Boise State football team ranked No. 25 in USA Today poll, falls out of AP poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team stayed in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and fell out of The Associated Press Top 25 on Tuesday.

The Broncos are No. 25 in USA Today, down three spots after the 17-13 loss to Michigan State in the season opener. They are 26th in AP, down two spots.

The Broncos extended their streak to 63 straight weeks in the USA Today poll, the second-longest streak in the nation (Alabama, 66). Their AP streak ended at 62.

One key difference between the polls: Ohio State is eligible in AP but not in USA Today because of NCAA sanctions. The Buckeyes are No. 14 in AP.


Here’s the AP poll:

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Sept. 3, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (45) 1-0 1,481 2
2. Southern Cal (11) 1-0 1,435 1
3. LSU (4) 1-0 1,382 3
4. Oregon 1-0 1,295 5
5. Oklahoma 1-0 1,170 4
6. Florida St. 1-0 1,135 7
7. Georgia 1-0 1,083 6
8. Arkansas 1-0 992 10
9. South Carolina 1-0 980 9
9. West Virginia 1-0 980 11
11. Michigan St. 1-0 915 13
12. Clemson 1-0 788 14
13. Wisconsin 1-0 664 12
14. Ohio St. 1-0 634 18
15. Virginia Tech 1-0 604 16
16. Nebraska 1-0 603 17
17. Texas 1-0 584 15
18. Oklahoma St. 1-0 558 19
19. Michigan 0-1 446 8
20. TCU 0-0 355 20
21. Kansas St. 1-0 339 22
22. Notre Dame 1-0 198 NR
23. Louisville 1-0 190 25
24. Florida 1-0 145 23
25. Stanford 1-0 131 21
Others receiving votes: Boise St. 79, Tennessee 73, BYU 63, North Carolina 48, Baylor 38, Utah 34, Washington 15, Georgia Tech 14, Ohio 10, Texas St. 10, Missouri 7, South Florida 5, Texas A&M 5, UCF 4, Auburn 3, Mississippi St. 3, Cincinnati 2.


Here’s the USA Today poll:

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Last week
1. Alabama (37)
1-0 1,447 2
2. Southern California (14)
1-0 1,398 3
3. LSU (7)
1-0 1,375 1
4. Oregon (1)
1-0 1,286 5
5. Oklahoma
1-0 1,171 4
6. Florida State
1-0 1,144 7
7. Georgia
1-0 1,092 6
8. West Virginia
1-0 1,032 11
9. South Carolina
1-0 943 9
10. Arkansas
1-0 929 10
11. Michigan State
1-0 868 13
12. Clemson
1-0 826 14
13. Wisconsin
1-0 719 12
14. Nebraska
1-0 652 16
15. Texas
1-0 600 15
16. Oklahoma State
1-0 595 19
17. TCU
0-0 479 17
18. Virginia Tech
1-0 476 20
19. Michigan
0-1 427 8
20. Kansas State
1-0 414 21
21. Stanford
1-0 324 18
22. Notre Dame
1-0 252 24
23. Florida
1-0 204 23
24. Louisville
1-0 109 NR
25. Boise State
0-1 82 22

Dropped out
No. 25 Auburn (0-1).
Others receiving votes
Washington 55; Brigham Young 41; Baylor 39; Tennessee 29; Utah 20; Auburn 18; Georgia Tech 16; Missouri 16; Texas A&M 13; South Florida 12; Central Florida 11; Ohio 11; Cincinnati 10; Mississippi State 10; Virginia 7; Arizona 6; Louisiana Tech 6; Nevada 5; Vanderbilt 3; Northwestern 1; Rutgers 1; Texas Tech 1.


Here’s my AP ballot.

I did quite a bit of shuffling, trying to reward teams that looked good in their openers and drop some teams that didn’t play well at all. The combination of ugly performances by teams like Oklahoma and Wisconsin and a long list of games against FCS opponents complicated things.

I’m sure I’ll get the most scrutiny for how I dealt with Boise State. I struggled — I don’t think the Broncos should fall out of the Top 25 for a four-point road loss to a team I have ranked in the Top 10. However, the anemic offensive effort and some of the other questions about this team kept me from putting the Broncos higher. I settled on No. 24.

1 Alabama
4 Oregon
5 Michigan St.
6 S. Carolina
7 Oklahoma
8 Wisconsin
9 Arkansas
10 Georgia
11 Virginia Tech
12 Oklahoma State
13 Nebraska
14 West Virginia
15 Clemson
16 TCU
17 BYU
18 Louisville
19 Baylor
20 Notre Dame
21 Michigan
22 Kansas St
23 Florida State
24 Boise State
25 Ohio

Dropped out: Houston, Stanford
Also considered: Tennessee, Ohio State, Texas, Florida

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still ranked

good news, now let's prove we deserve it.

We don't deserve it

BSU is doomed this year. If we are to survive let our defense play offense as well, cause they proved the first game they can score more points.

