Michigan State 17, Boise State 13 (final)

By Brian Murphy

Pregame notes

Senior starting long snapper Chris Roberson was among four players suspended for Friday night's season opener at Michigan State, Boise State announced before the game.

Roberson, No. 3 quarterback Jimmy Laughrea and reserve wide receiver Dallas Burroughs served one-game suspensions for unspecified team-rules violations.

Redshirt freshman Jay Ajayi, the No. 3 tailback, missed the game as a result of his suspension for the MAACO Bowl, a game he wouldn’t have played in anyway. Ajayi pleaded guilty to misdemeanor petit theft in December. He can return for the next game.

Walk-on transfer Kevin Keane from Ohio Wesleyan will snap tonight. Roberson is a three-year starter at long snapper.

• Ten true freshmen made the trip to Michigan State: quarterback Nick Patti, wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes, cornerback Chaz Anderson, punter Sean Wale, tailback Jack Fields, safety Chanceller James, cornerback Donte Deayon, linebacker Tyler Gray, defensive lineman Armand Nance, tight end Hayden Plinke.

Williams-Rhodes, Fields, Gray and Plinke are expected to play. James is on the bubble. The rest are expected to redshirt.

• In pregame warm-ups, the starting defensive ends were Beau Martin and Demarcus Lawrence. Bryan Douglas was at cornerback instead of Jerrell Gavins with the No. 1 defense in pregame warm-ups.

First quarter

MSU — Le’Veon Bell 1 run (Dan Conroy kick), 7:47. Key play: Bell received the ball on nine of the 12 plays, including a 23-yard run on which he hurdled safety Jeremy Ioane in the open field. Drive: 12 plays, 60 yards, 6:18. Michigan State 7, Boise State 0

BSU — Michael Frisina 23 field goal, 4:39. Key play: Michigan State wide receiver Tony Lippett bobbled a pass over the middle and Boise State cornerback Jamar Taylor swiped the ball. The return set up the Broncos on the Spartans’ 22-yard line. Drive: 5 plays, 16 yards, 1:46. Michigan State 7, Boise State 3

MSU — Conroy 50 field goal, 1:39. Key play: Bell jumped and spun his way to a 12-yard gain to get within Conroy’s range. Drive: 10 plays, 41 yards, 3:55. Michigan State 10, Boise State 3

Second quarter

BSU — Jeremy Ioane 43 interception return (Frisina kick), 8:53. Michigan State 10, Boise State 10

BSU — Frisina 19 field goal, 4:23. Key play: Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick hit wide receiver Matt Miller on a 40-yard throw down the sideline to convert second-and-24. However, the Broncos couldn’t capitalize on first-and-goal at the 4. Drive: 6 plays, 28 yards, 2:01. Boise State 13, Michigan State 10

Fourth quarter

MSU — Bell 5 run (Conroy kick), 8:12. Key play: Tight end Dion Sims made a leaping catch for 18 yards on third-and-6 to get the Spartans inside the 10. Drive: 9 plays, 56 yards, 4:28. Michigan State 17, Boise State 13

Early Friday post

Former Boise State wide receiver Titus Young, now with the Detroit Lions, picked the No. 24 Broncos to win Friday night's season opener against No. 13 Michigan State. Earlier this week, Young picked the Broncos, telling reporters they could "quote" him.

"I already made my prediction. I’m going with the Broncos. I know we’re prepared. There’s no team that’s going to out prepare us and there’s no team that’s going to out work us," Young said. "I know it’s a deep statement. All of those workouts I went through at Boise State, I can definitely attest to it. I’m going with those Broncos for sure."

Young, who turned 23 in August, is entering his second season with Detroit. Young did not play in the Lions' preseason finale against Buffalo on Thursday night.

He plans to attend Friday night's game at Michigan State. Young said he got sideline passes from Chris Petersen for the game. Former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, who also plays for the Lions, is also expected to be at the game.

