Bear cub caught in fire sent to vet hospital for care (Photo and update)

bear cubIdaho Statesman Photo by Joe Jaszewski

A bear cub found by firefighters on the Mustang Fire, north of Salmon was determined he needs more care in a veterinarian hospital.

The cub sustained second degree burn injuries to its paws. A State Veterinarian examined the cub and determined he would need constant care for a while. So he won't go to a McCall wildlife center.

The approximate 149,000 acre Mustang Fire is burning in the main Salmon River corridor about 25 air miles northwest of Salmon. Firefighters located the injured Black Bear cub in Wheat Creek, 15 miles downriver from the Middle Fork Salmon River and main Salmon River confluence.

A Regional Wildlife Biologist with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game in Salmon is transporting the cub from Salmon.

Remember Smoky the bear?

Isn't that how Smokey was found as well? He was a great mascot for the Forest Service and perfect in his fire prevention campaign - Only You. Hope little Smokey Jr. does well.

Thought I would of heard more of these stories

Glad I'm Wrong. Hang in there little Buddie