Guest opinion: Anti-Obama billboard sought to 'create a discourse' on perpetual war

A billboard linking President Obama and Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes was an attempt to start discussion and "elevate the outrage" about the state of war, says a former legislator who was behind the controversial posting.

"The aim of the message was to point out that the nation was outraged by the massacre in Aurora, Colo., and rightly so," Maurice Clements of Nampa writes in a guest opinion. "And yet there seems to be no equivalent outrage for the thousands of American soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and the countless innocent civilians who have perished as collateral damage of these wars. Our nation has tuned out to the massacre in the Mideast and seems to have become numb to the carnage occurring there."

The billboard, posted in July, sparked widespread criticism and drew national media attention.

Here is a link to our July 31 editorial criticizing the billboard. And here is a link to Clements' guest opinion, which also will appear in Friday's Statesman.

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Bush got us into the Middle East wars...


Obama said we're out and Gitmo is closed.
3 1/2 years later....

Even your statement is questionable. Why did we go into Afganistan? And Bush II was president for how long on 9.11? And you think that whole plot was spawned solely on the Bush watch?

How do you explain the first WTC attack?

Obama Never Promised to Leave Afghanistan

In fact, during the campaign he said he'd expand the war in Afghanistan, just as he's done. Please provide any link showing then-Senator Obama promising to pull out of Afghanistan during the 2008 campaign.


"I intend to end this war," Obama said. "My first day in office I will bring the Joint Chiefs of Staff in, and I will give them a new mission. And that is to end this war. Responsibly, deliberately, but decisively. And I have seen no information that contradicts the notion that we can bring our troops out safely at a pace of one to two brigades per month. And again, that pace translates into having our combat troops out in 16 months' time."

Last standard troops - Dec 2011.
Still in country- civilian ops, contractors, and who knows what else.

Bubblehead, the first post was "Middle East".
My reply was Obama thought it would be easy to exit Middle East/Gitmo/Iraq/Afganistan- and the reality is different.
Your post zeroes in on Afghanistan.
There's some mixing going on in this thread.


IMO, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others are blended together.
It is a war against terrorism, dictorships, and helping people fight for freedom. Also, IMO, Iraq has been a major started for the Arab Spring.

3 1/2 years later, we are still thick in it.
4 years from now, we will be thick in it.
I don't think that is charged against either D or R.
I do think the Tea Baggers and the peace-dreamers are unrealistic in that matter.


Hey, btw how are things in Haiti?


His billboard was awful.
His guest opinion is awful.

It is nice he has the Freedom of Speech to do that.

People in Iraq now have some Freedom of Speech and little girls in Afghanistan now go to school.

His billboard should say
"The Taliban kills women for dancing".