"I don’t have any personal relationships with anybody," Young said of the current Boise State team. "I hit (new quarterback) Joe Southwick up on Facebook the other day and said, 'Hey, you better be ready. I made a big statement, you got to back me up here.' "

Bronco Blitz links

• It's not too late to enter our Name the Score contest. Click here to enter your guess and win a pizza from Chicago Connection.

• I answered some questions about Boise State for the Detroit Free Press. Check it out here. I got to include my favorite Kellen Moore-related Boise State stat: The Broncos have not trailed by more than seven points in any game in the last four seasons.

• Another question-and-answer session with a Michigan newspaper. This one was done by Bronco Beat writer Chadd Cripe and Dave Southorn of the Idaho Press Tribune.

• A feature
on new Michigan State quarterback Andrew Maxwell, who is replacing NFL draftee Kirk Cousins.

• It is only the 12th night game at Spartan Stadium. Those games have created
"magical moments," writes the Lansing Journal.

• Chadd did a fantastic profile of new Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick, including insight from his dad, his high school coach and quarterback guru. Southwick comes from a long line of stellar athletes.

• I wrote about the Broncos' offensive line and its battle against Michigan State's talented defensive front. I think it is the key to the game.

• Boise State has won some high-profile openers in recent years, but Chris Petersen said this might be the toughest one yet.

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tonight only

let the magic be ours. the state of idaho and bronco nation support you.


but thanx 4 playin'!

dewsh alert


Does that make any scents?


You fry wants with that?

Bozo JC

Well Said....


the Broncos are known for a few magical moments themselves. Come on six o clock!


i heard the experts underestimate....
now let's rock !!!!

better to send a message early

I'm sorry to hear that some of the players have been suspended. They're young and it happens, but come on guys, this is Boise State!

Long snapper is a big loss

If anyone remembers the year of the Tharp, you'll remember how crucial a long snapper is. The never-ending string of bad snaps that year was the biggest contributor to a four loss season.


just what the kicking game needs, a little more excitement. Maybe this will reduce the number of punts and FG's. 4 and 2 at the 45 yard line ... go for it!


You recruit thugs, that what you get..Thugs

probably not

Boise State players get sat down for even minor infractions. This isn't Oregon, Ohio State, or LSU.

Φ What a stupid comment!

As far as you or anyone on the outside knows, those three could have done nothing more than miss curfew or been late for a team meeting.

Ajayi is serving his "sentence" and more than once.

And you call the lot of them "thugs". Nice.

Jay Leno

had it right. Put the jail cells right on the field.

2nd Qtr

Looks like Bell is going to get 40 carries this game. The Broncos defense is getting the turnovers they were looking for. Now it's time for a fumble by MSU.

Φ Broncos hanging tough

Up 13-10 with about 5 minutes left in the second and MSU sputtering on offense.

Defense and special teams are doing a great job. The offense is finding it tough sledding but has had some success.

MSU with some dumb penalties ... and bad interceptions.

Here's what I don't get

Hedrick is good enough to go in for Kellen a few times vs UGA, but isn't good enough to go in for Southwick a few times against MSU?

Potter is good enough to go in for Kellen and run the Wildcat, but he's not good enough to go in for Southwick?

Serioulsy, our DC deserves a parade. Our OC deserves a ticket out of town, and Couch Pete owes Bronco Nation an apology and should reimburse every Bronco fan who made that trip. Did he even prepare a game plan or did he just use leftover plays from the scrimmage? Seesh!

BSU 13, MSU 10

at halftime. MSU driving for touchdown, intercepted by BSU with 6 seconds left.

Broncos are lookin solid.

Got to settle the QB down a bit, but what else would you expect in a game like this. Surely, I would be a total Trainwreck in his position right now, but he is slowly mellowing in this game, which I do admire. Let's get it done!

Φ Dodging bullets

Great strip and fumble recovery by the Broncos. This game is getting surreal.

3rd Qtr over

I'd like to see BSU put a few more points on the scoreboard the next time they get the ball.

red zone

Can't get in the red zone 3 times and only come away with 6 points. That timeout by msu on 4th and 2 was huge. Que the gloating haters in 3, 2, 1...

