Idaho politics: Risch ranks No. 18 on list of Congress' wealthiest members

His net worth may have dropped by some $700,000, but Sen. Jim Risch still ranked as the 18th wealthiest member of Congress, according to rankings released today by The Hill.

Risch's minimum net worth came in at $19.1 million.

One reason for the decline: a home equity loan of at least $250,000.

The bulk of Risch's wealth is in real estate, according to the Hill: the state's junior senator has at least $16 million worth of farm and ranch land in Ada and Canyon counties.

Here's a link to The Hill's writeup on Risch.

Risch is no stranger to these lists. In 2011, Roll Call listed Risch as the 16th wealthiest member of Congress, based on net worth of $19.78 million.

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filthy lucre!

I've never particularly cared for Mr. Rich, er, Mr. Risch. But, at least he accumulated his wealth independently of his "public service."

The ones that deserve scrutiny are the lifelong career politicians who have accumulated one-percenter fortunes while serving as "public servants."

I agree to some extent.

Yes, he did make a lot of money as an attorney. However, I think he is as much of a lifelong politician as anybody. Prosecuting Attorney, Idaho Senate, Lt. Governor (twice), Governor, U.S. Senator. The man was first elected over 40 years ago

The rich are not like you and me

Tens of $millions, and he needs a home equity loan? Weird.


Yeah can't spend dirt.

Smart to use his equity when

Smart to use his equity when the interest can be deducted tax wise. Being his own banker in essence.

We obviously need to elect richer candidates....

only the 18th richest? What a disgrace to the great State of Idaho!

Sen. Risch?

Is he still there? Must be Idaho's rendition of the invisible man.