Outdoors photography: Look at the background of your photo



I have 4,000 photos of sunflowers. Well, maybe a dozen. I was hiking in the Boise Foothills this weekend and there looks to be a pretty good crop. That means more photos.

There's just something about sunflowers. I don't know.

Anyway, I noticed something while taking a photo this time. The background and color. I shoot wildflowers with a telephoto lens and with a limited depth of field to blur the background.

Anyway, I noticed this time if I moved slightly, the vegetation behind the sunflower was brown in one place and green in the other.

The color of the background of your wildflower photos can make all the difference in the photo.

Sometimes getting the blurry background of a granite rock makes the best shot. Another time the blurry background of a paved or dirt road can add zip to the photo.

Anyway, on these two photos, I moved slightly to get different colors for the background.

Well, you had to be there.

Lotsa sunflowers means lotsa

Lotsa sunflowers means lotsa mourning doves for the Saturday opener... right?

I'm seeing a lot around

Zimo: However, they were already staging up. Hope they don't fly the coop.

Dove migration

So.. even with the very warm weather we're still having they still might be migrating? I always figured that it was the first frost that got them moving.

It's the daylight

Zimo: I always thought storms drive them out but biologists told me, even in warm weather, their biological clocks are in tune with the length of daylight. That gets them moving, too.