Guest opinion: Bieter says Boise can chart transportation options, with feds' help

On the heels of a visit from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter said the federal government could help Boise find "the best path forward" on transit.

Said Bieter, in his weekly e-memo to constituents: "Secretary LaHood sees in Boise what I do: a world-class city that has tremendous potential, but one whose great livability will be jeopardized if we allow gridlock, deteriorating air quality and an unsustainable approach to transportation to take hold."

Bieter said LaHood has pledged to send federal representatives to Boise to help the city examine its transit options.

Given the historically chilly reaction transit has received at the Statehouse, it's hardly surprising to see Bieter seek, and welcome, help from Uncle Sam.

Here's a link to Bieter's e-memo.

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Why do the socialist always want to put us on trains?

And then supervise us.


Most people drive, even in areas with mass transit. Improve the roads. Instead, our highway departments just add more stop lights and lower speed limits.

I was out driving yesterday and there was a green light. I kid you not--the drivers didn't know what to do because they're used to seeing red lights. They slowed down as they approached the intersection, preparing to stop.

Or they were practicing defensive driving.

Considering the numbers of cars I see pass through the intersection even after the light turns green for my lane, I'd be careful out there.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Tell Bieter that I, for one,

Tell Bieter that I, for one, think rickshaws are the answer to our transportation dilemma.

beiters toys.

Maybe beiter should look out the window at the empty buses running around Boise and try to fix that problem before creating another one. Why is it that politicians can't wait to drive this country into unrecoverable debt. Throw the bums out .....all of them and get somebody that is fiscally responsible in there. This is not a game to see who dies with the most toys. If beiter wants a train, Toys are Us is a good place to shop. Hell, I'll even contribute if he'll let me wear the hat occasionally.