Michigan State 17, Boise State 13 (final)

By Brian Murphy

Pregame notes

Senior starting long snapper Chris Roberson was among four players suspended for Friday night's season opener at Michigan State, Boise State announced before the game.

Roberson, No. 3 quarterback Jimmy Laughrea and reserve wide receiver Dallas Burroughs served one-game suspensions for unspecified team-rules violations.

Redshirt freshman Jay Ajayi, the No. 3 tailback, missed the game as a result of his suspension for the MAACO Bowl, a game he wouldn’t have played in anyway. Ajayi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor petit theft in December. He can return for the next game.

Walk-on transfer Kevin Keane from Ohio Wesleyan will snap tonight. Roberson is a three-year starter at long snapper.

• Ten true freshmen made the trip to Michigan State: quarterback Nick Patti, wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes, cornerback Chaz Anderson, punter Sean Wale, tailback Jack Fields, safety Chanceller James, cornerback Donte Deayon, linebacker Tyler Gray, defensive lineman Armand Nance, tight end Hayden Plinke.

Williams-Rhodes, Fields, Gray and Plinke are expected to play. James is on the bubble. The rest are expected to redshirt.

• In pregame warm-ups, the starting defensive ends were Beau Martin and Demarcus Lawrence. Bryan Douglas was at cornerback instead of Jerrell Gavins with the No. 1 defense in pregame warm-ups.

First quarter

MSU — Le’Veon Bell 1 run (Dan Conroy kick), 7:47. Key play: Bell received the ball on nine of the 12 plays, including a 23-yard run on which he hurdled safety Jeremy Ioane in the open field. Drive: 12 plays, 60 yards, 6:18. Michigan State 7, Boise State 0

BSU — Michael Frisina 23 field goal, 4:39. Key play: Michigan State wide receiver Tony Lippett bobbled a pass over the middle and Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor swiped the ball. The return set up the Broncos on the Spartans’ 22-yard line. Drive: 5 plays, 16 yards, 1:46. Michigan State 7, Boise State 3

MSU — Conroy 50 field goal, 1:39. Key play: Bell jumped and spun his way to a 12-yard gain to get within Conroy’s range. Drive: 10 plays, 41 yards, 3:55. Michigan State 10, Boise State 3

Second quarter

BSU — Jeremy Ioane 43 interception return (Frisina kick), 8:53. Michigan State 10, Boise State 10

BSU — Frisina 19 field goal, 4:23. Key play: Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick hit wide receiver Matt Miller on a 40-yard throw down the sideline to convert second-and-24. However, the Broncos couldn’t capitalize on first-and-goal at the 4. Drive: 6 plays, 28 yards, 2:01. Boise State 13, Michigan State 10

Fourth quarter

MSU — Bell 5 run (Conroy kick), 8:12. Key play: Tight end Dion Sims made a leaping catch for 18 yards on third-and-6 to get the Spartans inside the 10. Drive: 9 plays, 56 yards, 4:28. Michigan State 17, Boise State 13

Early Friday post

Former Boise State wide receiver Titus Young, now with the Detroit Lions, picked the No. 24 Broncos to win Friday night's season opener against No. 13 Michigan State. Earlier this week, Young picked the Broncos, telling reporters they could "quote" him.

"I already made my prediction. I’m going with the Broncos. I know we’re prepared. There’s no team that’s going to out prepare us and there’s no team that’s going to out work us," Young said. "I know it’s a deep statement. All of those workouts I went through at Boise State, I can definitely attest to it. I’m going with those Broncos for sure."

Young, who turned 23 in August, is entering his second season with Detroit. Young did not play in the Lions' preseason finale against Buffalo on Thursday night.

He plans to attend Friday night's game at Michigan State. Young said he got sideline passes from Chris Petersen for the game. Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, who also plays for the Lions, is also expected to be at the game.

"I don’t have any personal relationships with anybody," Young said of the current Boise State team. "I hit (new quarterback) Joe Southwick up on Facebook the other day and said, 'Hey, you better be ready. I made a big statement, you got to back me up here.' "

Bronco Blitz links

• It's not too late to enter our Name the Score contest. Click here to enter your guess and win a pizza from Chicago Connection.

• I answered some questions about Boise State for the Detroit Free Press. Check it out here. I got to include my favorite Kellen Moore-related Boise State stat: The Broncos have not trailed by more than seven points in any game in the last four seasons.

• Another question-and-answer session with a Michigan newspaper. This one was done by Bronco Beat writer Chadd Cripe and Dave Southorn of the Idaho Press Tribune.

