Boise Police want your opinions on Boise River floating

ImageNot sure what the outcome of this will be. I doubt if everyone says they had a wonderful time floating the Boise River this summer we will see fewer rules next year, but hey, that's just cranky ol' me. I guess when you send thousands of people down a few miles of river, peoples' idea of "good time" might conflict with each other, which is why there seems to be more rules every year. But enough with my silly soapbox. This survey only takes a few minutes. Here's a link: SURVEY.

I used to

float the Truckee river in Reno every year. Nowhere did you see the nazi cops that are here. Having a cold beer was acceptable, most people didn't mind as long as you aren't a jerk off. It seems like these Nazi style cops here want to regulate everything you do. Get the heck out of my life, leave us alone. If there is a jerk on the river, we will beat him up and tie his can to a tree. Too many rules for a lousy dang river float. Truth be told, if we are paying cops to patrol the floaters, we have too many cops. Find a real crime ya Nazi's.

Having a beer would be acceptable here too...

...if it weren't for the fact that so many of those who feel the need for a beer on the river don't seem to be able to take the empties out with them when they leave. And so many of them make such total obnoxious fools of themselves after downing a few.

Funny how those who don't like a few sensible rules see a Nazi behind every tree. The river is a fun place, even when following those rules.

All but TWO or THREE of those I saw could drown...

If you think BPD are 'nazis' you've never been to Oregon.

Life jackets are still critical to survival though.

We all want you back in the water, not pulled from it and subsequently covered in a hole.

PS I think I saw as many devices on the seat backs, or were those wind jackets?


You fry wants with that?

BTW Rivers don't float, they fill up and flow (if you're lucky).


You fry wants with that?