Boise State football lands commitment from California running back

By Brian Murphy

Eastlake (Chula Vista, Calif.) High running back/safety Aaron Baltazar has committed to Boise State, he told the San Diego Union-Tribune. The Idaho Statesman confirmed the commitment with Eastlake coach John McFadden.

Baltazar (5-11, 198 pounds) had committed to Washington. He also had offers from Arizona, Cincinnati, San Diego State and UCLA, according to the Union-Tribune. ranks him as a three-star prospect and the No. 53 running back in the country. ranks him as a four-star player and the No. 27 running back in the country.

Though Baltazar starts at safety, running back and punt returner (he is also the team's third-string punter), McFadden said the Broncos want him to be a running back.

Baltazar said he committed to Boise State in June. In December, he had committed to Washington.

“I didn’t feel wanted,” Baltazar told the newspaper of his second and final trip to Seattle, adding that the entire Boise State coaching staff converged for his visit to Idaho. “When I went up to Boise, I was like a rock star there.”

McFadden said his player's decision surprised him.

"I thought he'd take his five visits, but he decided there was no other place he wanted to go," McFadden said.

McFadden compared Baltazar to current Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson, a former Eastlake player.

Baltazar plans to study kinesiology, the newspaper reported.

Eastlake has been a perennial power, qualifying for the CIF playoffs for 13 consecutive years and winning the Mesa League five of the last six seasons.

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Poor bcluck

going to lose more feathers over this......

Time will tell if . . .

he really comes to BSU or not.

He has already decommitted once to the Huskies.

If he can honor his newly found committment to BSU, he should be a welcome addition about the 2014 time frame, to a much weakened Bronco back field now that Doug Martin is gone.

We have seen highly touted recruits bolt to greener pasterues at the last minute, in the past.

I have learned to not hold my breath over recruits actually showing up for real.

Is BSU gonna treat him like a rockstar after he starts schoool with BSU? Is Coach Pete gonna treat him special or is Coach Pete gonna expect the same standards and team rules be followed by those that are not 'rockstars'?

Here is a little more about him liking BSU because the Broncos thhink he is a 'rockstar':

Time will tell.

I sure hope this kid is a man of his word - again.

The big question is : What happens when he does not feel he is being treated like a 'rockstar'?

Who can really blame the kid. He is still just a kid and shiny things look so appealing at that age and it is so very nice to get your ego stroked.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

All of the points you make

All of the points you make are right on. There are questions with recruits like these. I'm no expert but Bronco fans better expect more uncertainty right up to signing day as they shoot for higher ranked and more visible recruits. But that seems like a really nice place to be and with coach Pete the odds are good you win more than you lose.

Φ No doubt about it.

This kid will show up and prove he is a 4-star. Anyone who says he won't or questions his commitment is the typical naysayer with the typical gibberish backhands.


Go Broncos!

Even rockstars

have to figure out how to be part of a team at BSU. I'm guessing he's also OKG if the coaches recruited him.

I'm with aqfunk, no breath holding. This is a 17 or 18 year old kid. If the commit doesn't stick, we gain nothing by throwing him under the bus.


The recruit you better look at possibly leaving is Joe Martarano. If he gets offered 1st round $$ for baseball, I think you'll see him de-commit

I'd seriously look at the baseball deal if I were him, I agree.


You fry wants with that?

fruitland is

down here this weekend for a game against one of the local schools. hoping fruitland rips em a new one.

Hey 81

I'm in the Bay area for the next 3 weeks, you ever make it over here?

Hey B43S42U

I'm in the south bay area if you want to catch the Miami (Ohio) game, maybe we can work something out.


That would be cool. I have your e-mail, I'll know more about my schedule on Monday.

RBs can't run without an Offensive Line

Is it just me or has the running game gotten weaker every year since 2006?
DJ is going to get hurt trying to make holes.
We need some big mother junior college transfers for the Offensive Line.


I've said the same thing a couple of times on this blog. Our O-line coach left after the 2006 season to go to the Buffalo Bills, and we haven't had the same run-blocking since. But, we got away with it for four years due to Kellen Moore. Now, we have to adress it, and we could get stuffed again by BYU which showed a strong defense against WAZZU.

Exactly right

Your second and third lines were right on. He was a he*luva coach for us.

The time that

we couldn't compete with Pac 12 teams for athletes is over. Coach Pete and his staff have used the success on the field and improved facilities to appeal to a wider group of kids.


I like your thinking cbub. with the kind of coaching and the NFL prospects going on to play at the highest level kids take notice to the kind of characters that are graduating here and their families want that for their kids. If this kid wants a quality learning experience on and off the field he would be smart to come here.