Boise State OC Robert Prince on QB Joe Southwick: 'I don't think the stage is going to be too big. He's ready for it.'

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State offensive coordinator Robert Prince said Monday that new starting quarterback Joe Southwick has improved his ability to play within the offense this year.

Southwick, a junior, was named the starter Sunday.

“He’s relying on his teammates a little more and not on his feet,” Prince said.

Southwick does bring more mobility to the position than his predecessor, Kellen Moore. But the preference is for him to only use his running ability as a last resort.

“Joe’s a little bit more mobile than the guy we had last year, and we’ll try to take advantage of that,” Prince said. “We’ve just got to be smart with him. We don’t want him taking a lot of hits. … He’s got to trust his coaching. As long as he goes through his progressions, if a play breaks down, then let’s try to make something happen.”

Like coach Chris Petersen, Prince stressed Southwick’s knowledge of the offense as an asset.

“He’s very smart,” Prince said. “He’s a very attention-to-detail guy. With our offense, we have a lot of different shifts and motions and a lot of different reads, and Joe’s been doing a great job with it.

“There are plays we’ve gone back to the archive and looked at and Joe’s been familiar with them. With him knowing those plays, when we put in new stuff it’s not such a burden for him.”

Prince said he’s confident Southwick will be able to handle the intensity of Friday’s season opener at Michigan State. It will be Southwick’s first significant playing time with the game still in doubt.

“I don’t think the stage is going to be too big,” Prince said. “He’s ready for it. He’s got his teammates’ backs and they’re going to play for him.”

Junior center Matt Paradis said Southwick’s consistency impressed him.

“We never have to question him, because he always gets it right,” he said. “… He’s calm. Calm and confident.”


Other notes from Prince:

— On Michigan State’s defense: “I imagine they’ll be one of the best we face all year, and we’ve got to step up to the challenge. … They’re well coached. You can tell because their schemes are very complicated and they do a nice job, they’re fundamentally sound. And then they’ve got the players to back it up.”

— On true freshman wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes: “He’ll have a little role. He’ll be a backup. We’ll probably get him out there a little bit. We don’t want to put too much on him just because he’s a freshman and we want to see if he can handle the bright lights. … The thing with Shane is he’s very dynamic with the ball in his hands. We’ve got to get the ball in his hands and let him go to work.”


Paradis on Michigan State: “They’re very big and physical and smart.”

How does he know they’re smart?

“They don’t mess up,” Paradis said.


Sophomore free safety Lee Hightower on Michigan State’s rebuilt passing attack: “We’re studying their system. People change, but their system stays in place. We know they’re a great team. They’re going to reload like we’re going to reload, so we’re excited for the matchups we’re going to get.”


KTVB announced Monday that it will show the Boise State-New Mexico game on Sept. 29 in high definition. That was the only game not chosen for national TV. Mark Johnson, Tom Scott and Jay Tust will call the game.


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Lansing Journal newspaper Front Page of Sports section.

Coach Pete featured. But what's weird is, I can't seem to find any other articles about this home opener game in their hometown newspaper. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that maybe they're looking at this game as a blow-over.

They better realize we're going to be ready.|topnews|text|Sports&nclick_check=1

Interesting note:
To post a comment on their newspaper, you have to sign into Facebook. How ridiculous.
Hate Facebook.

Φ Comments from Levi

Levi Madarieta just made an interesting point/observation on KTIK. He said one of the biggest misconceptions in football is that you use the run to set up the pass. He felt, for Southwick's part in the upcoming MSU game, that BSU must be successful passing and that protection would be the key (a given).

He implied (didn't actually say it) that BSU should use the pass to set up the run.

Interesting comments from a guy who knows a thing or two. He did admit to not having seen the scrimmages.

Its an interesting point

And one that's got some merit. I would say MSU will stack the box early seeing if Joe can make timely throws. If he can I think they trust their front to make plays and get to the QB. I really hope Joe settles in and is consistent and keeps the front 4 and LBs honest. It'll be important to gain significant yards rushing.

MSU has really

good CB's, but they have a history of having trouble with bigger WR's. Most 6-2, 6-3 WR's last year had huge games against MSU. With the fact the BSU can throw 4 WR's out there at 6-3, 6-3, 6-2, and 6-3, if Joe get time, He'll chew em up.

I'm thinking that you're thinking

Miller, Moore, Burks, and Ware. We have em', and I'd also like to see them try to cover Hayden Plinke if he plays. And our O-line will give Joe time just like they did Kellen.

Φ I wonder if we will see

that flanker screen to SWR, part of an effort to spread the field and a pretty easy pass. Best offensive play of the scrimmage imo, and SWR can really move it.

Pretty much just a wide running play.

the Stage

I don't think the stage is big enough. It won't be until they win all their games and most by a large margin that they will have a big enough stage to suit them. NCG here we come!

A commentator on

ESPN said today that Denard Robinson (Michigan) has the best first step in all of college football. Not anymore! It's now SWR, and I'm glad that coach Prince is going to give him the opportunity. Also, our new motto should be a simple: "We Go With Joe" to show our support.

Fresh Prince of Boise State

Cool little video on Coach Prince:

Another Californian

So if he has a rough year, are you going to tell him to "GO BACK TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!"

Who are you talking to?


My comment is directed at

My comment is directed at anyone who has ever said or thought those words. Especially Derick in Boise who calls the Nate Shelman show on Fridays to blame his and Idaho's problems on people from CA. You know, not everyone in CA is a left wing Democrat. That's why I left, to live in and raise my family around good old fashioned conservative people. I'm tired of the labeling, come with something better. But if you still want to, Boise has a lot of lefties, and they're moving here from all over. Not just CA. BTW Ian Johnson and Doug Martin are from CA. How much exposure have they given to Idaho, Boise and Bronco Nation?