Fish and Game says Idaho Wildlife Summit was a success

More than 3,000 people joined the Idaho Wildlife Summit online this weekend and they weren’t just from Idaho.

Several hundred people attended the Boise session each of three days and large attendance was reported around the state as well for the summit that was organized to bring together people with diverse views about wildlife. The major wildlife groups such as the Safari Club, Ducks Unlimited, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and others were in attendance in force. The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife and Western Watersheds were among the environmental group represented, including the Nature Conservancy, whose Executive Director Toni Hardesty was one of the speakers.

People who attended said the major challenge was that most of the people at the meetings were older white males, the largest group of Fish and Game’s traditional constituency,hunters. But like the polls the agency conducted before the meeting showed of Idahoans statewide, there was overwhelming support to expand the base for funding fish and wildlife management in Idaho.

“It went better than I could have expected,” Fish and Game Director Virgil Moore said. “I am encouraged that such a diverse group expressed such a strong consensus on conservation values.”

There was very little sign of the polarization that has split wildlife groups over wolves and other controversial issues.

Shane Mahoney of Newfoundland, Canada, a featured speaker, praised Fish and Game for taking on the challenge.

“I’d much sooner have a world filled with people who are so vitally concerned with wildlife that they fight all the time about it, than a world in which nobody gives a damn,” Mahoney said.

More than 800 people had signed up to participate. Many others participated online; more than 3,000 logged on the Internet to watch the streaming video. People logged in from across the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Hungary.

Over the next few days and weeks, staff members will comments, the video tape of the event and the polls to determine where to go next.

Determine where to go next?

We already KNOW where they are going next. Fish & Game will do what they can to manage people, not wildlife. Follow the money. Preference points, governor tags, etc., are right around the corner. Essentially Idaho will become a "pay to play" state.

Summit a success?

I am curious as to how IDFG can call the summit a success in any way? The moderator for the online chat let more environmental comments through than hunters. Some of the funding came from non-hunting groups against any consumptive use of animals. The results of polls only showed 90 participants, but they are claiming thousands participated. IDFG needs to learn to listen to those that support it and have since 1938. Virgil Moore needs to step down as director. Tony McDermott should be investigated for any and all possible misconduct.
This department can't even agree on the number of wolves are in this state. They released 746 as the amount of wolves in the state then Tony McDermott was quoted as saying there are over 1500.
Maybe they should cut all full-time biologists to contracted on an as needed basis. Have them come in, do their study, submit their finding and be on their way. Also no biologist hired can conduct the same study of a species twice. Maybe then we would get real number instead of a pack of lies.
Come this November I will be voting "YES" to protect my hunting heritage. What will IDFG do when it becomes law that I have the right to hunt in this state?

Ah, but you don't anyway. Kid youself to a degree and help out.


You fry wants with that?


The problem is not with the biologists, its with the management at IDFG, they won't even listen to their own biologists. Yes Tony McDermott needs to go away, just another big bag of hot air. I will not vote to make hunting, fishing and trapping a constitutional right, its not. Have you read all the fine print??
Do people convicted of poaching crimes still have the right to hunt in Idaho?
Yes 746 was before the hunting/trapping season, now there is like 450, not including any pups that might survive through the year end.
I very much enjoyed Shane Mahoney, I felt he had lots of good to offer, whether IDFG will listen to any of it????
IDFG has shown too many times that they manage for maximum kill over quality experience.
IDFG has a daunting task ahead of them, how do they figure out a way to get all user groups to pitch in.