• A feature
on new Michigan State quarterback Andrew Maxwell, who is replacing NFL draftee Kirk Cousins.

• It is only the 12th night game at Spartan Stadium. Those games have created
"magical moments," writes the Lansing Journal.

• Chadd did a fantastic profile of new Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick, including insight from his dad, his high school coach and quarterback guru. Southwick comes from a long line of stellar athletes.

• I wrote about the Broncos' offensive line and its battle against Michigan State's talented defensive front. I think it is the key to the game.

• Boise State has won some high-profile openers in recent years, but Chris Petersen said this might be the toughest one yet.

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So what should we do? Shall

So what should we do? Shall I call Bob at home and have coach Pete fired? So quick to pull the trigger. The days of going undefeated in the WAC are over. How bout you put on your Jared Zebranski Jersey, pop in that commemorative DVD of the Fiesta Bowl and reminise about how things used to be. You define bandwagon fan.


Coach Pete is a good coach and hopefully he'll have a long career at BSU and retire as a Bronco, so no need for any chatter about him being fired, but he went into this game with a horrible game plan or sticking with one QB and one RB. This is something that he has never done before and will hopefully never do again.

As for your comment about being a bandwagon fan, all I have to say is that it would take a bandwagon fan to make a post in which they didn't know how to spell Jared Zabransky's name correctly, Anyway, As for how things 'used to be', well...they didn't used to be as good as they have been for bandwagon fans like yourself. For example, Friday night was the first time in 15 years that BSU's offense was unable to get into the enzone, but you, being the bandwagon fan you are, wouldn't know about that, would you?

Ugly - stand fast - you are entitled to your opinion

This is America we live in and this is a Statesman Blog designed to stir up discussion and opinions of the registered users of the blog.

It is not razor's blog.

It is not razor's country.

You are entitled to your opinion.

Don't worry. Many readers of this blog have learned the type of person razor is. That is why he only has a handful of his carefully chosen cheerleaders and sycophants that dare not differ with razor's opinion(s) or suffer the cruel and uncivil comments that razor flings at you with regularity.

A person is not an idiot just because their opinion does not square exactly with razor's opinion.

Don't listen to razor.

You and I both know he is a bully and is trying to get you to leave this blog.

Aparently his Special Filtering Device was just more of his hot air, as he seems to follow your posts and carefully parse your posts.

Ignore him. He is not worth wasting your time even responding to.

Besides, he is not an Idahoan nor a member of the Bronco Athletic Association but a carpetbagger from Seattle somewhere.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....Ugly's analysis of game is very simple....

Coach Pete lost faith in his offense, so he played the offense conservatively hoping that the defense would win the game when Broncos led 13-10....

Coach Pete got nervous when Southwick thru the interception at the 5 yard line at a time when, if they scored, the game would have been in the history books in Broncos favor....

but the interception happened....and so did the slide two yards short....

Thus, Coach Pete played the offense conservative so-as the offense does not 'lose' the game, but the defense will hold and thus win the game....

Coach Pete knew that if they were to win, it would be 13-10 because of the Bronco defense....

but, as I told the many bloggers on this board that MSU would win by running the off-tackle or off-guard to the right....That is where Bell got over 60% of his yardage....

the bloggers laughed at Ugly, and now look....and I now say, watch out for BYU....BYU will win....

VNDL it still all comes back to Clauswitz and the Fogs of War....We reported this many times, but none of our friendly bloggers, including razor, understood what we were talking about....the fog settled on BSU offense and panick settled in....

BSU played well, but the fog caused a person to panick and slide early....

Go Broncos and go Southwick....play well....

calling ugly, come in ugly

Just wanted to let you know I will be at Perkins at 9. I will be wearing gray pants and a white dress shirt. See you then. How did the race go for you?

windex....yes Ugly will be at Perkins at

9:00 am sunday....

It wasnt one of my best races....maybe the next one?

Ill be wearing an Army-Green t-shirt with the Rolling Stones logo....

See ya tomorrow....

Φ Notice that two MWC teams beat

two Pac-12 teams today?

Nevada 31 - Cal 24
Colorado State 22 - Colorado 17

And, of course BYU, a former MWC team, beat Pac-12 Washington State, 30-6.

BSU plays all three of those winners this year.

Ugly - You are correct as usual

If a person actualy reads and understands Clausewitz's work, 'On War', the readers will know intuitively that the Broncos Defense dominated the Spartans and it was the Bronco offense that let the Bronco Team down.

