College football preview: Why do you love college football?

By Brian Murphy

Our annual College Football Preview section is just days away from publication — it will be available in Sunday's editions of the Idaho Statesman — but we want to hear from you.

It's been another off-season filled with scandals, negative headlines and conference chaos around the sport. But with games just around the corner, What is your favorite part of college football?

Let us know on our Boise State Football Facebook page and your answer could appear in our special section.

College football is fun to watch because you

know about every 4 years there are practically a new team with new faces, unlike the NFL....

Also, with college and the millions of alma matres (alumni) and the many rivalries, there is almost always a good game to watch that means something to someone....

Not everyone in this town

is obsessed with Bronco Football.

Then why not... something else that doesn't revolve around BSU football?

Why aren't you posting on the main site?


You fry wants with that?

Who said otherwise?

Find something you like and be happy.


You're here READING this article. LOL

Then why

did YOU bring it up? Obviously your reading comprehension skills are lacking, there is no mention of the Broncos in the article. Who is really obsessed?

College football?

It's the fans, it's the rivalries, it's the hoopla, it's the butterflies in your stomach before a big game, it's the tailgating at the stadium or at home, it's the smack talk, it's the ridiculousness of the polls, it's the idiots at ESPN that profess to be experts, it's the class (or lack thereof) of various teams, coaches, and fans, it's much more than I can verbalize in limited space. But ya know what Murph, why don't you also ask what we DON'T love about college football....Sunny...

Sums it up

Good work Sunny...

College football is the best

College football is part of the American Culture.

It is a contact sport where bigger, faster, and stronger are better.

What better way to spend time in the Fall than watching college football?

Ditto to what ugly and Sunny have said.

The composition of talent on teams changes periodically. a team maybe up today but down in the future. Nothing is forever in college football.

Thank God we have the BSU Broncos who are never going to lose another game, EVER. They simply HAVE TO WIN every game ALWAYS from now on out if they ever want to win a BCS National Championship or more than likely a conference championship.

I know they can with Coach Pete at the helm and Nick Patti under center.

If you have not done so yet, please join the Bronco Athletic Association and be a part of a group of people who are giving of themselves to help Bronco Football Players get college scholarships and get through college:

Here is a link all about joining;

The BAA has over 5,000 members of which a little over 3,000 are Idaho Vandals and about 2,000 are Broncos/others.

If the Vandals can support Bronco Football, I am sure there are a few Broncos out there who are currently not members of the BAA, but might want to join the BAA to to get back Bronco control of the BAA from the Vandals and to at least make it look like Broncos actually support the Bronco Football Team at a level higher than the Vandals currently do.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

I can go out in public dressed up like Elvis.....

Scream my head off and be respected by 35,000 people. Is this a great Country or what!


Too bad that respect doesn't spill over for you here.

Baking cupcakes ....

Nothing better than college football and the Cupcake State AD, head coach, media homers, and myopic Donkey fans baking up delicious cupcakes week in and week out on the smurf turf. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.


...are one of the reasons to love college football. Nothing like having a troll to hate!

Is pony the rain man?

He just repeats the same nonsense over and over. Naw, never mind, rain man was too smart to be pony...

There is a group of avid Bronco Fans that meet often at

the Ram on Broadway....

I'm suprised to see thus far not one of them blogging on 'Why do you love college football?' by Murph....

Maybe they dont love college football?

Maybe they meet at the Ram to discuss hemmorrhoid issues?

This is a blog where Vandals, Bengals, Broncos, and others, can state 'Why they love college football?'

College is simply just fun to watch....that is my take mainly....

nuff said ...

"There is a group of avid Bronco Fans that meet often at the Ram on Broadway"

If we didn't have a love of college football, especially BSU Football, we wouldn't meet. Futhermore, none of us would be on these blogs.

I love college football because of the tradition, the rivalries, marching bands, fight songs, cheerleaders, road trips, tailgating, debating, fall colors, and crisp weather, but most of all, I just love the game of football.

ugly - do you think the Establishmentstill wants them?

After all, one of their group admitted on a public forum to verbally threatening to do physical harm to me and then doing it by slapping me around Mafia Style and slugging and beating up an old small disabled Senior citizen man (me) in the bar area of that establishment.

Not only that but just about every one of that groups has weighd in congratulating the assaulter and betterer for having done so and have made derisive comments and jokes about it.

We all know these Statesman blogs are read by a very wide distribution of people.

Do you think this is the type of advertising that establishment wants?

Do you think they want their name associated with going into their bar area and getting beat up during lunch time?

I have not said the name of the eestablishement out of respect for them, but everybody that reads th4se blogs knows which place it is.

I am very curious if their group will be readily welcomed back.

I am sure that establishment knows they have Vandals eating and drinking at their establishment along with Broncos.

I highly doubt if the manager wants that establishment to be known as a place where old broken down Vandals in their latter and Golden years go to get physically beaten and bashed by young Broncos in their '30s, while other Broncos sit back and think it is much fun and entertainment for them.

