In-N-Out hopes to "someday" open in Boise

After tallying the votes in our contest, and seeing an In-N-Out commercial on TV recently, I sent a note today to the folks at In-N-Out to see if they're eyeing Boise.

Sounds like Treasure Valley fans may not be out of luck forever.

Their vice president of planning and development said In-N-Out isn't planning to open any restaurants in the Boise area in the near future, but they "hope to be there someday."

As for any TV advertising, it might just be spillover from other markets, he said.

We don't need it

we have Burger Express!

Yeah we do

A pale comparison with frozen fries. That owner is a schmuck too. Total fraudster. "What do you mean it looks like an In-N-Out?!" (even though the menu and color schemes were the same and the sign is nearly exactly the same) Derp de derp! Trying to play everyone for suckers. Why support this guy?

Actually Idaho Burger in Eagle does an OK imitation.

Ask for more Arctic Circles and you will be plenty happy.

Try buying more dairy vs. beef and support Idaho farmers better.


You fry wants with that?