New guest opinion: Exergy CEO says company remains financially viable

Despite recent setbacks — a suspended 116-megawatt Idaho project and unpaid bills on a recent bike racing event in May — the head of Exergy Development Group says his company is looking toward the future.

Exergy remains a financially strong company and we are pushing forward where we foresee profit and pulling back where we foresee loss. We have honored all of our commitments in the past and we will honor these as we continue our work of providing clean energy, jobs, local partnerships, inspiring athletics and investor profit," Exergy CEO James Carkulis wrote in a guest opinion submitted Wednesday.

It isn't clear from the guest opinion whether, or where, Exergy might pursue new projects in Idaho — or whether the company will again sponsor the Exergy Tour cycling event, launched in May.

Here's a link to the full guest opinion, which also will run in the Statesman Sunday.