Attached is a little blurb about 'Friction' and it is well worth reading:


Also, as I know you are aware, Clausewitz spent much time and effort in developing knowledge about what he termed 'The Culminating Point of The Victory'.

BSU has had their culminating point for the Kellen Moore Era and that Bronco Team of the past several years.

It is a new day and a new Bronco Team. The Broncos are going to have to accept that the 2012 season is a growing season where development of talent and players will have to sukperscede any ideations regarding winning many games.

Basically stated - the 2012 season is a Training Season with eleven more scrimmages remaining and the final win loss record realy doesn't mean anything now that the chance for a 2012 BCS National Championship is long gone.

The Broncos, can, however use this season to get as many players as possible valuable playing time and opportunities to develop.

I believe Coach Pete knows this and is going to develop the Broncos, accordingly.

Also, Clausewitz developed his concep of "The Culminating Point of the Offense". That point was reached when Kellen walked off the field as a Bronco for the last time after BSU's last Bowl game. That was the Culminating Point for the Bronco Offense.

Until the Bronco Offense can sieze the balance of power back from the Bronco Defense (score some offensive points - as non were scored during the MSU game) the Culminating Point of the Offense remains stagnant and in effect.

Basically, you are correct. The only thing that the Broncos had of any significance that made a difference in the game for the Broncos was the Bronco Defense. It was the Bronco Defense and the Special Teams that scored the 13 points and the Defense that held the #13 ranaked team to only 17 points.

I would have to say that the Bronco Defense dominated the game and agree with you.

It absolutely amazes me how several of thee regular posters on this blog that are supposedly Football Gurus In Their Own Minds, can not see your wisdom.

If they understood Clausewitz, they would see it instantly.

But then again, there are not many pictures in "On War" so I can see where it would not appeal to a BSU Student/Alumnus.

I don't think the BSU Library has "On War" on their shelves, as it is over 100 pages and has many footnotes and references that get in the way and just take up time for a reader to get through.

Thank you for standing firm and educating this blog about the realities of college football in our Day and Age.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

The Offense

will be ok...lets see how other teams do against MSUs D before dismissing BSUs O. Interesting read on the Culminating...

VNDL....I feel the pain that you are

feeling too....

Bronco Nation is suppose to know much about football and analysis and be able to debate on a civil basis and at a higher level, and then just one loss--where are they now?

It is Friction and should be required reading by all fans, and no excuses cause you posted the link for all fans to read--excellent stuff....

I like Clausewitz analogy of when things going good for offense and then things change when fog settles and hides the enemy--now what? Things have changed !!!!

The Bronco Defense played very well, but like in Nevada, on field too much and became tired....Offense needs to step up, and they will....Coach Pete knows this stuff, and maybe this loss is a good thing for development....

Southwick needs to be Southwick....Im sure the Moore stuff is on his shoulders, which he needs to shrug away and become his own personality....He will, unless he lets friction and the fogs settle on him....he is a good athlete and he is leading the 'new' Broncos into AQ next year....he is the man in 2013, Patti will be 2014....

That is why I blogged in past, 'Can Bronco Fans handle a 9-3 Season in post-Moore era?'

Im not sure?

Ugly - Rational and Pragmatic Acceptance of a Mediocre Season

Most members of Bronco Nation just don't get it. Many believe it is okay for the BSU Broncos to lose one game as long we win the remaining games.

The 2012 season is now essentially over for the Broncos hopes/dreams/chances at getting into the BCS Natty Game or any BCS Bowl.

And that is OKAY -


People stop and think about the Strategic Big Picture where Coach Pete can use the remainder of the 2012 season as practice games/scrimmages where the players can play loose, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes to develop for the 2013 season and beyond for about 4 additional years. The cycle of 'peakness' for BCS teams seems to be about 3-5 years before a low point comes into play where there is a lack of talent due to matriculation of experienced players.

BSU is going thru that low point right now with a tremendous amount of talent to be developed in the Freshmen and Sophs currently on the team and the many top level recruits Coach Pete will being in for 2013.

I am excited to see the Broncos for the 2013 season. They should have many players who have received valuable playing time this Fall under really no significant pressure to go undefeated.

Maybe they lose 3-5 games. Who knows. After seeing the pathetic performance of the Bronco Offense in the MSU game, I am revising my opinion of the Broncos going undefeated. I am thinking a 7-5 season might be a success and The Impossible Dream. It does not really matter in the Grand Scheme of development and growth of a champion football team how many games they win or lose during the 2012 season. The most they can achieve is a conference title of a Non-AQ conference which is really just a hollow she!l of its former self and the Broncos are bolting from the following year, anyhoo.

