College football preview: Ranking Boise State's toughest opponents

By Brian Murphy

The Idaho Statesman's annual College Football Preview section will be published Sunday. As part of the issue, we are ranking Boise State's 2012 opponents from toughest to easiest — and we want your input.

Sure, Michigan State will probably be a consensus No. 1. But is BYU the next toughest or is it Southern Miss or Nevada? Should a road game at Hawaii rank higher or lower than a home game against Fresno State? Which game do you expect to be the easiest this year?

Rank them 1-12 in the comments below and we'll compile a readers' vote for the section.

Here is the schedule to help you:

Aug. 31 at Michigan State, 6 p.m. (ESPN)
Sept. 15 vs. Miami (Ohio), 2 p.m. (NBCSN)
Sept. 20 vs. BYU, 7 p.m. (ESPN)
Sept. 29 at New Mexico, 4 p.m. (TBD)
Oct. 6 at Southern Miss, TBA (FSN)
Oct. 13 vs. Fresno State, 1:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
Oct. 20 vs. UNLV, 1:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
Oct. 27 at Wyoming, 1:30 p.m. (CBSSN)
Nov. 3 vs. San Diego State, 8:30 p.m. (CBSSN)
Nov. 10 at Hawaii, 5 p.m. (NBCSN)
Nov. 17 vs. Colorado State, 1:30 p.m. (NBCSN)
Dec. 1 at Nevada, TBA (ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)

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-@S. Miss
-San Diego St
-Miami OH
-@New Mex

Pretty Spot On

Although I'd put BYU slightly ahead of @ S Miss just because of the short rest after Miami (OH).

I thought about that...

I was thinking getting BYU at home right after they play Utah (its only a 5 day turnaround against hated rivals) would be easier than traveling down South to play S. Miss. Probably a coin toss either way as both are really good programs.

Good Point

Ah, good point - didn't see BYU is on a 5 day rest as well.

1 - @MSU 2 - @Nevada 3 -

1 - @MSU
2 - @Nevada
3 - BYU
4 - @Southern Miss
5 - @ Wyoming
6 - Fresno
7 - @Hawaii
8 - San Diego St
9 - Miami OH
10- UNLV
11- Colorado St
12- @New Mexico

1 loss season ain't bad

I see the Bronco's NOT getting by the Spartans then running the table. I see MSU getting into the top 10 this year.

Go Bronco's

Schedult Difficulty

1. @ MSU
2. @ Nevada
3. @ S. Mississippi
4. vs BYU
5. vs San Diego State
6. @ Wyoming
7. @ Hawaii
8. vs Fresno State
9. vs Colorado State
10. vs UNLV
11. vs Miami (O)
12. @ New Mexico

Msu Byu Nevada S.

S. Miss
Fresno st.
New mex

S. Miss really isnt that

S. Miss really isnt that good id even put fresno above them, they did great last yr but not this year

Then, why didn't you?

"S. Miss really isnt that good id even put fresno above them, they did great last yr but not this year."

ur a douche i had already

ur a douche i had already submitted it then thought about S. Miss and realized that i had made that mistake, dont criticize others stupid Nig!!



shame on aarongbauer

Dude, absolutely no room for comments like that. Statesman staff, please remove this idiot's comment, pronto!

Φ This will show us

whether there is any moderation of the Statesman sports blogs ... at all.

He should be banned from posting....

Just incredible really.


Ranked not only by opponent quality by also by game location difficulty.

1. Michigan St
2. Southern Miss
3. Nevada
4. BYU
5. San Diego St
6. Miami, OH
7. Wyoming
8. Hawaii
9. Fresno St.
10. Colorado St.
11. New Mexico
12. UNLV

BYU will be 2nd toughest because...

1-at Michigan State
2-BYU (short preperation time from Sept. 15th game is key here)
3-at Nevada (not as many people are traveling to Reno this year thanks to Nevada's new ticket policies)
4-San Diego State
5-at Souther Miss (still believe this is a dangerous Game, but San Diego State has studied up on us...)
6-at Hawaii (usually tough to play there and Hawaii is looking strong)
7-at Wyoming (who knows which Wyoming we'll play...?)
8-Fresno State (always demanding respect)
9-Colorado State
10-Miami (Ohio)
12-New Mexico


I believe BYU also only has 5 days rest following their rival game with Utah. I think if Utah rolls BYU then BYU will come in here and lay down for Boise as well. If BYU beats Utah they will come here fired up, and that could be trouble. I still think @ Nevada and @ So. Miss will be tougher than BYU.

