Guest opinion: How many times does Idaho have to say no to nuclear waste?

Idahoans have said no, repeatedly, to permanent nuclear waste storage in their state.

While there has been some talk of "reconsidering" the state's opposition to additional waste shipments, Idaho should hold fast, says the director of the Snake River Alliance, an environmental watchdog group.

"Idaho has paid its dues in spades as the dumping ground for plutonium contaminated waste from Rocky Flats that will be above our aquifer until the end of time," Liz Woodruff said in a guest opinion. "Idaho has said no to commercial radioactive waste again and again. No means no. Nothing has changed in the nation’s approach to nuclear waste and that means nothing about this conversation is new."

Here's a link to Woodruff's full guest opinion. And a link to my recent column about the nation's nuclear waste storage dilemma — and Idaho's tenuous bargaining position.

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