Gear Tuesday: Mini guides pack a lot of information


Waterford Press has a bunch of pocket guides on subjects from nature and travel to survival.

It's newest release is the Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guide Series on subjects from Signaling for Rescue to Building a Survival Kit and Surviving in the Wilderness. They've got some pretty good tips.

I've also seen one on field dressing game that will come in handy.

The lightweight and waterproof guides can easily be carried in a daypack or pocket on treks or hunting trips.

The guides retail for $6.95. For details, go HERE

I've also seen some of the guides at Idaho Mountain Touring in Boise.


I can imagine seeing someone with a downed elk and they keep going back to their 'pocket guide', "okay, what next?"

This is why experienced hunters need to take out young people and teach them the ways. A personal guide instead of a paper guide.

Idea- the Zimo Hunt auctioned off for a local charity.
Highest bidder gets to go with Zimo on a hunt to learn the Zimo ways. Or Roger (if the bidder doesn't want to get lost). :-)