Idaho politics: Could Tom Luna land in Romney's cabinet?

A blogger with Education Week floated the idea Monday.

Alyson Klein said the Idaho state schools superintendent could land the job as education secretary, if Romney wins the November election.

You can read Klein's full post by clicking here, or just cut to the chase and see what she had to say about Luna. The blip brings up the infamous, and unresolved, vandalism incident during the bitter 2011 debate over his Students Come First education overhaul:

"Luna, who is on Romney's team of education advisors, worked in the department during President George W. Bush's administration, and currently serves as the president of the bipartisan Council of Chief State School Officers. And given Romney's dissing of the teacher's unions, Luna's got anti-union street cred to spare — his tires were slashed last year when he tried to raise class size and put merit pay in place."

Luna, of course, will have his own hands full in Idaho this fall, as the fate of the three Students Come First laws are decided in a series of statewide referenda. But speculation about Luna's future could add a little more intrigue to what should already be the biggest election on the Idaho ballot.

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It'd almost be worth a Romney victory

if in the process we could get rid of Luna.

Since Romney doesn't seem to care about public education,

I'd say it was possible. Whether Romney can overcome the GOP's attempt to alienate everyone who isn't white, male and rich, and actually win the election is another question.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


If the luna laws are defeated AND Romney wins as president, then good riddance Tom. We don't need you screwing up our state. Let the rest of the nation prove how ignorant you are.

Luna to D.C.

Finally! One good reason to vote for Romney!

It's fairly obvious,

there won't be a Romney cabinet.

In the pocket

Both Romney and Luna are firmly in the pocket of the for profit online education folks. They are both for the privatization of K-12 education and the end of subsidies for higher education and the end of upward mobility for the economically disadvantaged. Still, I don't believe a Romney cabinet is going to happen. The Romney/Ryan plan to make the United States another banana republic will be their undoing.

Good one.

Aren't the Repubs going to eliminate the Dept. of Ed? So we could sent Loona to DC, then eliminate the department, and we'd all be rid of him. It's a pipe dream anyway. Can you imagine a Cabinet level official with an online degree in weights and measures?