.

Houston, meanwhile, is out. The Cougars were blown out by Texas State in the opener. Some writer ranked them the top potential BCS buster other than Boise State going into the season. Not sure what that guy was thinking.

So here is a revised look at the top candidates. Remember the rules: A team must win its conference and finish in the top 12 of the BCS, or in the top 16 and ahead of a BCS-conference champion. If multiple teams qualify, the highest-ranked goes.

Keep in mind this is not a ranking of the best team, but of the team with the best chance to reach the BCS.

1. Ohio (MAC): The Bobcats won a bowl game last season for the first time in school history. Now Frank Solich has them positioned to make a BCS push. Their biggest asset and potential obstacle is the same: the schedule. The Bobcats don’t have any tests left on the non-conference schedule — at Marshall is the closest — and they caught a break in the conference schedule that allows them to miss the top West Division teams until the conference title game.

2. Nevada (MWC): The Wolf Pack face South Florida on Saturday in Reno. If they can add a Big East victim to their opening win at California, they become a significant threat. Like Ohio, they caught a break from the conference schedule — Boise State, San Diego State, Fresno State and Wyoming all have to visit Reno. The Boise State-Nevada game to end the season could be a winner-take-all showdown.

3. Boise State (MWC): The Broncos couldn’t get to the BCS the past two years with a loss because TCU was undefeated in 2010 and they didn’t win the conference title in 2011. If they win out this year, they would win the Mountain West and should at least be ranked in the top 16 — particularly if Michigan State wins the Big Ten. That’s a tall order, though — the Broncos could face two more ranked opponents in BYU and Nevada.

4. Louisiana Tech (WAC): The Bulldogs’ opener against Texas A&M was postponed by hurricane, and that could be a problem. Texas A&M would have been playing its first game under a new coaching staff in the opener. The Aggies should be more prepared for the meeting later in the season. Louisiana Tech also has road games against Illinois and Virginia, so going undefeated — a necessity for a WAC team — will be difficult.

5. UCF (C-USA): The Knights get their big chance this week at Ohio State. They also get a visit from Missouri on Sept. 29. Two wins seems unlikely, but it would be enough to push them well into the polls. An interesting subplot: The Knights were given a bowl ban by the NCAA for this year but have appealed. So it’s possible they will be ineligible for a bowl, and they might not find out for sure until late in the season.

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None of them will bust anything. BCS is also bust.


You fry wants with that?

Congrats to Broncos for

their National spot-light....

There about 5 potential BCS Busters, with Boise State still being one of them....

BYU game will be the decider....

If BSU doesn't do it...

I'm rooting for LA Tech! Heck, I'd root for any of them.

Setting up nice

for a very meaningful last game of the season......

"Some writer" huh?

" Some writer ranked them" (Houston) "the top potential BCS buster other than Boise State going into the season."

LOL - yeah, what was that writer thinking? Good one Chadd!!

Every non-BCS team

that does well points to the inequity of the BCS system. When Minnesota (BCS school) beats UNLV (non BCS school) in triple overtime, yet Minnesota by virtue of their membership in the Big 10 is considered a quality opponent, and UNLV is designated "cupcake" status, the BCS designation no longer reflects reality.

Go little sisters of the poor!

and the gophers...

along with Indiana are one of the reasons the Big 10 crown is considered to be a big prize. Purdue, Michigan and Penn State this year ought to make it tough "weak in and weak out".

70 and a half

Like that half will be the deciding factor on whether to bet this game.....


I love the 1/2!

I know they got crushed last week and I know its 70 1/2 but Im hoping there is some mercy this week. Especially for a measly 500k.

no kidding

and last week they only got $385K.

I HATE inflation.


You fry wants with that?

I'm tempted take the points. Go SSU! Wait, Savannah isn't a state!