You say 'let Southwick be Southwick'. That is the part that concerns me for the remainder of the 2012 season. I believe Southwick WAS BEING Southwick against MSU.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member @ 63799


On the Southwick being Southwick comment I maed, I was referringt to that the OC is going to need to find plays more in tune with Southwicks style, confidence, and play habits....

I dont the the pa$$ on the 5 yard line was what Coach Pete wanted....it led to an interception....

If Patti is to start next season, then I think we may see Hedricks before the season is over....if not, then Southwick will be the qb next year for their one-year aq opportunity....

ugly - Southwick is a One Trick Pony & about done

Even though Southwick is a Junior (and in theory has the 2013 season as his last eligibility year, I don't think Southwick will be the Bronco QB for the 2013 season. Coach Pete isn't that dense.

Patti is going to be the Bronco QB for the 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 seasons.

For those that have forgotten Kellen was a Redshirt Freshman when he first started - AND - Kellen did not have the advantage of an additional Spring Camp prior to his redshirt year like Patti has. Patti is gonna pick up the system and I am sure Coach Pete has high confidence in that or he would not have recruited Patti to begin with.

Yes, by all means let Hedricks have all the playing time now or even the Loughrea kid. I am guessing Matt Miller or Kirby Moore or Bacon could prolly do about as good as a QB, as Southwick has shown so far.

Southwick has shot his wad in the past and this year too. He has had the opportunity to prove he is a gamer - and he blew it. It serves no purpose to keep playing him when the other two could get some game playing time. Southwick clearly is not the guy to lead the Broncos for two seasons (2012 and 2013). I just don't think the average member of Bronco Nation is enamored with Southwick and they would not be sad or dissapointed if Southwick warmed the bench for his last two years at BSU or just kinda kept his schollie and attended cla$ses and shagged punts during practice.

It would not surprise me to see Hedricks in the next game after half time if Southwick continues to not impress and not perform at a high level.

Dude, that sliding thing and not being willing to take a hit to get 2 more yards and a Bronco First Down when it was desperately needed, really sticks in my throat. The 2 yards was there to be had. All Southwick had to do to get them and a desperately needed First Down was to man up and dive forward and not lose the ball and Presto-Chango, ANOTHER BRONCO FIRST DOWN. If Southwick is afraid to get his hair messed up and looks to avoid physical contact as evidenced by his Happy Feet and inability to remain in the pocket, how is the O-Line supposed to provide protcetion for him. I saw Southwick anticipate physical contact in the backfield and then he would leave the pocket and throw it down field as soon as he could, without even having identified a receiver prior to releasing the ball.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....Here is my take....

the fate of Southwick will be determined during the BYU game....

I do have a Vandal question though....

Do you think the Kamiah Kid would be a good qb if he were on today's Bronco 2012 team?

Ugly - Kenny was Phenomenal but not a Bronco type

Kenny Hobart (aka, The Kamiah Kid - even though he was from Kooskia - never really understood that nickname) would be a phenomenal QB for any BCS team sexcept for the BSU Broncos. The mere fact that he was from North of the 45th Parallel would automatically disqualify him.

Also, Kenny wanted a well rounded social life and college experience, so he chose to be active in campus events/affairs, and a live-in fraternity (Sigma Nu) with many high stories and lots and lots of windows and no safety nets on the grass below the windows, in addition to the one dimensional game of football where one can isolate from society in a weight room. I even see it among Vandal football players where they choose to live in the gym rather than study, reearch, learn, and take advantage of a free university education, and become an asset to their Fellow Man.

Kenny is a Real Deal type of Normal Person.

He is not a Boise Drone.

Kenny would not fit in with Coach Pete's style, as Kenny was very aggressive QB always diving and doing Second Efforts to gain yards (something that doesn't seem to distinguish Broncos this year.

Also, Kenny is not a milk drinker - so,

when Coach Pete wanted the eplayers to 'milk up' Kenny would go into hiding.

As most of us know, Kenny is a beer drinker, as are most normal well adjusted Vandals.

So, if you stop and think about it - drinking beer somehow causes the leadership skills to emerge, as Vandals have pretty much controlled Idaho and determined Idaho's destiny since 1889. Just ask P2 - he knows all about how Vandals have controlled his life and his family's lives for so many generations.

I am not saying that one has to drink beer to be a Born Leader, as there are some Broncos that drink beer and are obviously a group of people that are proven to not be Born Leaders; but it sure doesn't hurt.