Φ Defense is good enough

and the offense is not. You cannot do it without a running game.

MSU did what I expected in stacking the box and stuffed the run. Joe didn't get it done with his arm.

Try again next week.

BSU Defense

Very impressive. They were on the field a lot, but stood up really well all things considered. They were dominated early but bounced back and only wore down later on in the game. BSU's offense didn't do them any favors.

This was about the game I expected. Pretty low scoring, a little sloppy, and mostly dominated by the MSU defense.

Good news for BSU is they have nobody else on their schedule with a defense remotely as good as MSU's. Those guys are impressive.




You could be the biggest idiot to post on these threads.

Φ He nailed that distinction

a long while ago.

what an idiot you are

what an idiot you are

Still trying to understand

Sliding 2 yards from the first down marker......

Φ Here's a thought ...

Southwick isn't the answer.

Nice kid, I'm sure. Also, no better than 9-3 if that's how coach Pete wants to go.

Light years from home.

Cast fate ... I would.

Was willing to give JS some

Incompletions, but not trying to get a first down with the game on the line is just sad.

Φ That was it, in my estimation.

Joe isn't the QB. We saw in the spring and fall scrimmages. He's a solid backup.

We saw tonight exactly the same things as before ... too quick feet, overthrows, and misfires. Yes, a few were pretty good, but it has to be the majority, not the few.

Nick Patti HAS to be the starter.

stranger things have happened

true freshman at the most important position on the field? gutsy call, glad it's not mine.


For a first time out in a huge arena, Joe did more than an admirable job. He's going to get better, and better.
The 4th down slide was a mistake, but he'll learn from it.



A QB that does not know the importance of a first down.......

read about his competiveness all week, didn't see it all night

Said it before and will say it again, Southwick has no business being an FBS QB. That being said, I'm not going to dump on the guy for not being able to be what he clearly isn't.

Φ You cannot make those kinds of mistakes.

It costs you the game. He's a 4th-year junior and should know way better than that now.

Nick Patti, if you please.

BguyTfunk - Ditto

It appears as though Southwick does not like any physical sontact and is not willing to sacrifice his body for the team.

He had happy feet several times and fled the pocket and was prepping to throw the ball away prior to even looking down field to see where any of his receivers were.

But the sliding thing - could not believe that. You don't even see much of it in high school ball as it seems those kids have bigger gonads than Southwick has.

We needed 2 more yards for a 1st and had he dove head first for it we would have gotten it.

Some say burn Patti's red shirt right now.

I think the best thing to do is realize how many freshmen and sophs are on the Broncos this year and how young this team is (we are gonna be loaded for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

I think the key is to be patient this year and use it as a development year and gear up and get loaded for another 3-4 year run. It is time to just chill for 2012 and use this season as training/practice/scrimmage games, in essence - and follow the development of the Future National Champion Broncos.

Yes, we had to go undefeated for 2012, to be able to have any chance at a BCS Title game (and even though it was extremely remote). But that is not an option now. The season is not lost, however. Just use 2012 season as an opportunity to get as much game experience for the young ones as is possible. and come out of the gates a year from now smoking hot and running hard for another 3-4 years.

I think the world of Patti and believe he can lead us to some great things in time, but just be patient and don't burn his redshirt on a meaningless (generally speaking 2012 is a goner for a NC, at this point) season in a Non-AQ conference we are bolting anyhow.

It is time to think STRATEGICALLY and not tactically. Grow for 2013 and beyond since 2012 is shot to he!l. anyhow.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

Grow and learn and win

I believe this team from here on out will win every game. What I saw Friday, Broncos are still rolling esp. on D.


I diasgree abit....

Yes, the 2006-2011 Broncos were phenominal. The 2012 team is good....

You are correct only if DJ can provide 70-90 yards per game on the ground. If not, then the Bronco offense is going to be easy to figure out by other defenses, other than MSU....

The Broncos are vulnerable this year. Vulnerable, that is, because if other teams score just 21-24 points, they could win....