I for one might never be back to that establishment, as I would have great bodily fear that I would get beaten up inside the bar by a Bronco, because I was a Vandal.

Broncos do not care how old a Vandal is when they beat them up. In fact the '30 year old ones in great shape seem to prefer the old crippled Vandals because the Vandal Crips can't fight back.

I will be curious to see if anybody from that establishment or BSU who is reading this blog will respond back that BSU and that establishment do not condone that type of brutal behavior.

I am guessing there will not be any response which will tell me one of two things:

1. BSU and/or that establishment do indeed condone it,


2. The Statesman sport blogs are not as widely read as most people would like to think.

Time will tell.

I know this all seems so bizarre, but the man admitted to doing the physical threat and the Mafia Style Slapping and beating in the bar area of that establishment. I am blown away that the man would freely, of his own volition, and being of sound mind, admit to committing the crime of Assault and the crime of Battery in a public place, on a public forum; and admitting to committing the civil personal wrongdoing (tort) of suffering assault and battery on a Senior Citizen in a public place in a public forum.

He must have his reason(s) for coming clean about his wrongdoing and admitting all this stuff on a public forum, where there is not any expectation of privacy nor any privelege pertaining to testimonial evidence (blog admission).

Ugly, it really baffles me why this man chose this time to 'fess up', but he has and I don't think that establishment is gonna want that group of loose Vandal hating cannons around much more where they might possibly beat up other older Vandals or even yoonger Vandals who are by themselves and don't have their wingman with them.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member #63799

PS - Maybe it was his consience getting to him. Who knows. Either way the sincere admission on a public forum stands into perpetuity.

VNDL....It has been long known that

a person should not discuss politics or religion in a 'bar' setting, or from a person that may not be able to handle an opposing view of discussion....they need to throw in sports into that axiom as well....

Sports draws alot of fight in stadiums....people fight in sports bars if one persons team is winning at the expense of another....

When I blogged on civility and commented that you were a nice fella, it did draw ire quickly....

One thing I will admit is that there is still much anomosity against anything Vandal within the Bronco Fan community....I have ran into many Bronco Fans since 2006, most of them nice, and complimented them about their Broncos and how much pride it brings to the state of Idaho....of course, they accept the compliment....

Then when I say I graduated with two degrees from Idaho, the negativity and sneers come forward with most....all they talk about is their football and how bad we suck....hey, what about education?

I love college football, but it is not above my education....College football is entertainment and enjoyment, but not my life....

Yeah, P2 said some weird things that night

and Im sure the Ram has a 'no-fight' policy....

I do believe the Statesman is read by many across the USA....especially the football blogs, where many fans from all over want to know about the Broncos....Im sure many from Michigan State are reading these blogs to find about the Broncos....

but, what many read was a young Bronco Fan having enjoyment from slapping an older Vandal....

VNDL, your analysis has been good for the two plus years that Ugly has been on these boards....for the first time, I am worried about the qb issue....Im not sure if Coach Pete is confident yet in the qb issue....reading the MSU blogs, they appear to be having very good practices, with the new qb replacing Cousins quite well....

What is your take, as an objective and un-biased Vandal, on the Michigan State v Boise State game?

All I can say is if Coach Pete wins again, then this man really is a geniuos....

Tradition. Pageantry. 100 year old rivalries.Tailgates and more

Tradition. Pageantry. 100 year old rivalries. Supporting ones beloved Alma Mater. Tailgates. Community. Alumni game watching gatherings with fellow alums and those of our worthy opponent. The unique culture of every University. Amateur athletics versus professional sports? No contest. College Football wins hands down versus the NFL.

Idahoan Jake Plummer is featured multiple times below. Enjoy.

You can be loyal to a team that won't ever move just because

their greedy owner wants a new stadium. (Pat Bowlen ruined NFL loyalty for me).

Having grown up in a town without a CFB team, having no relatives that were college grads, and getting my BS at a school that didn't have a CFB team, I was only an NFL fan until I came to BSU for my MBA. The first CFB game I ever attended was at BSU where I sat in the north end zone bleachers at a game in '99; I was instantly hooked on CFB. Now for me, the NFL is something to watch only because there isn't a college game recorded or on at the time.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

similar situation here...

moved here as a Cleveland Brown's fan and had never gone to a college game other than performing at half-time in Camp Randall Stadium.
Went to one game at Bronco Stadium because I had seen the Blue Turf on TV and wanted to check it out. Sat in the Vandal section of the S. endzone and watched them run a fake punt against Pokey's boys. Cheered for the Broncos in between all of the times they played the Vandal Fight song and everyone around me sang along. Modell moved the Brownies to Baltimore and, other than the playoffs, haven't watched an NFL game since. I've set in the upper deck on the 50 yard line in 70,000+ seat Cleveland Stadium but wouldn't trade that experience for sitting in the last row of the end zone at the Fiesta Bowl. Modell ruined the Browns/NFL for me even though players had sold-out themselves prior to that. But to play for the fun of the game and team pride tops a multi-million-dollaraire fussing about his contract, any day.