Go Broncos.


BAA Membership # 63799


your facts are suspect. wikipedia states that hobart is from kamiah(it could be incorrect). boise state does not have normal people? km, dm, shoe, winn, clady, shea, kyle wilson, titus, nate, brotz & ian. not normal people. better rethink that one.

B81 - Learn to read for comprehension

Where, exactly did I say that Boise State does not have normal people?

I did not say that.

There you go again - not telling the truth and making up fibs and facts to suit your twisted Vandal Traitor Logic and validate your Extreme Vandal Hatred.

Please go back and re-read my posting, and cut an paste any portion of my posting that says "boise state does not have normal people", and then post it for all of us to read.

Okay having said that. My not saying it was an oversight and I should have said it. My bad.

Get your facts straight or people will start thinking you are a product of the BSU Graduate Business School.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - The names you referenced are BSU Football Heroes and not normal people.

You only got me me lamenting Jerry Kramer's plight again : (


You fry wants with that?

Φ Plight, slight, or


Maybe it was closer to 103? Don't fall backwards.

P2...I have your $

Ugly gave it to me and I would like to get it to you asap. It is burning a hole in my pocket :)

windex....thanks for meeting at

breakfast time in pocy and willing to take the durable goods back to Boise....hope you and your family and friends enjoyed the Pocatello Marathon, as it is now a Nations Top Ten Marathon....Mike Calley, the RD and former ISU Bengal cfb, has progressed this Marathon into the Nations Spot-light....I believe Pocatello is now ranked #8....

Wish you well on your cycle race to Jackson....

PS....if P2 does not want the money, we will split it the next time you are back in pocy....


Thanks ugly

It was nice meeting you and I enjoyed our visit. Thanks also for breakfast. I will let you know when I get the cash to p2. I will see if I can find Dr Stephens book I was telling you about and let you know the title. Thanks again.


We will figure out a way. maybe you could leave it at the ram for me or something. Thanks for picking it up.

Ugly, I'd take that bet again this year too. Last year it was comical how easy that bet was but this year you are already up one game. It would be a more fun bet this year and less of a sure thing. I say BSU does better than a 9-3 regular season. What say you?

P2 from dex

Sounds good, we can work something out, I'd be happy to meet up anytime and get it to you.


Ill think about it....

ugly - be careful - get a bodyguard

ugly, this cat is unhinged. He is in his '30s, looks likeFreddy Kreuger but is build like Jack LaLane.

This guy is vicious and loves to beat up on older people who can't defend themselves.

He loves to slap Vandals around 'Mafia Style'.

I know cuz he worked me over real good about a year ago in the Broadway Ram Bar.

I could come up with excuses, but my advanced age and being disabled and handicapped is not the reason he got me good. It was because the sleeve of the coat on my right arm got caught in the brake lever of my wheel chair and I could not get my arm up in time to cover my face from his withering blows to my head and face, per a Mafia Style Handshake.

I knew I should have take my Hover-Round to meet with Broncos that day, but I was naive and believed that Broncos would not attack old crippled Vandals in a public bar of all places.

But I know better now.

So, just be careful and if you ever meet this guy again, just be careful and remember there are some real viscious 30 year old Bronco Fans (oh yeah, almost forgot - he is about 6-4 with a 34 inch waist, 56 inch chest and gunboats for arms) out there that like to wail on Senior Vandals, and there are their 40-50 year old Bronco Buddies that really get off on watching their fellow Bronco beat up on old Vandals in a Boise bar.

If you ever want some security, I can round up a group of Grey Vandals that I know in Boise and we can all go with you and 'have your back'.

We could not stop that Bronco Fan - P2 from beating you up and punching you out, as our reactions and vision aren't that good anymore, but we could take our walkers and wheel chairs and make a ring around him and kind of hold him at bay until Joe Vandal got there with the Mighty Vandal Battle Axe.

Then Joe V. would take care of that puny P2 Pony Boy that only punches out old people who are either bed bound or wheel chair bound or non-ambulatory.


He admits doing it on these public Forums.

Talk about America's Dumbest Criminals and Putative Defendants, LOLOLOL

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

What a stupid post.


Φ Was going to add something

about "par for the course" and elaborate.

No need. The "problem" has been obvious for a long time.

Yes! It's all about talking about there being a problem!


You fry wants with that?

Φ And what did you

shoot today?

Aboooot 92?

Ask Bungalow Bill bout that.


You fry wants with that?

Φ Cannot do.

