Detroit Lions release fourth QB, moves Kellen Moore closer to roster spot

By Brian Murphy

The Detroit Lions have released quarterback R.J. Archer, leaving just three quarterbacks on its roster, including former Boise State star Kellen Moore. Moore, who went 50-3 in four seasons as the Broncos' starter, is battling for a spot on the roster behind starter Matthew Stafford and reserve Shaun Hill.


makes you better. Go Kellen!

DETRIOT choose wisely

Having watch the Lions in action a bit...I would say go with three QB's. It is not "if" Stafford gets is when and Shaun Hill though O.K. doesn't set the world on fire...just does what he is told as the back up. Kellen will give you that "wild card" and he does not get rattled.

km moves closer

stafford is fragile, hill is nothing special. km will shine when his time arrives. good luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

Φ 81

tfunk posted this link a while ago on Chadd's side. If you read through it, it sounds as if Detroit intends to carry just 2 QBs on its active roster. Can't be sure what they eventually will do because, as you stated, Stafford has been fragile.

There are many comments on that article about the prospects of keeping Kellen vs. cutting him or putting him on the practice squad. I'm not exactly sure how the practice squad thing works, but I believe ps-players have to clear waivers first (meaning they could be claimed by another team).

There was one comment in support of Kellen that called him "a walking playbook."


going with 2 qb's is a risky move. particularly when your number 1 is fragile. i'm guessing they go with 3 and km makes the team.

Kellen Moore

I thought Kellen looked better than Hill in the last game and while he doesn't have the arm of Stafford, he can compete. I think if he had the same receivers as Stafford, he could compete well with him. And definitely is more consistent than Stafford. Needs more experience at that level of play and with patience will arrive as one of the best. Even with the second string crew he was throwing to, he had good stats, 10 of 15 for 96 yards is 67% pass completion rate, 9.6 yards per completion and 6.4 yard per throw. I can tell that the team is still adjusting to his style particularly in the red zone. and once in sync, they together will do even better.

Moore Has a Shot at Number 2

Moore has a shot at number two, but if anyone thinks he can beat out Stafford, they are kidding themselves. I'm just as big a KM fan as the next, but I am being realistic.

Good Luck to Kellen....He will be on the

roster for 2012 and 2013....

Maybe as injured reserve as to allow 3 qbs....

My understanding is Detriot added 4 because they're keeping 3

time will tell

practice squad

Is it common for a NFL team to carry a QB on the practice squad?

Lions go with 2 QB's

I can see the Lions keeping Stafford and Hill and Moore goes to the Practice Squad.