I truly enjoy the traditions and rituals of players and fans of the various universities across the country. I also agree with Ugly that it's refreshing to see new players emerge each year. I am worried the Big 64 are turning more into a minor league to the NFL, which has dampered my enthusiasm.

Raising the academic standards for HS and College athletes.....

Raising the academic standards for HS and College athletes will prevent college football from becoming a farm team for the NFL. Excellent comments by Arizona State University President Crow on the subject below.


I love the long traditions college football has developed between the universities, I love the rivalry games, I love waking up to College Game Day and watching football from sun up to sun day. I love tailgating with family and friends while catching some college football games in the parking lot before Boise State's home games. I love the Blue. I love Bronco Nation. There's so much passion and energy surrounding college football, it's infectious and brings out the love of the game of football for me. Best time of the year!


Erin Andrews and Boise's own Heather Cox



You fry wants with that?

Φ Sure

Phi not?

Delta Aurora Whjat est quod flos habes ad


You fry wants with that?

Φ Sorry

Happy hour

with wonts.


I love the crowd energy. If you were at Bronco stadium during the Oregon game or during the 1st game after the Oklahoma victory... you know what I'm talking about. Bronco statium is always loud, but those games were electric.

Can't wait to hear the new and improved roar from stomping feet in the endzones. The metal bleachers were a great idea.

It's fine but I still like high school football more.


You fry wants with that?

Φ Gotta love this post.

One of my current favorites and maybe one of the best of all time, especially since it came from SIF, a Vandal backer.

I'm speechless...
Submitted by sportsisfun1960 on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 10:27pm.

I've been of in another world. Now, reading through all of these posts...very interesting as to what an incestual community this blog has become.

I don't want to say anything to negative about VNDL...but suffice to say there are people onto him in the Vandal blogs and he is being called-out to eliminate his destructive behavior towards that community as well.

ugy - since you asked

I believe the BSU Broncos will win the game with MSU by at least 20 points.

I think Coach Pete has been holding many cards close to his chest and not letting even the most ardent Bronco Fans see them. I think there are many plays in the Bronco playbook that were not revealed during the practice game(s) and other practice periods where bronco fans and the media observed them. Maybe that is why all 4 QBs and the o-lines strugggled and miscommunicated so much last Saturday, because the plays they executed Saturday evening were/are not the plays they have really been practicing and are going to use in Michigan come 3the 31st.

I am not that overly concrned with the QB play, as there is much regarding a ground game in the Bronco Play book. In the past we grew to expect a reliance on a passing oriented game, but now I believe we will be a more rush oriented offense.

That is not to say the Bronco passing game will be lacking. I am just not convinced all the passing will originate from the QB nor will it be the focal pooint of the Game Plan. Maybe lots of wildcat I see some good old Bronco Trickeration being brought back into the arsenal.

Lets's face it. This is a new Bronco team, but with many returning playerss with significant game experience from previous season(s). They may not have been staters, but they saw lots of action and playing time.

Honestly, my big concern is not the Bronco offense, but instead the defensive secondary. That area of concern has been BSU's Achilles Tendon for the past several years. If the Broncos can contain the middle and long routes and if the BSU secondary defenders can cut off the MSU receivers and actually make some basic tackles (which many times they failed to do in these past sevral seasons).

Let's be honest - How many games in the past several years were we all left with the major observation that Bronco defenders did a poor job of tackling, wraping up, and finishing the tackle. Coach Pete has emphasized the basics, I am sure.

It will be the team that executes the basics the best and excercises the best ball control discipline that will win the game.

I believe it will be the Broncos by at least 20.

If Patti doesn't play this first game with MSU, that means to me he is gonna be a redshirt for 2012. I am not convinced he would stick around for more with BSU if that were to happen.

Remember all the hype Patti had when he was being recruited and Coach Pete supposedly telling Patti to just tell Coach Pete when he thought Coach Pete should stop recruiting any future QB over the next 4 years uz Patti was his 'go to guy' in the future picture of the Broncos. Lots of people thought that was a joke at the time. Maybe it never really happened and was misrepported or taken out of context, Maybe it was, I don't know - but if it was true, just think of the expectation of being the starting QB that would logically spring up in Patti's mind. It would in just about any competetive person, and rightfully so; and then to ride the pine and redshirt a year. Not part of Patti's deal as was represented to Bronco Fans who followed his recruitment.

I think Coach Pete has to play him or lose him.

Anyway, thats how I see things at this time. OF course it is all my opinion so I am guessing I will gt shredded for my opinion not being exactly approved by the Out To Lunch Bunch.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


That is a good analysis of the BSU v MSU game....

However, I do believe that the BSU offense is not ready and it will be the key to a potential loss....

Im not saying MSU is better, just I think, unlike Georgia, they are far more prepared....

When reading MSU literature, they seem confident and happy with their practices....Georgia, about this time was making excuses, MSU is not....

Yes, I remember they hype on Patti and how they went to Florida several times to recruit him to Boise....I believe Patti will see some playing time at MSU; not because BSU has such a big lead, but because of other offense stuff not going well....

If BSU wins, Coach Pete is a genious....