Joe Southwick named Boise State football team's starting QB; here's the full depth chart

By Chadd Cripe
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Junior Joe Southwick has been named the starting quarterback for the Boise State football team, the school announced Sunday.

Southwick (6-foot-1, 187 pounds) will make his first career start Friday night at Michigan State.

The Danville, Calif., product has been the primary backup for the past two seasons. He is 40-of-54 for 400 yards and two touchdowns with an interception in his career.

“It feels great,” Southwick said. “To finally be named a starter, it’s a great privilege. There’s been a great line of quarterbacks here for a long time. To be one of those guys next in line is a great privilege and a lot of responsibility.”

Said coach Chris Petersen: “It’s a great opportunity for Joe. We’re really excited for him. He’s been here going on four years now. He knows our system very well. He’s prepared really hard. … And he’s really earned this opportunity. He just needs to now go out and play and be the player that we know he can be.”

Sophomore Grant Hedrick begins the season as the backup. Redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea is the third-stringer. True freshman Nick Patti is expected to redshirt.

Here is video of Petersen and Southwick talking to the media.

More quotes:

Petersen on Southwick: “He knows the stuff. He knows our system inside and out. And like we’ve said, there’s a lot there. And we’ll always pare our system to play to our quarterback’s strengths and how much a guy can actually learn and assimilate will dictate our game plans. But mentally, we can do as much with Joe as anybody we’ve had at this point.”

Petersen on Southwick: “The next move is for him to go onto the games and gain confidence. Unfortunately for us and for Joe, this probably isn’t a great team to go against and gain confidence.”

Southwick on spring ball: “It was definitely a little different. I think it was pretty exciting for me, a chance for me to step up and show what I can do with the first team. This is a new era almost for Boise State.”

Southwick: “That’s something Coach Pete and me have talked about, limiting turnovers and not taking sacks — those are two categories in college football and the NFL that dictate a lot of what happens in a football game. If we can improve in those two areas, we’ll have a shot.”

Southwick, asked about Petersen’s comment that his competitiveness was a strength and a weakness: “There’s no doubt I’m a very competitive person by nature. But you’re right — sometimes I need to be able to restrain that a little bit.”


True freshman scheduled to play: tight end Hayden Plinke, linebacker Tyler Gray, wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes and tailback Jack Fields. A couple others are on the bubble, including safety Chanceller James. Tailback Devan Demas will redshirt if health allows. Tight end Connor Peters, a transfer who has a redshirt year available, also will play.


Redshirt freshman safety Taylor Loffler is out for the season with a knee injury. He also missed last season with an injury sustained in high school.


Here’s the full depth chart. Of note, Charles Leno Jr. is at left tackle, Jake Broyles is at right tackle, Dextrell Simmons is the starting nickel, Michael Frisina is the kicker and tailback D.J. Harper and wide receiver Mitch Burroughs are the kickoff returners.

16 Joe Southwick, 6-1, 187, Jr.
9 Grant Hedrick, 6-0, 192, So.
14 Jimmy Laughrea, 6-1, 200, Fr.

7 D.J. Harper, 5-9, 205, Sr.
39 Drew Wright, 5-9, 203, Sr.

47 Dan Paul, 6-1, 262, Sr.
88 Chandler Koch, 6-2, 246, Sr.

87 Gabe Linehan, 6-4, 241, Jr. OR
88 Chandler Koch, 6-2, 246, Sr.
85 Holden Huff, 6-5, 213, Fr.

2 Matt Miller, 6-3, 215, So.
18 Aaron Burks , 6-3, 200, Jr.

20 Mitch Burroughs, 5-9, 193, Sr.
83 Troy Ware, 6-2, 195, Fr.

34 Kirby Moore, 6-3, 203, Jr.
3 Chris Potter, 5-9, 159, Sr.

78 Charles Leno Jr., 6-4, 294, Jr.
75 Faraji Wright, 6-3, 300, Sr.

61 Joe Kellogg, 6-3, 305 , Sr.
72 Marcus Henry, 6-3, 297, Fr.

65 Matt Paradis, 6-3, 289, Jr.
77 Spencer Gerke, 6-3, 296, Jr.

54 Michael Ames, 6-4, 293, Sr.
64 Brenel Myers, 6-3, 282, Sr.

76 Jake Broyles, 6-5, 290, Jr.
67 Rees Odhiambo, 6-4, 297, Fr.

69 Tyler Horn, 6-5, 265, So. OR
8 Demarcus Lawrence, 6-3, 242, So.

99 Mike Atkinson, 6-0, 306, Sr.
91 Greg Grimes, 6-0, 293, Sr.

43 Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, 6-3, 296, Jr.
95 Darren Koontz, 6-3, 274, Sr.