Is a road game at NMU really the easiest game?

Michigan State
Southern Miss
Fresno State
San Diego State
Colorado State
Miami (Ohio)
New Mexico

VTech lost to James Madison with only 5 days between games

1. Michigan St
2. BYU (VTech lost to James Madison with only 5 days between games in 2010 after the smack down BSU gave VT)
3. Southern Miss
4. Nevada
5. San Diego St
6. Hawaii
7. Fresno St.
8. Miami, OH
9. Wyoming
10. Colorado St.
11. New Mexico
12. UNLV

I disagree

the toughest game is always the next one. I know it's a cliche but it is true. You can bet your last dollar that Coach Pete will not let anyone look past the next team. That is the formula for disaster. So I would put them in the order of the schedule.

Where is Gene

Off point, but does anyone know what Gene Bleymeyer is up to these days?

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.

Gene Bleymaier

He was hired by San Jose State as AD

Where is Gene

He is the new Athletic Director at San Jose State.

This is too weird

Last week was the Jerome County Fair and Rodeo. My wife and I were walking around the food booths and saw, what appeared to be an exact carbon copy of Gene sitting at a picnic table eating some sweet corn and some pulled pork with a a small group of folks wearing UCLA gear.

It sure looked like him. I have never met him but it looked like him from all the pics and videos I have seen him in over the years. When I got home I did a Google search and found Gene's pic and showed it to my wife and she said. "yes, that is the guy we saw".

Possibly Gene has an exact double look alike that is a UCLA alum or he has some type of connection with the Jerome County or Magic Valley area and was here visiting relatives or in-laws or such.

I dunno.

I wish Gene the best as he built the now famous Bronco Football Program and got kicked in the teeth by Bronco Bob.

BTW, now that NCAA Compliance is under Bronco Bob, does Bronco Bob sanction himself in anyway for one of the Dutch Boyz taking money from his high school host family to fly to Amsterdam last Christmas (again another 4 game suspension violation by the same person for the same thing - host family). Possibly the host family cannot read the NCAA rules as posted by the BAA specifically telling Bronco supporters NOT to do certain things. It is interesting to note that aproximately 30% of the games this Bronco player could have played in his Bronco career were riding the pine for NAAA violations.
- basically One Third. Does he reimburse the Bronco Athletic Scholarship Fund One Third of the money he has received in financial benefits for playing fotball? That money was donated by Fronco Fans wanting him to play in top quality football games and help the Broncos and in return they gave him money for an academic scholarship. So basically, those Bronco Fans who onated to the BAA and ultimately the Bronco Athletic Scholarship Fund only got Two Thirds of their money's worth from this repeat offender/violater. And yet - Bronco Bob sits back and does nothing.

I bet Gne got a good chuckle out of seeing how double sided Bronco Bob's face is.

Even the stalwart Bronco Bob supporters have to admit how stupid it was to have a SECOND occurrence of basically, the same violation of NCAA Rules, and that Bronco Bob cannot blame anybody else but himself for failure to supervise the NCAA Compliance Program at BSU.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member #63799


1. MSU
2. BYU
3. Wyoming
4. Nevada
5. Hawaii
6. Miami (OH)
7. Southern Miss
8. Fresno State
10. Colorado State
11. UNLV
12. New Mexico

schedule strength

1. Michigan St
2. Nevada
3. S Miss
4. BYU
5. San Diego St
6. Fresno St
7. Hawaii
8. Wyoming
9. Miami(OH)
10. Colorado St
11. New Mexico
12. UNLV

I think we will play the Spartans close, but lose. The rest of the schedule is winnable. BYU will be tough on five days rest, but they have five days rest also and have to travel.

beat Michigan State....

A scale of 10 to 1. With 10 the strongest opponent and venue; 1 the weakest opponent.