He's singing some fable about a guy called Rocky.

Wromg animal.


You fry wants with that?

Φ You speak Hmong

with that?

No, I'm a foreignoregonian.


You fry wants with that?

BSU blew it big

It is a sad year for Boise State because it has no offense. I don't care how you slice it but if your defense scores more points than your offense, this means we are doomed for good. This is an embarrassing game. Southwick needs to retire. This year, because it is lost already, should be an experiment for next year's QB. Let all the backups play in real games so that next year we are not stock with the same Southwick/Tharp dilemma.


Southwick isnt done yet....his deciding game will be in Boise when they host BYU....If he does well, you will see him start for the rest of the season....if they lose, then chnages will be made where Southwick and Hedricks will lead the way....

One thing Boise fans forget is that Boise had no running game either....with no running game, it is easy for defenses to focus on the qb....

It is not just Southwick, Boise needs at least 60-95 yards per game from the running team, especially Harper....if not, Hedricks will lose too....

It is not a sad year - it is a rebuilding year

All this hand wringing from Bronco Fans is kinda humorous in a way. It is not sad that BSU is stumbling and crumbling this year. The Broncos are being reborn and are still weaning from Mother Pete. The Broncos are still on Pete's Milk and will grow up to eat Blue Grass one day.

It's all good!!!

We all know that BSU HAD TO WIN EVERY GAME and go undefeated to have a successful year (the definition of success meaning being in the hunt for the FBS National Championship). As a non-BCS school in a non-BCS conference BSU simply cannot ever lose a game and have a shot at any national prominence in the Top 10.

We all pretty much knew that with Kellen graduating and losing 19 of 22 starters from the Broncos, that BSU would be in a rebuilding year during the 2012 season.

No real surprise there.

So, what does that mean?

It IS NOT A SAD year for BSU to lose its First Game of the season and in all liklihood even more.

But that is still just fine by me. As I know Coach Pete will come out of the gates with a BCS Championship quality team at the start of next season.

Just chalk the 2012 season up to learning and growing and lots of mistakes being made by the younger players (mostly Freshmen and Sophomores).

The Broncos are on the cusp and at the Decision Point of having an avrage, a mediocre season, or just totally sucking.

It is still too early to really tell which way the Broncos will go: winning a few games or being a chew toy for other teams. Time will tell.

But, it is all good experience for Coach Pete and the Broncos.

Who knows the Broncos may surprise many of us and actually pull out a 7-5 season.

But it does not really matter if the Broncos win any games or not during the 2012 season, as all games from here on out (after the First Game with MSU Debacle) are basicaly meaningless and just good old fashioned practice scrimmages, anyhoo.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

What is humorous is

that some posters would be "surprised" at a 7-5 record after a 4 point loss to a top-15 team.

As for "meaningless", if the Broncos win out, they will play in a BCS bowl game. Which means about $5M in "meaningless" revenue to the program.

Never ceases to amaze me how much the haters need this program to take a step backwards.

I agree Tfunk

If they can win out, a bcs bowl is very realistic.

As for the haters there are some(or one) on this thread who pretend to be friends of BSU football, but if you read the constant digs they(he) take(s) at Bronco fans and Bronco graduates, it is obvious they hate all things BSU. To me, these are the worse kind of haters.

Φ Must be a reference

to the beady-eyed (apt description by P2) runt.

What, is he shoveling dirt on BSU's season already? Yep, a member of the BAA and big BSU booster he is.

Windex - I will be the first to say

That I do not hold Boise State University in high regard and really do not see where thay have contributed much to the overall state of the State. However, I do not hate BSU.

With that said, I am a huge Bronco Fan, only because the Broncos are our (Idahoans) only legitimate chance for an Idaho based college team to win a BCS National Championship. If the Broncos were a slouch team, I would not be supporting them, as they would not add any value to my State. They are a national football powerhouse now and many Idahoans and Vandals are extremely proud of the BSU Broncos.

Actually, the Broncos hav been legitimate national champs in the past at several levels (JUCO & DIV II), while unfortunately my alma mater team has never gotten that far. But then again my alma mater was never a JUCO.

I have been more than vocal about my desire for my alma mater to go back to the Big Sky and stop chasing 'Big Brother' BSU, as my alma mater simply will never have the fan base that the Broncos currently enjoy. Also, I want my alma mater to focus on the reason it was created in our State's Consitution - to bring academic excelence to all Idahoans.

I love colege football, but couldn't care less if my alma mater did not even have a football team, as the current focus on fotball is erroding the quality of academic experience the current students of my alma mater are receiving.