53 Beau Martin, 6-2, 250, So. OR
82 Sam Ukwuachu, 6-4, 222, Fr.

33 Tommy Smith, 6-1, 238, Sr.
13 Blake Renaud, 6-2, 239, So.

48 J.C. Percy, 6-0, 227, Sr.
36 Tyler Gray, 6-4, 227, Fr.

6 Dextrell Simmons , 5-11, 200, Sr.
38 Corey Bell, 5-11, 206 , So. OR
32 Jonathan Brown, 5-10, 211, Jr.

4 Jerrell Gavins, 5-9, 169, Sr.
1 Bryan Douglas, 5-9, 166, So.

5 Jamar Taylor, 5-11, 196, Sr.
37 Ebo Makinde, 5-10, 181, Jr.

10 Jeremy Ioane, 5-10, 197, So.
24 Hazen Moss, 6-0, 201, Sr.

29 Lee Hightower, 6-2, 192, So.
35 Darian Thompson, 6-1, 197, Fr.

84 Michael Frisina, 5-5, 162, Sr.
41 Dan Goodale, 5-10, 191, So.

14 Trevor Harman, 6-3, 216, Jr.
41 Dan Goodale, 5-10, 191, So.

44 Chris Roberson, 6-0, 228 , Sr.
52 Kevin Keane, 6-0, 208, So.

14 Trevor Harman, 6-3, 216, Jr.
41 Dan Goodale, 5-10, 191, So.

7 D.J. Harper, 5-9, 205, Sr.
20 Mitch Burroughs, 5-9, 193, Sr.

20 Mitch Burroughs, 5-9, 193, Sr. OR
3 Chris Potter, 5-9, 159, Sr.

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No big surprise


Alright Joe

Go get em......


I'm surprised they announce it now. They could have known themselves but kept Michigan State guessing, though don't know that there was much doubt it would be Southwick. I see Patti's not on the depth chart... it'll be good to give him a redshirt year if that's what they're going to do.

It wouldn't surprise me...

if Southwick was on the Special Teams team to open the game (thus a "starter"), and Laughrea actually took the first snap. That would really confuse MSU's defense.

"WAIT! That's not Southwick. WTF!!"

Φ Hmmmm ..........

I didn't see "/sarc" anywhere in your post.

Was trying to be funny

must've failed.

It's sneaky; along the lines of having Ian Johnson lay down on the turf during the opening kickoff of the 2009 Poinsettia Bowll. Remember that?

Φ Actually, I thought it was

very funny given that you could have been coarse.

As far as disguises go, what you think about permanently banning blue-on-blue for all home games?

It's ridiculous

To think our players blend into the turf is just crazy. The blue unis are the best looking ones. As such, we should be able to wear them. Maybe a combination of blue jerseys and orange pants (or vice versa) would be fine. But, the whole argument is stupid.

OR.....we go back to the 2006 blue unis with the larger areas of orange and orange helmets.

Go Joe

Git 'er done!

Φ Go Broncos

and go Joe.

Beat MSU!

Southwick Selected

We have to trust Coach Pete! I'm rooting for all of them! BOISE STATE!!!


Chanceller James was a total stud in the Fall Scrimmage. He should've been allowed to play this season.


He sure caught my attention several times. He's a playmaker, hope they decide to play him this year.

Φ James

For the most part, he did look good in the scrimmage. However, James did get beat 1-on-1 on that 75-yard TD catch and run by a tight end (Plinke) and might have been just a shade out of position on that play.

Plus, we just saw a snippet of what the coaches have seen. No doubt the guy can make plays. If he does redshirt, it wouldn't be so bad having him around for the four years after this.

But, heck of a

throw by Laughrea running toward the sideline under pressure that may have caught James a little by surprise. I thought he recovered well, but then I was surprised by Plinke's speed. He wasn't lumbering, and I'm glad that he also may play--another weapon.


