Boise State announces single-game ticket prices for football

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State released individual-game ticket prices for the 2012 football season Thursday.

Tickets go on sale to season-ticket holders next week and to the general public at 10 a.m. Sept. 5.

There are three price categories:

BYU — $49 to $80 adults, $47-$78 seniors, $32 to $53 juniors.

Fresno State and San Diego State — $46 to $74 adults, $44 to $73 seniors, $31 to $50 juniors.

Miami, UNLV, Colorado State — $36 to $60 adults, $34 to $58 seniors, $25 to $40 juniors.

Last year, single-game tickets ranged from $32 to $75 depending on game. The three-category setup was the same.

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I could have had a rip-off VIP seat at Joe Walsh for that.


You fry wants with that?

Don't go then... one will miss you, that's for sure.

I've never been there. I had to watch on TV.

I could SEE the stadium from Jackson's parking lot though.

Swarminess backfired, didn't it?


You fry wants with that?

Thanks to all who purchase those overpriced tickets

Sincerely - thank you to everyone of the folks who spend their hard-earned money on these incredibly over-priced tickets.

I know I won't be purchasing any of them as they out-priced me a LONG time ago (when they basically DOUBLED the cost of my season tickets). I'll gladly watch the games from the comfort of my living room.

Actually those tickects are cheap for....

big time BCS revenue....

Looking at the prices, that puts gate receipt revenues at $1.9M....

With that, Boise could offer 'big-time' BCS schools about $750,000 to maybe $1M at the most....

Boise, that is the reason 'big' BCS schools do not want to play the blue turf....

If you want MSU, Georgia, or others at the blue turf, then tickets $$$$ need to double for those....

Look at average ticket prices for a Washington Huskies game....


I went to three BSU away games last year and each of the tickets was in the same price range. Maybe the games were just under priced before and we got spoiled. When it comes to football, it's entertainment/enjoyment and everyone gets to make a choice. We do the same thing when we subscribe to cable or satellite TV, buy coffee at Starbucks or Moxie Java, go out to dinner, snowboarding, golfing ......

If anyone wants to pay only $20.00 to watch college football live, become a San Jose State fan (you get what you pay for), or watch the games on TV.


You are getting closer to understanding how this works. But it's not the $1M that Boise could offer it's the $4M they lose for not having a home game. When Alabama plays Michigan this year, Michigan isn't paying Alabama $1M.

Getting schools to do games at Bronco stadium has nothing to do with ticket prices.

it's amazing

and sad how many times you have tried to educate some these cfb "fans" on the revenue end of things. some can't seem to grasp the simple concept.


call P2 for cup of coffee and have boring meeting together....

maybe I could mail you the 150 and pay you 20 to give to boring P2?

What do you think of VNDL's analysis of BSU v MSU? I thought it was pretty positive....


as i recall, vndl stated that boise state would win big. something like 20 points. not so sure about that. as for the p2 debt, we can work that out. we can begin the details on monday.

B81 so what is your prediction?

I predict BSU by at least 20.

What is your prediction and why.

I articulated my reasoning out in a seperate, yet lengthy, post.

Would sure like to know what you think.

Maybe you have money on MSU?

Go Broncos.


BAA Member #63799

PS - the only thing I haver changed from my initial prediction about the game is I am now thinking Patti will redshirt this year and never take the field in 2012, which is prolly a good thing, as it is what Kellen did. The key will be if Patti gets elevated during Spring or Patti will be gone I am thinking. Coach Pete is not going to stop the ever ongoing quest for top QBs. Patti got a ton of superlative recruiting billing and hype. Has he lived up to it? I dunno. Where was Kellen when Kellen was at the poiint where Patti is (I know Kellen didn't get a Spring Training in) at the beginning jof his True Freshman year? Was Kellen better or is Patti better or are they about the same? I dunno. Time will tell if Patti catches on with the coaches. If not, I see him heading for different pastures.

i predict a boise state victory

by 7. our defense will not allow many points, our running game should allow for ball control. create t/o's on D, minimize t/o's on offense. close game, could go either way. petersen makes the difference.

I predict....

a close defensive contest.

Boise State 24
Michigan State 20



Im still abit correct though....

You need to take back up jogging like the old days of 70s....I did at age 40 and happy I did so....

hope life is going well....

This is like telling a doctor rabies ain't so bad...


Don't play with stocks.


You fry wants with that?

You guys are only making me twitch about scrolling l-r all day/


You fry wants with that?