Sharon Ullman defends Dynamis, but gets her own facts wrong

This week, lame-duck Ada County Commissioner Sharon Ullman was in such a rush to criticize the Statesman — for what she calls inaccuracies — that she couldn't even get her own facts straight.

It all started Aug. 17, when we wrote an editorial criticizing the county's seeming preoccupation with the Dynamis waste-to-energy project — at, perhaps, the expense of the existing Hidden Hollow Energy project. Hidden Hollow has filed a $30 million tort claim against the county, saying the Dynamis project compromises Hidden Hollow's access to landfill methane gas, which it needs to run a series of engines that produce power.

Here's an excerpt from that editorial: "Hidden Hollow, which has produced energy from landfill methane gas since 2006, has built a second pair of engines to convert gas into electricity. But those engines aren’t running."

In a guest opinion that we published Tuesday, Ullman criticized a series of points in the editorial. Here's a key snippet. "Hidden Hollow Energy has never even BUILT the second set of engines at the landfill."

On Wednesday, Ullman blogged about the issue and linked to her blog on her Facebook page. The title of her post: "Idaho Statesman's Accuracy Stinks." But here's what she wrote this time: "Hidden Hollow Energy has never even installed the second set of engines at the landfill."

Built? Installed? One word makes a big difference. "Built" suggests that Hidden Hollow isn't anywhere close to expansion; "installed" suggests that the Hidden Hollow has equipment ready to go, if the issues about access to methane gas are resolved.

On Friday, Ullman said she decided the switch words "for the sake of clarity and accuracy."

Hmm. Kind of sounds like we had this right in the first place.

Ullman can chastise us for what she calls inaccuracies — but her one criticism that gave me pause centered on the status of the Hidden Hollow engines. And she didn't even get that right. So I'll stand behind the editorial. It accurately summarized the dispute between Hidden Hollow and the county: Hidden Hollow believes the Dynamis project will cut into the amount of methane gas available for processing; the county says it can provide adequate methane to Hidden Hollow's project.

If Ullman doesn't like Hidden Hollow's assertions, then her problem is with the company, not the editorial board.

If Ullman — a diehard Dynamis supporter — disagrees with our conclusions and our opposition to the Dynamis project, then that's perfectly fair game.

I do have an issue when our accuracy is challenged without basis.

Kind of like I have an issue when Ullman — a past winner of the Idaho Newspaper Foundation's Max Dalton Award for open government — sits on a county commission that has been far too secretive about its dealings with Dynamis.

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Sharon is a reflection of Sarah Palin Politics

In the current world of contemporary ego-driven politics, what one says is much more important than what one least in the minds of many.

Sarah Palin served as governor for less than two years and quit when it got hard and, more important, when she had the chance to cash in on her sudden fame. Her willingness to say anything about anyone without much (or anything) to backup her assertions is the stuff of legend. Reality TV hasn't been the same since--apparently, it's the entire family's career path.

Sharon is no different. She's been in politics since the beginning in order to feed her own ego as well as her checking account. The Dynamis project is a mess and she and her commission associates should be investigated by Idaho's Attorney General. But, because she's a Republican, that will never happen because Idaho politics is as corrupt as it is one-sided. If the Blaine or Bannock County commissions had done the same thing, Mr. Wasdan would be all over it.

No Way

Sharon was a goof ball, idiot local politician, long before anyone had ever heard of Sarah Palin. In fact if we want to dig up real beauties of Idaho Politics, let start back with George Hansen, Steve Simms and Helen "i got salmon" Chenoweth. With little or no qualification required local politician are usually self absorbed fringe folks that can't get a real job...sad, but true.


FYI-Bannock County Commissioners are all Republican. Not sure about Blaine County.

Two phrases come to mind:

1. He said - she said.
2. Pot meet kettle.


you and Ullman can spar back and forth through blogs, facebook, tweeter, twitter or whatever you call all of that other crap, but if you think there has been secretive dealings going on, then use the laws in place to request all public documents between the parties involved. You know, a little investigative journalism.


I agree, And our paper is actively seeking documents, pursuant to state records law.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Thank you,

public officials are obligated to work on behalf of all of their constituents not just a select few and certainly not in a secretive manner.


we go again, just like the city hall mess old wierd Tammy got us into, the mess Gov. Dimbulb made with Pam Lowe, Once the lawyers and the plaintiffs get rich, we the taxpayers will take it in the backside again. We need to hang all the lawyers and politicians.


I find it interesting that she is using Facebook for the purpose of promoting Dynamis. About a week ago, her facebook account was deleted. Now it is back up with just post about Dynamis.


I'm not sure if you're suggesting Ullman deleted the post about our editorial. She didn't. It's still there.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor


She deleted her FB account temporarily last week and older post regarding Dynamis and Dave Case. There were also a picture album with Dynamis components being built in Middleton.

It was right after Cynthia's article. It just seems funny as if she posted something that could of tainted either the Dynamis or HHE case.

This is beginning to look like a couple of 5th graders.....

arguing on the school playground.