BSU and U of I

These two teams have a lot in common. Both have identical records. Both have played a game with no offensive touchdowns. Both are entering no-win situations with conferences. BSU and THE University will be playing each other in the Big Sky soon enough.


Your blog name suits you :)

Φ windex !!!!

out2 has been a member for all of 1 hour and 15 minutes!

Considering that the local repellants have been successful in quashing new members (let alone droning out many others), we might want to welcome ANYONE new.

Now, out2 could be a troll or out2 could be an alias. We don't know at this point. We do know that one poser refers to our group as the "Out to Lunch Bunch" from time to time. So that is suspicious and he's got that going for him ... right, Lama?

Hey ... Lama!! How about a little something for the effort?

Let's see where this out2 goes. Could be amusing.

late breakfast, at this hour


You fry wants with that?

well there will be no money

But on your death bed you will have complete and utter consciousness... So you will have that going for you...which is nice :)

Sorry, I will play nice.

Φ We both know

and others will, too, this latest charade.

Charade=another great Mancini tune.


You fry wants with that?

This is a stretch

So-called BCS busters end up getting the same undeserved credit that many BCS teams get... people saying that they'll be going to a big bowl game "if" they go undefeated. Well of course they will.

But there's nothing to suggest that Ohio, Nevada, Louisiana Tech, or UCF will suddenly be any better than they have in years past, and the four of them combined have a total of three conference championships in the past five years. The only team that has ever suddenly appeared in a BCS game was Hawaii, who rode off the coattails of Boise State's unexpected Fiesta Bowl win, a mistake the BCS will let happen again.

Φ Hmmmm ... Pac-12?

California loses to Nevada.
Colorado loses to Colorado State.
Washington State loses to BYU.

And now Utah loses to Utah State.

To be fair, both Stanford and Washington managed wins over WAC/MWC opponents last weekend (SJSU and SDSU, respectively ... by 3 and 9 points). USC clobbered Hawaii, 49-10.

That's 3-4 for the Pac-12 against WAC/MWC (current or recent) opponents.

For those who need a chant, that's "We're 43, we're 43 (as in %), we're BCS, we're AQ, cancha see?"

No wonder Oregon scheduled (fill-in or otherwise, they wised up) Kansas at Ark State.

Chew on that.

Poor bcluck

will choke rather than chew.....

Φ Where the héll

is bcluck?

Goosed, no doubt.


You fry wants with that?

Good Points BSU4342 and razor....

very rare that you make them, but good points....

windex commented over breakfast that why cant Idaho do as Utah State? Possibly a good point too....

However, the metro area of Utah State still much larger than Moscow....I always root for Aggies....

Congrats to Utah State....

Wash v LSU? Ill root for Wash....LSU arrogant....

Boise State has troubles ahead aginst the S&G it is a 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters'....

as VNDL has stated, maybe 2013 if careful....

Been to EISF in Blackfoot, saw Three Dog Nights and Heart....good tunes....

Silver up $4.25 since past three weeks....

Good Luck Vandals,
Good Luck Broncos....

Φ In case you haven't noticed,

nobody, other than yourself, EVER gives a s*** about anything that your shrimpy, beady-eyed, vindictive, disruptive trollfriend posts. He's a pariah and everyone, except you the blind follower, treats him accordingly (that is NOT a musical term).

As far as making good points, you are about 3 sliders behind the curve, so listen up. Nobody gives a s*** about your investment advice. Nobody gives a s*** about the Wilsons (except maybe Brian, Carl, and Dennis). And nobody gives a s*** about Three Dog Nightmare ... you need to read Chuck Negron's account.

SIF called out your little friend about getting the boot elsewhere. No doubt that's correct. He got kicked out of the Statesman blogs before. Do I need to post his "exit strategy" again for you? Notice that SIF has not offered any sort of retraction? He posts elsewhere and certainly knows what's going on on Vandal blogs. Do you, professed Vandal?

How the héll dumb are you? We now know you really exist ... and you continue to adhere to your "fearless leader". Geezus, what a fool.

