Dog nabbed from Canyon County Animal Shelter Thursday hasn't been found

Here's a crime you don't hear about every day: Dog stolen from local
animal shelter.

But that's what happened at the Canyon County Animal Shelter in
Caldwell on Thursday. During a busy moment in the lobby between 12:45
p.m. and 1 p.m., a woman slipped out the front door of the shelter
with a 7-month-old red American Staffordshire Terrier mix named Scarlett.

Nancy Orr, adoptions manager at the shelter, said it was only after
staff reviewed video surveillance footage that they learned what
happened to the dog. Orr said she remembered speaking briefly with the
woman who took the dog.

"She wanted to visit with the dog," said Orr, who asked the woman to
check in at the front desk. After Orr left area of the dog's kennel,
the unidentified woman returned and let the dog out. She walked it to
the lobby. Because the dog was loose in the lobby, a staff member
handed her a leash.

And before anyone knew what had happened, the woman and the dog were
gone. The adoption fee at the shelter is $75 plus tax, but that's not
what shelter managers are concerned about.

"We want to make sure it's has a proper home, make sure the person
understands the dog needs to be cared for, needs booster vaccines,"
Orr said, adding that not all landlords allow residents to have
pitbulls. "We want to do the best for our dogs and our adopters."

They also want to be sure the dog won't be used for anything cruel or
illegal, such as dog fighting.

The woman who walked off with the dog is described as about 5-foot
tall with black-and-gray shoulder-length hair. The shelter has filed a
report with the Caldwell Police Department.

Any chance the dog's owner had come to reclaim it? Orr didn't think
so. She said the dog was adopted from the shelter as a young puppy,
but then returned because of issues with their landlord.

"There's a possibility she didn't know that she didn't know she did
anything wrong," Orr said.

Orr said it's been years since someone walked off with a dog. But she
did recall a man who hid a small dog under his coat and fled out a
side door. She said police had no trouble finding the suspect because
he had a distinctive tattoo on the top of his bald head.

Other shelters are not immune to such crimes. A couple walked out of
the Idaho Humane Society with someone else's dog last year. The
much-loved dog had escaped the yard outside his home, and a neighbor
scooped him up and took him to the shelter to be sure he was safe. The
dog's owners didn't rest until they found their pup. Here's the story
I wrote about that incident.

snatched from Idaho Humane Society lobby is back home

If you have information about the theft of Scarlett, call Caldwell
non-emergency dispatch: 208-454-7531.

Learn more about the Canyon County
Animal Shelter.

Anyone who says a German Shepard was...

driving the getaway vehicle has seen too many Don Bluth films.


You fry wants with that?

Too funny, Katy

That doggie wasn't stolen from the pound, it was rescued from certain death.

A dog is better off at the

A dog is better off at the shelter then with a person who would steal a dog from a shelter. That kind of person will forget to feed the dog, leave in the house alone for a month, not take it to the vet, leave it outside in the winter, not give it water in the summer The lady's either mentally ill or she needed the $75 for meth. Best case scenario, the cops maybe know who this lady is from the video, she's probably had contacts with them before.

Canyon County Animal Shelter

Canyon County Animal Shelter is not a "pound", it is an animal shelter who finds homes for the animals that end up there. The dog would have been kept at the shelter until she was adopted into a good home. Possibly you shouldn't comment without knowing the facts?

Possibly you could extinguish your tongue...

and not make them look bad.


You fry wants with that?

Do you ever do any research?

Too funny, SH. It's a no-kill shelter, genius.

Also, talked to the front desk this morning and Scarlett has not been recovered, yet.

The dog will die eventually, all dogs do. Think about it.


You fry wants with that?

Was the perp

white, black, Hispanic, Asian? A few more details might help us nab this fiend!

Grey Alien


You fry wants with that?