The Paul Ryan website that had to happen

As soon as word came that GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan had fudged about his marathon running skills — by over an hour, an exaggeration of near-Olympic proportions — you knew some enterprising webmaster would jump on the story.

And at this site, the Original Paul Ryan Time Calculator, runners can plug in their real best times and find out how they translate to unreal Ryan time.

So I'll say this much for Ryan. He helped me shave close to 35 minutes off my personal record in the half marathon. I didn't even have to work up a sweat. Thanks, sir.

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Who wouldn't know their marathon time; at least within an hour? I think it speaks of pathology in this guy. I know he's a pol, but come on...really dude?

Yeah it's funny

The legislative malfeasance, the lies about his own record, and the idiotic spin about Obama's... but lying about your time in a foot race, that's a bridge too far.

Maybe. It's hard to see inside someone else's head, but ONE marathon, run in just over four hours, and a made-up memory of that being 2:50-something... boggles the mind.

Foolish lie...

But the good news is, with the balanced fairness of the media, we should now see individual stories highlighting each of Obama's lies....wait....there's not enough room on the server for that many stories.

Village Idiots

Do you pillars of society really think that guys like Ryan don't get nervous or do you just write off Biden as senile? How do you then explain Obama picking the dufus let alone keeping him on the ticket....

The KR website that had to happen......

Write a paragraph of meaningless, disjointed, unoriginal thoughts - plug them into the website and shazam - you become a legend in your own mind!

How thoughtful...

...of you to describe your post for us.

Get off it; the hammering of

Tet -- Get off it; the hammering of KR by you is old, old and revolting. Get a life!

Thanks Paul Ryan !

Thanks to the Paul Ryan Run Calculator with taking into account a half marathon and halving the time all my Robies are now sub two hours.He gets my vote!