And ... just to keep this barely on topic, great TV ratings and Go Broncos!

When the bile is naught, the heavin' be dry...

Carl and Dennis are DEAD. Brian doesn't normally tour and Jardine and Love are still alive.


You fry wants with that?

it is real strange nobody has a copy of any anti-vandal posts

Nobody, including your pretend SIF, seems to have any copies of all these anti-Vandal posts you speak about.

I have alleged that you are the fake SIF.

If you are not, then get the real SIF to answer the simple questions I have posed for the pretend SIF to answer.

Oh, yes, again please post copies of all these posts from Vandal web sites that I am supposed to have posted, fomenting disruptuib on Vandal blogs.

They do not exist, because I have never posted anything on any blogs other that the Statesman blogs.

Give it up razor.

We all know it was you who mimicked Steve Lane, Foreignoregonian, and several others in he past several years, by hacking into their user identifications. We know you have done it. In fact you have even admitted to doing it and haveing the vast compeuter knowledge to do it.

It is getting kinda old for you to keep doing the same old thing, over and over. You are the one who started the hate filled and vitriolic e-mails calling for Foreignoregonian's death and physical incapacitation. Then you started on the VNDL is ugly dual headed monster concept. I received e-mails from you, and Tfunky and JL sating that I was a lying sack of sh__ when I stated I was not ugly. Windex knows the truth, I am not ugly and VNDL is not ugly. But nary a word of acknowledgement or apology from you to VNDL or ugly about the flase accusation you leveled abainst both of them and the hate filled and physical threateneing e-mails you sent VNDL.

If you want I can publish those e-mails if you want me to. Just let me know. Of course, I will redact them and take your personal information off of the e-mails.

The one that is precious is the one from TFunk caling me a 'lying piece of shi_" and how I should be beat up and physically hurt and then disposed of.

So,, you can see Mr. razor, the assult and physical beating I suffered at the hands of a young member of your 'group' was nothing more than an extension of the threats of physical violence that had been leveled toward me in the past.

It appears as though there was not only great intent to cause physical harm and loss of eaning ability, there was also a collective effort (colusion) by several individuals to cause that harm.

You are an evil person razor.

Why is it you always want physical harm to come to any poster who disagrees with you and your opinions.

You openly post that you are going to run this person off of these blogs or get that person removed from the board or so on and so on.

Your life is fueled by chaos and hate for anything that doesn't stroke your ego or share your opinion.

If rading my posts bothers you so much, then just stop reading them.

You can't seem to stop reading them.

All I can surmise is that you are addicted to VNDL and ugly amd want to learn all of VNDL's and ugly's wisdom bfore the End Comes (21 DEC, 2012 in order to get ready for the Great Survival by owning lots of precious metals and empty aluminum can.

Remember: Never throw an empty Spam Can away, because it might save your life one day.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....I wouldnt post any

email stuff....we know the past four posts from SIF are is obvious....

Also, razor does not need to apologize because he already walks on water....

There is good in everyone, and that includes razor (I have paraphrased Will Rogers)....

Remember my post on Civility? Isnt it interesting that one week later following my post an email to all Bronco Donors was sent by Coyle on Bronco Fan Civility? Does Coyle read these blogs?

Now I know most Bronco Fans did not receive that email for the very fact it went out to donors only....

The Broncos have a very important game coming and that is BYU (no Im not discrediting Miami OH)....I opened the doors to chat about the did except VNDL, another Vandal....

To all Bronco Fans, is the BYU game going to be that easy?

Look at the Friday ESPN rating as shown by cripe, the 3rd best ever....all cfb eyes will also be on the BYU game....

ugly - you are correct as usual-contempt prior to investigation

I believe it was directly due, to your superior Vandal Leadership and Initiative and Can Do Attitude that the BAA (Coyle) posted an e-mail for all members of the BAA to read and encouraging them to show respect and civility to all fans of CFB, at games and off the field.