If you have read any of my posts, you have probalby realized what little value I place on a BSU education. Many of my posts do in fact have constant digs at Bronco Fans and Bronco graduates. But, I don't take digs at the Bronco Football Team. I do not consider my analysis of the poor prformance of the Broncos against MSU to be a dig. I consider it to be an honest statement. I am sorry you are not sophisticated enough mentally to understand what a dig is and whaqt a dig is not (and yes, that is meant as a dig to a Bronco graduate, as I understand BSU is where you spent your college years and bought your credits).

I have no respect for about 95% of the things BSU, but not all things BSU. I have great respect for the BAA and the Bronco Football Team and really wish that my alma mater had an active inclusionary athetic association like BSU does. The BAA is not like many Bronco Fans who constantly rail against Vandals if they wish the Broncos well. As, you are aware, the BAA memb ership is composed of about 60% Vandals with 40% being Broncos and others, and the receptionist/secretary at the BAA Office is a Vandal. So there you have it. If the BAA can welcome Vandal support of the Bronco Football team, then I would think many Bronco Fans would be astutue enought to get with the program and welcome any Vandals who wish the Bronco Football Team success, with open ares.

You are also, aware, I am sure that I am a member of the BAA and have contributed money toward the Bronco Athletic Scholarship Fund and also, to the stadium expansion project.

In my mind, I can separate the Bronco football team and the BAA from the remainder of the less than stellar (academically) JUCO that was around long enough in a growing area demographically to become a college one day.

I was prolly at a JUCO Bronco football game, cheering the Broncos on, before you were born.

I do not hate the Bronco football team or BSU. I just don't have any respect for BSU as an institution of higher learning.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - There is absolutely nothing wrong with a national powerhouse football team being out of the Top Ten for a year or so due to rebuilding. It is the natural cycle of college football. I know this concept is new to many new Bronco Fans because these fans don't understand how Florida has rebuilt, Miami, Auburn, USC, and so on and so on. Those Bronco Fans that wanted the Broncos to someday become a national football powerhouse team have finally gotten one. It is time for many Bronco Fans to grow up, chill out, and realize the 2012 season might not be what they have become used to in the past. But - that is okay. It is all good.

B43S42U We both know

a non-AQ team needs an undefeated record to get into a BCS Bowl game. We have talked about this many, many, many times in the past.

Have you suddenly lost your brains?

And it is kind of surprising, as you are not really connected with BSU as a former student or a graduate that I am aware of - as you have never told us if you went to any college other than the JUCO in Arizona that you won a national championship on when you were playing baseball.

Where oh where did you get 'dumbed down' so much, if it wasn't at BSU where was it?

Please provide the name of the Non-AQ team that has ever played in a BCS Bowl game with at least one loss during the regular season?

This should be fun.

Ready on the right. Ready on the left. The Firing Line is now open.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member #63799

Some of The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight are not

doing what the BAA and BSU wants them to do.

AND, that is to act in a civil and friendly manner.

Here is an E-Mail I just received from the BAA:


This issue of Helpful Hints focuses on the Mountain West Conference and Boise State Athletics Sportsmanship Initiative.

Boise State Athletics takes pride in treating visitors and opposing teams with respect and civility. Please take the time to read the letter below from Conference Commissioner Craig Thompson and remember sportsmanship is a key to success on and off the field.

We appreciate all of your continued support of the Broncos! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Compliance Office at 426-2334.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Go Broncos!

Mark Coyle
Director of Athletics
Boise State University

Dear Friends, Boosters and Fans of Mountain West Institutions:

The Mountain West is committed to establishing itself as a national leader in intercollegiate athletics, with a strong emphasis on ethics and sportsmanship. The Conference, with the support of the Presidents and athletics administrators at all 10 institutions, has developed an extensive Sportsmanship Initiative designed to improve awareness and encourage positive behavior at all athletic events. This letter is to ask for your assistance in this effort to have the Mountain West and its member institutions known for great teams that conduct competition with class, dignity and honor. Your actions, both home and away, are extremely important to the image of your team and your institution. You can have a positive impact on the guests that visit your institution and the experiences of the participating student-athletes. Please adopt a philosophy of respect and responsibility, and help your fellow fans do the same.

Thanks for your support of the Mountain West and this very important Sportsmanship Initiative. It is most appreciated.

Craig Thompson


I know some of the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straing are not BAA Members, but there are a few that are. I would hope those BAA Members would take this message from their BAA Leaders to heart and begin treating their fellow posters with respect and civility, as these blogs are an 'off the field' environment.