BYU will surprise the Broncos on the blue turf....

BYU is not a better team....

BYU has just a good enough D to keep Bronco offense from scoring less than BYU....

Riley Nelson is fairly controlled under pressure....

If we see Broncos lose to BYU, then it is Hedricks for remainder of season....

My opinion is the Broncos go 9-3, thus they will lose two more games....


I did see the BYU game and how they destroyed WSU although it's the first season game and everybody has bugs to work out. BSU will get these bugs worked out. MSU's D was very good at pluggin the holes...alot better than BYU will be. Ug...in your op. what other team will BSU loose to?


My two for sure loses were Michigan State and BYU....

The third loss I cant decide between Wyoming, Nevada, or Southern Miss....My guess right now is Wyoming....

Boise State wont go 8-4....I believe Coach Pete will make massive offense changes before that happens....an 8-4 season, although very good, would be disasterous for Boise State....

We all pick on Southwick on the offense side; but we forget that Boise's running game was non-existant....if that continues, Boise may not even win 8 games....

The Miami (OH) game should be a wash....the big one is BYU....


The only teams I see that have a chance to beat Boise are BYU and Nevada...the other teams I just dont see Boise losing to. Now Nevada will be at the end of the season and I dont know how the injury bug will effect that game but BYU impressed me when they man handled WSU. That will be a test for sure. As far as the run game, that will come around. I have never believed Harper was a good runner but then again that was against the #6 defense in the country and a bunch of seniors.

bluephan....you are probably


There is no doubt that Coach Pete is making changes to the offense so that a repeat of MSU wont happen again this year....

We wont know how effective those changes are until after the BYU game....

He is an interesting scenario....

Lets say Southwick has a very good season and helps the Broncos go 10-2, or even 11-1....

If so, then that means Southwick will lead in 2013 for Boises only one year guaranteed AQ status....

This puts a scenario for Patti....what will give?

ugly - I think your scenario means . . .

color Patti gone.

But, after watching Southwick these past few years back up Kellen and the few times he was on the field then, and then start and finish the MSU game, I really do not think your scenario will happen.

Patti is going to redshirt this year 2012 and then be a 4 year starter.

The Broncos will have a tremendously beneficial rebuilding and Training year in 2012 and their final finishing season record is meaningless and of no real concern to strategic minded Bronco Fans.

The Broncos will come out as a National Championship caliber team for the 2013 thru 2016 seasons/

The key is for Bronco Fans to just be patient and realize the Broncos have arrived as a relevant national powerhouse team, and those type of teams have to rebuild about evry 3-5 years or so.

The Broncos are in the top echelon of CFB. It is time for Bronco Fans to accept that they have finally gotten what they long yearned for.

It would be great to see the Broncos finish with a record of 2-2 or even 8-4; but again- it really doesn't matterin the Big Picture of the Future March Toward A National Championship.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Nick Patti will be...

...the QB of this team. It's time for a new era.

Sorry, Joe, but you had your chance. Didn't you learn anything in the last couple years? Kellen at QB and this is a 42-10 win.

Good job defense. You did your job--good enough to win with a half competent offense.

42-10 is likely

true. we can't dwell on yesteryear. we gotta score a few points though. if we put up 17 points in this game and sustain a drive, we win. very disappointing. 8 in the box dares the qb to pick em apart. we couldn't do it.

this proves one thing

Kellen Moore actually looks better with this loss. It shows that much more of their winning was him, and not the coach. Not that Petersen isn't a great coach, mind you.

No way can you win

No way can you win without a running game. It's as if we had nobody in the backfield.

RE: nobody in the backfield

that's because Wright, Demas, and Fields stood on the sidelines watching the trainwreck. Fields, got what, one carry? Nothing against DJ, but different backs bring different aspects to the game and it sure would have been nice to have seen multiple backs play tonight. It's crazy, it's almost as if Petersen was trying to get DJ hurt or something. I know that's not the case, but it a head scratcher for sure as to why our offensive strategy was to keep banging our head into a wall over and over and over and over and over....