It is also very telling how many people do not know about it. You and I know about it because we are members of the BAA.

I am starting to wonder if tfunk, JL, B81 are really members of the BAA, after they have said they were, as they didn't seem to know about the e-mail that was sent to members of the BAA. How come they are the only members of a little over 5,000 members of the BAA that did not get the e-mail? A coincidence maybe? I think not.

We know that razor is not a member of the BAA as he believes he has supported BSU in the past, because his daughters graduated from BSU years ago; and RMS believes he is supporting the Broncos because he is a student getting his credits at BSU, by being a student and paying for the Broncos via his student activity fees.

I am not going to post any e-mails, as I am a gentleman and will take the high road on this one. You have good counsel and I will follow your leadership and advice.

It amazes me that this entire mess started over a year ago because razor and Tfunk called us both liars and accused us both of being one devious poster, posing as two people but being one person. We both vehemently denied it, and we were vilified even more for teling the truth.

Now that windex knows the truth, it will be interesting to see if windex calls upon his leader to tell the truth and/or apologize to accusing us of something we did not do or if Windex just sits back and condones the dishonesty of most of the members of his Meet-up Group Friends.

It is obvious both razor and Tfunk should apologize. And JL should apologize, too for his e-mail to me which was extremely threatening.

I told TBK on the phone last December that I was not you and he said he believed me, kinda, but wasn't sure. I gave him your phone number to call you and I do not believe he ever did. Since then he has taken the stance that you and I are liars. He should apologize also or at the very least acknowledge that we are both two separate posters.

Why razor has gone into the extreme hate mode over falsely accusing us for something we were telling the truth about, and now that it has come out that it was the truth, I haven't a clue. I do not understyand how people like windex, TBK, and RMS can continue to view razor as their leader. I can understand tfunk, b81, and JL, however; as they are just followers and not leaders. Gotta hand it to razor, he is a leader, misdirected for sure, but still can captivate weak people like tfunk, B81, and JL.

Yes, you and I tried to get some good chat going about the BSU/BYU game, but the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight chose to not become involved, yet continue complaining that you and I never engage in 'Bronco football talk'. All I can assume is that your superiour knowledge of CFB and Bronco makes them feel inferior and they do not want to be exposed publicly as not knowing much about it.

Your knowledge of Human Psychology is increasing at a rapid pace. Possibly you may consider writing a book soon about the 'Psyche of The Average Member of Bronco Nation'.

I have some ideas about topics and chapters for that book if you ever want to get together and make a tentative outline and jot down a few thoughts.

If you are interested, let me know and I will bring my secretary and my smaller whiteboard over to Blackfoot with me and we can roll our sleeves up and see what we can come up with.

I will spring for lunch.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799 is an interesting group

that this RAM group is....they talk high on the Broncos, but never really engage in any indepth football talk....

I have asked a simple question many times if the Bronco Fans think that ....'is this BYU v BSU game a wash, or easily in Bronco Hands?' No respondees from any Bronco, only a Vandal responded....

I think a book on 'Psyche of The Average Member of the Bronco Nation' would be excellent as you have proposed....

As you know, I am a Creationist....but Dawkins, an ardent evolutionist and anti-creationist, wrote a book called 'The Selfish Gene' you think this possible? Is it possible that the reasons for no apologies from JL and razor and some others that have acuzed but dont apologize is that they actually have this gene? This info would go well in chapter 4....

I know I (Ugly) was being sarcastic when I posted awhile back that Type-A personalities head to Moscow, and Type-Bs stay at Boise....

VNDL, we will put this book together....It is badly needed so that the BAA knows whom they are Marketing too....maybe we can solicit funds from the BAA get this project started?

