CSI: Dynamis? We do need some super sleuths on the case (UPDATED, 6:46 p.m.)

UPDATED, 6:46 p.m.: Here's a new draft of a Wednesday editorial. Revised to reflect more breaking news on the Dynamis beat.

Call it CSI: Dynamis. A Boise police detective was put on the case of the curious waste-to-energy project, but Mayor Dave Bieter yanked the detective off the assignment Tuesday.

Quite a whodunit we have on our hands. We need some ace investigators to ferret out a few answers.

• Perhaps fingerprint experts can chase down Dynamis’ building permit for construction at the Ada County landfill. It took the county about a week to tell the Statesman that, indeed, a partial application has been filed. But it’s not a public record; the county says much of the information is proprietary.

• Since a part of the permit application is in, does that mean Dynamis has actually, and finally, paid back the $2 million it owes the county? That’s been the promise all along. Looks like a job for a forensic accountant.

• Perhaps the Missing Persons Unit can ascertain the whereabouts of Dynamis’ bosses — who are trying to lay low and keep quiet until the company gets a required state air quality permit.

• Then there is the mystery of lame-duck Commissioner Sharon Ullman, Dynamis’ most vocal elected apologist. Ullman once won the Idaho Newspaper Foundation’s Max Dalton Award for promoting openness in government. How could such an advocate for transparency be party to this kind of charade? The only possible explanation: identity theft.

• This, of course, relates to the suspicious death of commissioners’ credibility on all things Dynamis. We suspect this death resulted from self-inflicted wounds.

Can the site

be occupied or functioning without a certificate of occupancy?
If a conditional CO is obtained, how long is it good for?
Why is the City policing the County?
This thing, like the landfill itself, stinks to high heaven.

This entire agreement, process, and contract needs to be

put up for public inspection. No more hiding, no more dodging, just no more. It's time to see what's really going on with this Dynamis Deal. Good work Kevin and a very insightful piece.