I was surprised that jay Ajayi isn't on the two-deep roster. I thought he had a great fall.


Wright has been the No. 2 tailback all through camp. No surprise here.

When the season is done who

When the season is done who will a more productive season? Wright or Ajayi? I'm leaning towards Ajayi.

Seriously? Oh well...I guess they had to pick somebody, huh?

did they draw straws or did they play rock paper scissors?

Goodale as backup punter?

Does this mean that Wale is going to redshirt?


Yes. Can't imagine he'd play unless Harman really struggles.



Best of luck

to Joe, and well deserved. He went to work every day, and put in many hours of study to learn a complicated offensive system while maintaining good academics too. It's what makes these guys special. And he never complained about being a backup. He's earned it, it's his time!


Dallas Burroughs isn't on the depth chart, is there a chance he may red shirt this year after playing as a true freshman ala Kirby Moore?


That has occurred to me, but haven't talked to Petersen about that. Shane Williams-Rhodes wasn't on there either and he's playing, so we'll see.

Jay Ajayi

Jay does not appear on the depth chart, any idea of what's happening with this guy,
he is a talent and with DJ's knee and Wright's steel hands, we will need him to show up if we are to
surprise this year

Go Broncos


It's only a two-deep. Drew is the backup ... Jay and Jack Fields will have roles at tailback, too.

Sounds like alot of confusion on Boise States side as

who is going to play and who may red-shirt, and maybe even who the qb will be for the majority of the season....

Not good for a top ten BCS powerhouse; but those things do happen....

Boise State will be 9-3, maybe even 8-4? The three losses will be Michigan State, BYU, and Wyoming....a possible 4th loss could be Fresno?

Chaos on Main Street? Playing Tumbling Dice?

I've read Michigan States blogs and they seem pretty confident, not like Georgia about this time last year....

Boise State has silenced the naysayers though....maybe again?

You are nuts

Michigan State - Maybe
BYU - seriously doubt it
Wyoming - No
Fresno State - are you kidding?

RMS....You need to do more cfb


The past 4 years the Broncos were led by an all-star team and an amazing qb in which many made the NFL draft....

Yes, there are still about 7 superstars on the team, where 4-5 will be drafted into the NFL....

Last year I predicted 9-3....yes, they had one loss to TCU....but Air Force was fiesty and Wyoming blew the game themselves....both Air Force and Wyoming lost the game on their own....also, Kellen took advantage of their miscues....

Today, the Broncos have a very good team....but the quick TD strike magic may not be there when needed?

Φ And you need more quitting analysis

Φ ugly is a simple naysayer who said he quit.
Submitted by razor on Sun, 08/26/2012 - 5:30pm.

Boise Fans....
Submitted by ugly on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 8:21pm.

'As far as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, Ugly will Post no more forever.'

Read more here:

Paid that bet yet, or are you still hanging out in Wales?

Go Broncos, beat MSU!


I don't understand your comments.

Red shirts are always up in the air until/unless injuries hit. But for now it is spelled out.

Ditto on QB. Southwick is the guy.

You make 8-4 or 9-3 sound like an unacceptable outcome in a rebuilding year. Why?

If we can support the team through undefeated seasons, we can certainly support them in a year of 3 or 4 losses. Some teams would kill for a 8-4 year.

Φ ugly is a simple naysayer who said he quit.

Boise Fans....
Submitted by ugly on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 8:21pm.

'As far as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, Ugly will Post no more forever.'

First, most Bronco Fans are pretty good....

Second, the Statesmen (cripe and murph) write excellent articles that keep fans all over Idaho informed....

Third, there are too many dufuses on these boards.


ugly is not truthful and continues to show his abject knowledge of the game of football.

Go Broncos, beat MSU!


no doubt....a football fan should support their team, regardless of outcome or even year....

For example, I am a Vandal....should I say anymore?

And, in the NFL I am a Rams fan--anymore?

Yes a 9-3 or 8-4 season is very good....but the Broncos have been somewhat spoiled by the past 6 years, where losing is very rare and often down to a short field goal....

The Broncos have shocked Oregon twice, Oklahoma, and a good Georgia team last year....

But a 9-3 season, or even a 8-4, could be a shocker to most Bronco fans that are use to a qb striking a TD quickly whenever needed....