VNDL, the JLs, the P2s, the razors, and others, are our friends....My online Human Psychology course has helped me view people as they are....I can now respect diverse personalities and sometime obtuse behaviours as I know it comes back to genetics and the environment....How would you behave today if you had too many wedgies in the 3rd grade....You see, we are the product of our environment....

VNDL, we are the messengers....when we get an BAA email, we will happily relay that message to the many avid Bronco Fans that dont receive the email....

To all Bronco fans on this blog, cheers and I do understand....

ugly - you were not being sarcastic - you were being truthful

Because you are telling me that the RAM group is our friends, I will pray for each and every one of them later tonight.

Your inteligence, compassion for your fellow human being, wisdom, and overall greatness has proven to always be 'spot on' in the past.

If you say they are our friends, I will trust your judgement and treat them as our friends.

I will turn the other cheek and forgive them for what they have done snd said in the past.

What more can I do but pray for them. It is up to a Higher Power to lead them into the light of truthfulness and self-respect.

As much as I want them to become fully functioning members of society and be civil to their fellow posters, neither you nor I can accomplish that for them.

It will take Divine Inervention.

I will get with Marie LaVeau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, to make it happen.

As it turns out, Marie is also a former Vandal and at one time, many years ago, had kind of a thing going on with Joe Vandal (until Mrs. Joe found out about it, anyhoo). Marie has made her appearance on these boards before and is well known to the RAM group, as they have seen her powers on these boards, in the past.

The only concern I have is that by using Marie as the Higher Power, she might get what she is supposed to accomplish, a little bit confused, as she is getting along in years and is over 150 years old now (the poor thing is getting a little forgetful and flighty from time to time).

The last time I prayed for her Divine Intervention to help square away some guys and help them by praying for them, Marie put a curse on them and they turned bald, their testosterone level dropped to almost zero overnight, and they grew planters warts on their faces.

But, if she gets it right, it will turn out real good for the RAM Group and they will be led into the light.

I am just hoping that Marie does not get it backwards and interpret that to mean leading them in a trance and marching them onto the middle of the eastbound lane of Boise I-84 at night, where I am sure they will see the light.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Nobody's ever hacked my account...I rarely log out.

If my name was there it was how I genuinely felt at the time and let me tell you...

it's not easy for you being you guys. I'm not Dear Abby.


You fry wants with that?


sac state beats colorado, oh my goodness. auburn is very lucky they didn't play utah st this year. wsu barely gets by ewu. oregon st over wisconsin and ucla giving nebraska all they can handle. good day in cfb.

Ahh 81

I need Murray to come alive in the second half;;;;

and I got ya....

you have angered me

barkley goes off for 6 td's and i still lose.

not yet!

Illinois D is terrible!

B81....You are correct....the

PAC12 played well today, except Washington....Washington abit helpless....

other games such as Utah State great too....

Parity in the cfb?

Φ And Nevada

loses at home, 32-31, to USF at the very end.

Colorado State loses at home to FCS ND State, 22-7.

Colorado loses at home to FCS Sacramento State, 30-28, on last-second FG.

Wyoming loses at home to Toledo, 34-31.

Geez, I love watching Nebraska run out of the I-formation.

Some crazy stuff.

ULM, smoke em if you got em


Φ Got 'em all right

John L. Smith and Arkansas go down at home in OT to ULM, 34-31.

Idaho loses at Bowling Green 21-13. Oh, no!!!!!! Where are ugly and aqrunt to defend their beloved llama mother? What are their Vandigal Arsociation numbers? Where do they park? How many other Vandigal Arsociation members have they enlisted? Where is that bell tower? Do you have any potato chips? Have you been spotted using a foot wedge? Wanna build a new stadium south of the interstate? Check the color of bduck's feathers? Which room is it with the chart showing how much revenue has been lost due to B43S42U and his anti-pestilence campaign? What's your number; you must reveal it!!!!!! Oh, nooooooo!!!!!!

Where is SIF to tell us more about how aqrunt got run out of the barnyard? Oh, nooooooo!!!!!!

