Boise State football preview: Quarterbacks

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Here is the ninth and final installment in my position-by-position preview of the Boise State football team. At the bottom, I’ve posted links to the blog and newspaper preview for other positions.



16 Joe Southwick, 6-1, 187, R-Jr.
9 Grant Hedrick, 6-0, 192, R-So.
14 Jimmy Laughrea, 6-1, 200, R-Fr.
8 Nick Patti, 5-10, 187, Fr.

Storyline: The Broncos still have not announced a starter, but coaches made it pretty clear in the final fall scrimmage that Southwick is their guy. He also far outperformed the other three quarterbacks that day. Coach Chris Petersen's press conference to preview the Michigan State game is Sunday.

Key to success: Playing smart. This team is good enough to win a lot of games with solid quarterback play, but might not be good enough to overcome poor play. Southwick needs to avoid turnovers and sacks so the Broncos can stick to a balanced offensive approach.

Reason for concern: Anyone who watched the scrimmage walked away concerned about the Broncos’ depth. Hedrick looks like the backup, but he threw back-to-back interceptions in his brief time with the first team.

Star player: Southwick should be entertaining. He’s a good scrambler, which leads to some fun plays, and he definitely plays with more outward emotion than Kellen Moore.

Breakout performer: Southwick. He was 23-of-30 for 198 yards and a touchdown with an interception last season.

Newcomer to watch: Laughrea and Patti have a lot of talent but are still figuring out how to play in the Broncos’ offense. One of them could push Hedrick for the backup job as the season progresses, although I’d expect Patti to redshirt and run the scout team.


— This will be the first time since 2001 that Boise State opens the season with a new quarterback against a BCS-conference team. Ryan Dinwiddie and the Broncos lost at South Carolina that year.

— Moore was the quarterback for six of Boise State’s 10 wins against BCS teams. He also was the QB for seven of the program’s 10 wins against ranked opponents.

— Coach Chris Petersen: “It was no different for Kellen when he came in here. We’ve had these quarterbacks playing well and we told Kellen, ‘Hey, this is the standard we’re looking for and these are the things we expect out of you,’ and he did a great job. He did a good job as a freshman and continued to inch each year, to get better. And that’s what we expect out of these guys.”

Projected depth chart:

Quarterback: Southwick, Hedrick/Laughrea
(no returning starters)

In Sunday’s paper: Replacing an iconic quarterback can be troublesome. Just look around college football at programs like Florida and Texas, which haven’t been the same without Tebow and McCoy.


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Thanks for the story, however, please refrain from using the word "iconic" ever again. It is so overused these days.


is intriguing because of his arm strength, that was an impressive throw to Hayden Plinke who is also intriguing himself. So many exceptional young players that if we can get by MSU and let them gain the experience we're going to have a great year. Can't wait!


has no business being the primary backup. He ran options out of the Wildcat for one simple reason: he can't throw. Either make Patti the first backup, or Laughrea (and hope he doesn't get hurt).


6-16, 28 yards, 3 interceptions, and a fumble returned 95 yards for a TD ... tends to support your contention.

He could throw in high

He could throw in high school.


its funny..first USC hasn't had problems finding replacements..or Oregon, or others...but yes I get your point...second...none of us can tell how those QB's really did in the scrimmage. they ran 6 plays and the D knew what they were going to run nearly every time.

If Patti is not starting

he's redshirting.


No sense burning a year to carry a clip board and wear a ball cap.

Φ I believe he can do everything

except play in a game.


You had a post a few weeks ago about the number of season tickets sold approaching a record. Have you heard any updates if the record was broken?

not good.

They all stink. I was at the scrimmage and none of them are very impressive.Get ready to loose some games - it's going to happen. None of these guys are even close to Kellen.


The bandwagon now please.

mikwelch isnt a Bronco

But he wastes time at a Bronco scrimmage. Ask him who his team is, however.

"Loose some games"?

Seriously? Why, are the games too tight? That fine vandull education is showing through yet again. Let me make it easy for you: loose is the opposite of tight, lose is the opposite of win.