0 - 1 and still ranked

That's the respect we've been working for. Now, let's keep it going.

To fourtwobeone...

...what a turd pie you are...just like all the other blue pee group bloggers!!

"0-1 and still ranked, thats the respect we've been working for"...LOL!!!!!!!!

Well, I guess you turds, need to hang on to something, so, yeah, great, you're still ranked!!!! woooohooooo!!!

Now, after losing to BYU, SDSU and Nevada my guess is you don't even go bowling. I mean after all, in most years you lose one game and play in the Las Vegas Bowl...

In fact, I'd be willing to bet a couple of cowpie's that the Nevada game will be meaningless as you will already have played yourselves out of a bowl...

Unless somehow you find a QB...and don't mention that nancyboy Patti...he's more likely to quit than win enough games to get Boise bowlin...


Your girlfriend says "hi" from my bed.


... I've had her, too. Wasn't bad once you got past the used part.

She lied:

She's not his girlfriend. He's GAY!

BDuck the troll

So are you a fan of the Duck's? I suppose when they lose you jump ship and tear apart your team, right? See, when you are a fan of a team you stick with them win or lose. A lot of folks here have routed for this team since they were playing in a high school football like atmosphere.

I usually take your comments for what they are, some drivel that pools in the corner of someones mouth who's sole purpose in life is to try and enrage folks with his (or her) useless comments.

You know what, if the Bronco's win, i'm happy, if they lose, oh well, the sun still comes up tomorrow. Can you say the same about your team?

And by the way, i'm not offended by any of your written comments. Actually, they are kind of cute, they sound eerily similar to how my 6yr old was describing something that he didn't like this morning!

Have a better day!

Little boy-duck

is back, and boy is he full of himself, at least until the Ducks play USC.

Φ Not a fan of USC



like you never have anything substantive to say, because that requires a brain. Suppose the Ducks might be willing to play us now?

wins & loses

I was wondering how BSU's loss by 4 pts on the road would stack up against Stanford's 3 pt win at home against SJSU. A bigger concern for Stanford should be the 10,000 empty seats for an opener against San Jose State (the schools are 23 miles apart). Granted the Spartans fans don't attend their home games in great numbers.

Hopefully it will be a year of building on the previous week.

What a homer......

206 total yards of offense for bsu and not a single offensive touchdown. MSU gave the ball away 4 times and still racked up 461 toal yards of offense. Yet, you base your ranking on the basis of bsu losing by only 4 points? MSU totally controlled the game. What a sack of potatos you are.

So Domer the Gomer,

Do you hate Chadd Cripe, BSU, or both? I know, I know, that's a multiple choice question and your pea-brain will have difficulty understanding it, but do the best you can...Sunny...


Thanks sunny, I now know you are the type of person who would label me a racist if I said Obama lived in Chicago. Now don't you have a few hundred bushels of apples to pick before sundown?

The game was only close

because of MSU's 4 turnovers, which I think BSU should get credit for. The turnovers didn't happen in a vacuum. Chadd couldn't have been the only person that gave BSU some credit for playing a quality opponent on week one, otherwise BSU wouldn't have been ranked 26th in the AP poll.

Yes, but.....

26th is not top 25 and they would have been lower without Homer, err, I mean Chad, voting them 24.

So, what you're saying. . .

So, what you're saying is that had he not voted them 24, BSU would have fallen even lower. Yeah, I can see that, wait........ no I can't. By that statement, it is clear you have no idea how the rankings work.



Still in good company Bronco Nation

Check out who BSU is still ahead of outside the top 25, many storied college football programs, included are 3 former National Champions. Thanks Coach Pete


I've heard lots of complaints about the game in Michigan. Remove #24 Mr. Bell and the game was pretty even with perhaps a slight edge to the Broncos.
The bottom line being a running game establishes a passing game.
The Bronco defense did well in the red zone but allowed one guy to rush for 210 yards. Obviously an excellent running back. To bad Mr. Bell is not a Bronco.

This is a rebuilding year per Coach Pete! So Our young men did very well!
kudos to the 2012 Boise State Broncos..........I did not expect such a tight game. I figured a much worse outcome.

ONE dimensional

Yes, Bell was the point without him...MSU doesn't look close to the same. If he goes down to injury...they will be hurt'in. Harper will do great...we just need to get our blocking assignments done.

Lou Holtz

made the comment on ESPN that without Bell they (MSU) don't win.

Even Corso the Turd said he

Even Corso the Turd said he was more impressed with Boise State
than Michigan State.

Love Corso...

...but his opinion vs what happened on the field and what showed up in the stat sheets are much much different...Boise is in for a DII season and the BigLeast is looming...traveling cross country to play big time games with Navy and Rutgers...can you playoffs?? Everyone else can!!


Should still be ranked. People always whine about schools having easy non-conference games early in the season but then every year we see teams get killed in the polls when they lose a tough early game. It doesn't exactly give teams a lot of incentive to schedule those kinds of games.