Poor John L.


Φ One great post

and possibly the post of the year:

I'm speechless...
Submitted by sportsisfun1960 on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 10:27pm.

I've been of in another world. Now, reading through all of these posts...very interesting as to what an incestual community this blog has become.

I don't want to say anything to negative about VNDL...but suffice to say there are people onto him in the Vandal blogs and he is being called-out to eliminate his destructive behavior towards that community as well.

Too bad that Idaho is in the tank and cannot seem to find a way out. There are a couple of posers here who claim to know a thing or two about college football. They might want to think about chartering a llama, head to Moscow, and give coach Akey the benefit of their collective bottlecap wisdom.

Another thing that may be interesting (depending on one's level of interest) is that those Vandal blogs/forums to which SIF alluded may be devoid of evidence/remnants of postings by people who have been purged. It is common that people (or runts) who become banned by blog/forum operators/moderators have their usernames blocked, email addresses flagged (to prevent aliases), IP addresses blocked, and all posts deleted.

We've seen this before on the Statesman blogs in which posts have been deleted, either singly or in blocks. It certainly is possible for blog/forum operators/moderators to delete all activity of a particular offender. That is plausible (even likely) in the case(s) SIF has cited. In that event, a poser could state (out of embarrassment or shame) that he had never belonged to or posted on a given blog/forum ... and get away with such a false claim. So, where evidence once existed of offensive and ban-worthy behavior, there is now no slate at all. That's what happens in e-erasure. Gotta love it.

Go Broncos!

the vandals

are in for a long season imo. i have them penciled in for 2 wins(nmsu & utsa)and they could win a couple more. their reluctance to join the big sky is understandable because with the present iteration, they would finish no better than 3rd and that is being generous. very embara$$ing for an alleged D-I program. even vndl & ugly agree.

Φ The Vandals will wind up

at the FCS level sooner or later ... and that's fine. They gave FBS a good shot, but the current dynamics are against that now. There's just no way with the small facility, small fan base (attendance), and no TV market.

Nobody knew that all this "stuff" would be going on 20 (or however many) years ago. So, go FCS and be pleased with that. It's not like the FCS schools can't put a licking on the FBS with regularity. Just ask Colorado, Colorado State, and Wazzu ... among others.

true story

espn top 10 tonight featured a pick thrown by the vandal qb(the one whose mother cried when she found out her son would start for idaho)it was tipped into the hands of no less than 3 bgsu defenders before one of them hung on to it.

Im wondering about the Pac 12

USC gave up 29 to 'Cuse today. Utah lost last night. ASU looking strong against an anemic Illinois team. Props to UCLA and Oregon St. Can't figure if Oregon St defense is good or Wisky that bad. WSU and UW..ouch. Jury still out on Stanford Cal and Zona.
Colorado? Uh oh.

Φ Great win for UCLA

I like what Nebraska does most of the time (ditch Callahan), but never have been enamored with all that "black shirt" stuff. Just play, and how about a new logo for the helmet instead of that old "N"?

Have to see more from Arizona State since Illinois is always iffy.

At the moment Arizona is leading Oklahoma State, 23-14, in the 3rd. If that holds, it's a big win for the Wildcats.

That N is Nebraska.

I don't know if you can recall the reason NBC brought back the 'color bird'.

When they adopted the red and blue N logo the public TV network in Nebraska sued for infringement.

It was too close to, if not the same as their logo.

Thus the bird was superimposed, then the color was stripped from the N and finally the bird element became the sole feature. Later in the 80s the number of feathers was reduced for simplicity. Ironically the colors of the feathers feature all the colors their regional networks were named after (Red, Blue and the west coast Orange).

Nebraskans standing up for themselves made NBC re-evaluate their own history and pride.

Even if the programming at the time stunk.


You fry wants with that?

Thanks for that FO

that some cool history.....