I like Bronco Football....

I hope they can do it again....

It would shock me

Because it is so unlikely.

Without TCU, there is no team in the MWC that can beat us. Without Kaepernick, Nevada won't come close. No other team will get close.

BYU is doubtful. It's possible, but douibtful.

Michigan State has teh best chance to beat us, but they aren't that much better than us. It'll be close, but we could still win.

So, your prediction of 8-4 or even 9-3 is hogwash. It's wishful thinking on your part. I guess the Vandal fan in you still wants to see the Broncos fail in the national spotlight.


I dont wish ill-will on anyone....

I love sports and mainly just watch it for enjoyment....

Whether the Broncos go 9-3 and the Vandals a 3-9 does not matter to me....I'll still watch and not think much less of either....

The facts are that the 2006-2011 Broncos have put them in the cfb national spot-light....I just hope Broncomania can handle a 9-3 season....

And no I wont bet this time....two of the debtees were paid of the debtees has dragged it out on purpose....

I hope the Broncos beat MSU....

Φ A welsher and a liar

Don't pay debts (because "he" needs a collection agency to drag it out of you?) and lies about quitting the Statesman sports blogs.

Real stand-up fraud you are.

Go Broncos, beat MSU!

Awesome ! Proud of you, Joe.

After all these years, you earned it. From one of the most respected coach and a football programs in the country. What a challenge and opportunity. Congratulations!

We're sooooooooooooooo behind ya.


is it Southwick or Hedricks that is from Enterprise, Oregon ?

Needless to say, I wish them both well and a scrambling Southwick could be fun to watch--much like Capernick....


Hedrick is from Monmouth/Independence, Oregon where he attended Central High School. It's about 10 miles west of Salem.


Only one person calls me ugs, and that is the goof-ball jl....

I am smelling ID theft....

VNDL asked you some questions that you normally would have answered....How come you did not?

I forgot from one of your posts earlier the year you graduated from Idaho? Could you elaborate again?

You recently moved to Northern Oregon, right?

Φ Things are looking bad for ugly.

ugly does not tell the truth.

Boise Fans....
Submitted by ugly on Sun, 08/19/2012 - 8:21pm.

'As far as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, Ugly will Post no more forever.'

Read more here:

ugly does not pay his debt. P2 is still waiting.

ugly says he will do things and then does the opposite. Poor ugly.

ugly still posts and still does not pay. This is a bad look for ugly. This is the look of someone who cannot be believed or trusted. Poor ugly.

Go Broncos, beat MSU!

ps - aqrunt thinks he's the second iteration of the Spanish Inquisition. He isn't jack.

No one stole 1960's ID

You're still a liar and douchebag. And a fraud.

I can't be any nicer and any more civil than that.


Because of you call people names I think you must've been abused as a child.

Oh so close

But you're wrong again.

Where did you learn how to write? Could it be the cheap Rum again? You got to stop posting drunk dude.

Missed by a long shot

Dude...I'm sober and proud of have to admit this isn't the 1st time I claimed you were an abused child. Your willingness to be such a bully always amazes me.

Theres no way you're...

...that stupid when you write without gulping some strong stuff. I'm not a bully at all, I just don't like you or ugly. You're both fakes. Now make sure you go tell Murphy life isn't fair. Stomp those feet!


No one is going to answer VNDL's demands. Haven't you figured that out yet?

Why do you want SFF to elaborate? What difference would it make?

You are turning into VNDL

Kinda creepy..........

Φ What have I been saying

all along?

Even our old friend, vandalsrulebjc, called him a fraud from the get-go. Nothing has happened to dispel that notion.

I mean, geez, how much closer can two peas grow in a pod.?

trust me ugs...

JL is not SIF.

Anyway ugs, I observed you and P2'S exchange on these threads and would like to offer a solution. I am going to be in "pocy" for a few days next weekend and would love to meet up with you. I would be happy to buy lunch, we could hit the press box or buddy's. You can give me the money to give to p2 and I will make sure he gets it. P2 gets his cash, I can meet ugly and vouch for his existence, it's a win-win. Besides we probably would have plenty to talk about as I myself am a runner and a creationist. If you are running the marathon Saturday, I will be there too, I have friends and family running it. Let me know what you think. I would also want P2'S approval for the transaction.