10 MSU
5 Nevada, S. Mississippi, Wyoming, Hawaii
4 BYU, San Diego State, Fresno State, Colorado State
1 UNLV, Miami of Ohio, New Mexico

pretty accurate

Like u'r scale. Probably about right except trade Hawaii with BYU.

Aside from MSU...Themselves

Coach Pete will have the kids ready each and every week. if they can go out and execute the plays, complete their blocks, make the kicks, and play the type of Blue Collar Football that's become the cornerstone of the program, then they'll be alright

Toughest opponents?

Way to phrase that Murph - LOL! Cupcake State has one tough opponent in the first game and then the usual group of cupcakes to choose from after that - par for the course year in and year out for Cupcake State scheduling. Heck, they even get BYU at home only 5 days after the Cougars have to play their hated rival Utah in SLC -amazing how that worked out but typical Blowmayer strategy. It's so hard to figure just who might be more difficult(not tough)among this group of college football heavyweights - Nevada, Fresno, Hawaii, Colorado State, Wyoming, New Mexico, Miami (OH), San Diego State, UNLV ..... yikes hide the children! Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

At least. . .

At least they have a conference to play in, this year, and the next and the next. How's your Vandulls doing with their conference play? Oh wait. . . I laugh a your "no one wants to play us" because here's the real question: What's worse, no one wanting to play you, or no one wanting you? Think about it.

Are you really too stupid

to figure out that the BYU game was moved by ESPN? Boise State had nothing to do with it. Actually we already know the answer to that just by reading your repeated idiocy here.

Idaho Statesman bloggers, of course,


You fry wants with that?


3.Fresno St
4.Southern Miss
8.San Diego St
9.Colorado St
12.New Mexico

Four games with outcome partially in doubt

-@S. Miss
-San Diego St
-Miami OH
-@New Mex

Fresno State?

I did my rankings, then read the others....Fresno St seems to get little respect but they are returring D Carr and R Rouse I think they will be better then the pack this year

The Rankings

1) @MSU-L
2) BYU-L
3) @Nevada-W
4) @S. Miss-L
5) @Hawaii-W
6) San Diego St-W
7) @Wyoming-L
8) Fresno-W
9) CSU-W
10_ Miami OH-W
11) UNLV-W
12) @New Mex-W

The Broncos go 8-4 during the regular season, as a young team it takes them a while to figure things out but they pick it up late and a bowl win in the Armed Forces Bowl has them finish 9-4 which turns into a great spring board for first season in the Big East.

Lots of unknowns with this schedule

1) @MSU (pretty unanimous)
2) BYU (always talented, well-coached, and travels well)
3) @Nevada (the Little General always has his team well-prepared)
4) @Wyoming (Coach Christensen has the Pokes on the rise)
5) Fresno St. (new coach; undeniable talent at QB, RB)
6) @S. Miss (new coach; top OL in C-USA, but something of a mystery)
7) San Diego St. (Long's teams always play tough D)
8) @Hawaii (Chow's first HC gig, Warriors dump run-n-shoot)
9) UNLV (year 3 for Hauck, should show some dividends this year)
10 CSU (new HC, still not a Sonny Lubick squad)
11)Miami(OH} (where have you gone, Ben Roethlisberger?)
12)@New Mexico (Davie already wishes he were back in the ESPN booth)

Lots of potential potholes on this final road to the BCS. 10-2 for the Broncos going into the bowl season.

Beware Wyoming

1. MSU
2. BYU
3. Southern Miss
4. Wyoming
6. Nevada
7, Fresno State
8. Hawaii
9. Miami (OH)
10. Colorado State
11. UNLV
12. New Mexico

Schedule toughness

Other than MSU easily ranked as the toughest, some of these are kind of hit and miss, especially when one considers coaching changes and such.
1. MSU
2. BYU
3. Southern Miss
4. Nevada
5. Fresno St.
5. Hawaii
5. Wyoming
9. Miami (OH)
10. CSU
11. UNLV
12. New Mexico

P.S. No, it is not a typo, I believe that any of those four could and will compete for that slot. Season play will have to determine who gets it though. I would have put Nevada there as well but they have always been tough. Also, I think since they haven't forgotten what happened last time BSU visited Reno, they will be looking for some deja vu.