Boise State WR Mitch Burroughs says if Broncos are mature, hungry, they can have 'an awesome season'

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team’s rare season-opening loss will test the team’s maturity, senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs said Wednesday.

The Broncos’ 17-13 defeat Friday at Michigan State was their first before November since 2007. Even Burroughs, who grayshirted and redshirted, wasn’t on the team back then.

The last time the Broncos lost an opener, in 2005, they started 0-2 on their way to a disappointing 9-4 record.

“It’s only one game and we can’t let that define our season,” Burroughs said. “We’ve got to bounce back and really be mature about it and be hungry and learn from our mistakes and come out and put together an awesome season.

“… It would be a long year if we let that put a damper on our season. Everyone knows that and everyone is taking that approach. There’s a lot of good things from that game — obviously, a lot of bad things, too — but if we put that together it can be something special.”

The Broncos failed to score an offensive touchdown for the first time in 15 years against the Spartans. They were inside the 10-yard line three times, settling for two field goals and committing a turnover, and missed a few other scoring chances.

“We had some opportunities that we really could have capitalized on,” Burroughs said. “It’s just the execution part of things. We’ve got to clean up the details on certain things, but I think we’re close. … We missed opportunities on a lot of things that shouldn’t have been that hard.”

He said junior quarterback Joe Southwick, who was making his first start, played “pretty well for his first game.”

“He did good,” Burroughs said. “We can’t put that on Joe. Collectively as a unit we’ve got to do better. Everyone that played had an opportunity and said, ‘I probably could have done better on this play or that play.’ I’m sure he feels the same way.”


Redshirt freshman safety Darian Thompson, who unexpectedly played half the opener at strong safety, echoed Burroughs’ comments.

“It was a rough loss. It was,” he said. “But we’re bouncing back. We’re not focused on that game anymore. We’re focused on our future. We have Miami of Ohio coming up and that’s where everybody’s head is. … We all want to get back on the field and get a ‘W,’ but you have to use the bye week to get better — and that’s what we’re doing.”

The Broncos practiced Tuesday and Wednesday. They’ll return to the field Saturday, after coaches scatter for some recruiting work.


Defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake said Thompson played 46 snaps. He was going to play a little bit but was pressed into heavier action because of an illness to starter Jeremy Ioane.

Thompson moved from cornerback to safety in spring ball when Lake arrived. He can play any position in the secondary.

“He played tough, which I expect him to do,” Lake said. “I always like to coach a tough player, I’ll always play a tough player.”

I’ll have more on Thompson in Friday’s newspaper.


Lake said the defense needs to tackle better but he was happy with the pass coverage. The Broncos corrected a few breakdowns at halftime, he said.

Senior Jerrell Gavins and sophomore Bryan Douglas, who shared time at one cornerback spot, both played well, he said. Gavins missed time during fall camp as he continues to recover from last year’s knee injury.

“He’s gaining confidence every single day,” Lake said of Gavins. “I see the same Jerrell that I saw last year in terms of how he breaks on the football.”


Sophomore defensive end Demarcus Lawrence said he chose Boise State in part because that’s where his mom wanted him to go. He’s from South Carolina.

“She said she fell in love with Coach Pete,” Lawrence said.

I’ll have more on Lawrence next week.

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let's get a W

and go from there.

Class Act

Didn't go down without a fight.

Would have, should have, could have

I like how there are no excuses. What was done poorly has been identified and 'owned' by the players.

what more can the Bronco players say?

It sounds like they are learning and growing and becoming accountable.

Who knows what the final record for the 2012 season will be.

Maybe 11-1, maybe 9-3, maybe 7-5. Who really knows or cares at this point.

True mature Bronco Fans who really understand the college football landscape on a nationwide basis, are the ones who comprehend how the 2012 is a rebuilding year for the BSU Broncos and any 'W's duing 2012 are gravy on top of the main purspose of having 11 more practice scrimmages to prepare for the 2013 season.

As long as there are valuable lessons learned and maturity and growth occurring during the 2012 season, it really does not matter how many games the Broncos lose this year.

It is all about going undefeated during the 2013 season and going for a BCS National Championship, at this point of the 2012 season.

Go Broncos. Keep making mistakes and learning from them. You guys are growing.


BAA Member # 63799


I think it's awesome they lost. Now we don't have to hear about them busting the BCS all fall!


Your team lost to...Eastern Washington?

Whats a "Looser"?

Actually the Broncos can still go to a BCS bowl.

And can haz cheeseburger...etc.


You fry wants with that?

come on aq

It ain't over till the fat lady sings. The season isn't over until it's over. This is not just a practice for the 2013 season.


And what is wrong with viewing 2012 as a practice season for a 2013 unveiling of a new improved and really packed Broncos that are ready to make a serious National Championship run?

For those that follow my postings know that I am an advocate of the Broncos going undefeated and winning a BCS National Championship and always have been.

We have had many many many discussions about this and whether or not it is an unrealistic goal or not. I say it is not an unrealistic goal.

I do not believe it an unrealistic goal for the Broncos to someday win a National Championship.

I do not believe just winning a conference title or going to a BCS Bowl game is a measurement of a successful season unless that BCS Bowl is the BCS National Championship game.

I am not going to settle for a measure of success being a 9-3 season or even an 11-1 season. It is about being undefeated and getting into the National Championship game that is the goal I have for the BSU Broncos.

The BSU Broncos are Idaho's only chance at a legitimate shot at ever getting a Division I FBS National Championship. The BSU Broncos cannot achieve that distinction with anything other than an undefeated record. The pooch has been screwed for 2012 after the MSU loss so it is time to move onto 2013 and preparations to get the Broncos ready for that opportunity.

The goal is a National Championship, not just getting into a BCS Bowl game or winning a conference championship. We have been there, done that, and got the T-Shirt.

I am amazed at how low many Bronco Fans set the bar for the Broncos. It is almost pathetic how rapidly some Bronco Fans change the goal from a Naional Championship to just winning a conference title or getting into some BCS Bowl, because it is gonna bring in millions for BSU (TFunk's arguement). I am not looking at it as a money making proposition, but rather an opportubnity to bring great credit and pride for the State of Idaho and Idahoans.

If you set your goals low you will achieve them every time with little effort. If you set your goals high you might achieve them and you might not, but if and when you do achieve them, they will be even more sweeter and meaningful.

In my book 2012 is shot as an opportunity to bring a National Championship trophy back to Idahho. So, the Broncos should make lemonade out of lemons and take advantage of all remaining 11 practic scrimmage games to learn from and grow as a team.

Also, as you know the old axiom:

Never reward failure, only reward success.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

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has just detected and deleted a large load of bs.


Now you have to clean up...


You fry wants with that?

He forgot and we don't kill ourselves with INJURIES...


You fry wants with that?