I am sure the BGuy, and Windex, and JLandon, and B81 can reel it back in and become respectul and civil from time to time, once in a while, and every so often; but I also understand that the non BAA Members of that group, razor and razor and razor prolly did not get this e-mail as they are not BAA members and will continue to act in a nonrespectful and uncivil manner disgracing the Good Name of Bronco Football and the BAA.

Possibly this is the reason the razors do not want to support the BAA and the Bronco Athletic Scholarship Fund, is that they will be forced to be respectful and act civil and become humanized; is about all I can think of, at this point in time, to somewhat explain it.

I do wish them well and will pray tonight that maybe one of the BAA Members of that group will get with them and explain to them that BSU and the BAA really would like to see all Bronco Football Fans act with respect and civility in any 'off the field' environment.

Shalom and Kumbaya to all,

and to all,

a good night.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

I burnt my marshmallow.


You fry wants with that?

For the record

BSU can automatically qualify for a BCS bowl if;

1.) win the MWC and finish 12 or better in the final BCS rankings.

2.) win the MWC, finished ranked 16 or better in the final BCS rankings while being ranked ahead of at least one BCS conference champion.

Should BSU win out, they will finish 11-1 and win the MWC

In 2011 BSU finished 11-1 and number 7 in the final BCS poll

In 2010 BSU finished 12-1 and number 10 in the final BCS poll

I realize that the haters cannot stand the fact that if BSU were to win out, they stand an excellent chance of getting into a BCS bowl, but as usual they know very little college football.

Φ If rhetoric qualified,

or if gleaning qualified, or being repetitive qualified ... but they don't.

As I can imagine, it's nothing but wasted space.

In terms that ugly has coined, this "insightedness" is nothing more than "myoptic vision".

Beep - No Go - Thanks for playing - Now go sit down

This was my challenge to you in a post above. You know. the post you went to your room and hid from or wherever you go when you can't answer the question:

"Please provide the name of the Non-AQ team that has ever played in a BCS Bowl game with at least one loss during the regular season?"

I even said it was going to be fun.

And it has been. A regular riot.

You have totally refused to answer the question as I had expected.

Here is what you originally posted, en parte: " . . . As for "meaningless", if the Broncos win out, they will play in a BCS bowl game. Which means about $5M in "meaningless" revenue to the program."

You basically stated that if the Broncos 'win out' (I interpret that to mean a final record of 11-1 for 2012) that they will play in a BCS Bowl gamee.

Now you are saying they can automatically qualify for a BCS Bowl and not definitively 'play' in a BCS bowl game. Yada yada yada.

Big Difference between the two, Dude.

But - that was not my seminal question to you. Here is my seminal question to you once again:


"Please provide the name of the Non-AQ team that has ever played in a BCS Bowl game with at least one loss during the regular season?"


The fun continues. You will probably dodge this question, no doubt.

It will be interesting to see how you spin your answer.

You and I both know there is only one correct answer: No non-AQ team whas ever played in a BCS Bowl game with at least one loss during the regular season.

Lololol. And you know it.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

PS - I do not hate the Broncos. I am a realist. you also state, en parte: " . . . they stand an excellent chance of getting into a BCS bowl". I am a BSU Bronco Supporter, yet I can see reality when it stares me in the face. After seeing the performance of the Bronco Offense in the MSU game, I am curious what you base your statement of the Broncos having an excellent chance of getting into a BCS Bowl? How about a little substance to flesh out your synopsis of the excellent chance of the Broncos getting into a BCS bowl, for the 2012 season. Tell us why you are so positive about the 2012 Broncos getting into a BCS Bowl. This should be a riot, also.


From many bloggers there is no hate BSU stuff....some of that is just perceived because this is cfb and other fans want their team in, and in to do so the Broncos must lose....

Yes, the Broncos can make it into one of the top 5 BCS bowls if mainly item #1 is done....

The biggest game now will be BYU....if Boise wins, then I feel they have a good shot at 11-1....

BYU wont be easy....why is every Bronco dissing BYU? Do they think that BYU will be an easy victory?

Φ A post to be appreciated

I'm speechless...
Submitted by sportsisfun1960 on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 10:27pm.

I've been of in another world. Now, reading through all of these posts...very interesting as to what an incestual community this blog has become.

I don't want to say anything to negative about VNDL...but suffice to say there are people onto him in the Vandal blogs and he is being called-out to eliminate his destructive behavior towards that community as well.


How cool is that?