I will say that MSU at 5 seems pretty high to me given their questions at QB. To put it mildly, the guy flat out sucked on Friday.

Michigan State

I have made a habit of rewarding teams for winning these big season openers — particularly this year, when most of the top of the poll either played poorly (Oklahoma, Wisconsin) or played FCS teams.... Not sure Michigan State will stay there on my ballot, but they deserve it right now.

No Chad, MSU will not...

stay in the top of your poll after they lose to Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin.
In the meantime you will raise bsu every week after they beat up on the cupcakes in their schedule.

Lose to Notre Dame???

Who's the homer now domer?

It seems you also make a habit of........

voting teams who are currently on NCAA probation (bsu for one) into your top 25.


when was the last time notre dame was relevant? i'll simplify it for you, when was the last time nd was in the bcs?

Good question 81

Here's another one... when was the last time Notre Dame won a BCS game?

When did you last party with Madonna?


You fry wants with that?

Lot of Room to Improve

For those nay sayers...regardless of what you think of the Bronco's, our defense kept their offense out of the red zone for the most part. We will be fine. As to the rankings this early in the season or at any time...who cares...they are suspect half the time. After watching Michigan...I can't even believe they are ranked. Alabama could have been playing their typical patsy game with Middle Tech Tennessee State.

Chadd, 2 things

I don't like Wisconsin at #8, they're not the same team without Russell Wilson. I do like Ohio at #25, they're probably the best team in the MAC and deserve some recognition. Boise State can't hope for better due to their dismal offense. Hopefully, Coach Pete will get if worked out with BYU coming up on September 20th. That's now the game that will make or break our season.


Boise State drops in polls, L. Bell makes Heisman watch list? That was definitely a one man game! He (Bell) was phenomenal compared to the rest of both teams. With a little (lot) of work, maybe we will remain poll-worthy! Go Broncos!

I thought our new offensive coordinator

was going to have fresh ideas that would translate into great things. I guess I missed it. Coach Pete needs to 'splain some things to him, I do believe....Sunny...

yep, Pete and Prince need to work some things out

BSU had the lowest yardage output of any of the MWC teams last week

No Bias?

I'm shocked that you didn't make Michigan State #1 so you could make Boise #2.


At 17?

I guess you all better mosey on down... the crapkicker saloon, fire up the beta and watch the tapes of the win's over Oklahoma and Oregon and relive the glory days while shootin a little moonshine from Granpa's still...

Afterwords, ther'll be squaredancin to the old reruns of Hee Haw...Roy Clark, Buck Owens and the Buckaroos and don't forgit junior!!!

And it only gits better...the BigLeast is with navy, Rutgers and more losers in a watered down version of the WACMWC. Looks like the playoff is a pipe dream.

Playoffs?? PLAYOFFS!! DII maybe.


Your mom says "hi" from my bed.

His mom is....


Seniors need love too/


You fry wants with that?

Looks like it!!

Boise has run out of excuses. No more senators to call? no more Congressmen to write letters for you? What about that Anti-trust lawsuit? PR firms?

Nope, the fifteen minutes is up. Peterson didn't even have the cajones to put in the only RB you have that has any talent. No guts to pull Toothpick and give the team a real chance. Thats why he didn't take the big boy jobs...he cant make the right tough call. he's be fired after a couple of seasons at a major football school, just like his buddies Koetter and Hawkins!!

BYU, Nevada and SDSU look awfully tough, for minor football programs. better watch out, looks like a season on the brink!!!

Is that your foot in your mouth?

Dear waddle...I guess your momma ( oh yeah I forgot your not sure which one it is) didn't tell you if you don't have anything nice to say shut up. Your ducks beat up on some hillbillies from Arkansas and you are making fun of the Bronco's? NICE.

I guess your momma.....

forgot to tell you about that too.


I guess 5 years is just a long 15 minutes.

Need to earn the respect voters just gave BSU today

Good luck and git er done.

Bye Bye Bowls...

...don't look now, but BDuck told you so and has been telling you so for seasons now...

1. Peterson is not a big time coach evidenced by his bufoonery in the MSU game and his lack of talent...recruiting is what the head coach does...

2. Winning one game does not matter...evidenced by the many undefeated and one loss seasons and never a sniff of the NC....Gotta play em and win em to be considered.

3. When real teams lose (Oregon to Boise twice, Oregon tom Ohio St, Oregon to USC) they bounce back to win their conference, win BCS bowls, get ranked Number 1 and play for the Natty!!

4. College Football is about winning consistently against quality. If you cant do that, you don't get invited to a Big Boy conference, play in BCS bowl games or earn respect throughout the world.

5. Oh yeah, did I mention, the fifteen minutes is up...welcome to the BIGLEAST, land of minor bowls and cross country trips to play rivals like Navy and Rutgers!!

OUT and rack Eddie from Boise is so famous for saying..."Hi vine, thanks for the Jim"...Click!! LOL!!!!!

Rack me baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!