Boise State QB Joe Southwick looks like favorite for starting job at scrimmage; no decision yet, Petersen says

By Chadd Cripe
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Junior Joe Southwick looked like the clear favorite for the Boise State football team’s starting quarterback job in Saturday night’s scrimmage at Bronco Stadium.

Southwick took all of the snaps with the first team in the first half. He didn’t appear in the second half until the team switched to red zone work late in the scrimmage.

Southwick was 16-of-24 for 141 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Sophomore Grant Hedrick took all of the snaps with the second team in the first half. He got a shot with the first team in the second half and threw back-to-back interceptions. He was 6-of-16 for 28 yards with three interceptions and a forced fumble overall.

Redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea was 1-for-4 with a 75-yard touchdown pass to true freshman tight end Hayden Plinke and an interception. He was knocked out of the scrimmage on his only play with the second team, which was the only time he wasn’t wearing a red no-contact jersey. He is expected to be OK.

True freshman Nick Patti was 1-for-10 for 40 yards with an interception. He replaced Laughrea with the second team after the injury but also spent most of his night with the third team.

Coach Chris Petersen said he still has not decided on a starting quarterback.

“When we make the decision, we’ll tell everybody,” he said. “You guys know as much as I do how (Southwick) did. You saw what I saw. There’s some good stuff, but we’ve got to go put the tape on and analyze everything.”

As for Southwick taking the bulk of the first-team snaps, Petersen said: “Joe earned some good reps.”

Other highlights from the night (full stats here):

— The seven turnovers were produced by safety Darian Thompson (two interceptions), safety Chanceller James (interception), cornerback Donte Deayon (interception) and defensive end Darien Barrett (interception) — all freshmen; junior nickel Jonathan Brown (interception) and sophomore nickel Corey Bell (fumble return for a touchdown). Thompson also led the team with seven tackles. “That's the focus of every practice, every day, every meeting, so it's good to come out here in front of the fans and actually get it done,” sophomore safety Lee Hightower said of the turnovers.

— The run game was strong, led by redshirt freshman Jay Ajayi with 78 yards and a touchdown and true freshman Jack Fields with 51 yards. “I think that we took leaps, big leaps (from the first scrimmage),” senior tailback D.J. Harper said. “… You could tell we definitely got better.”

— Senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs made seven catches for 70 yards and a touchdown.

— The kickers had a great night. Senior Michael Frisina was 6-for-6 on field goals, ranging from 29 to 36 yards. Sophomore Dan Goodale was 6-for-7, with makes from 31 to 37 yards. They also made all their PATs. “I’m happy for those guys,” Petersen said. “I think those guys have worked as hard as anybody on this team. I think they’re making progress. I think we’re taking the right steps there.” Petersen said the team is focusing on kicks inside 40 yards for now and may expand that range as the kickers improve.

— Petersen said the team hasn’t sustained any significant injuries. Wide receiver Matt Miller and defensive tackle Mike Atkinson, both starters, were among the players who didn’t participate in the scrimmage.

— Charles Leno Jr., the returning starter at right tackle, played left tackle with junior Jake Broyles at right tackle. That could be the lineup if coaches determine that Broyles is a better fit than senior Faraji Wright, who plays left tackle.

— Petersen on turnovers: “Seven turnovers, is that what it was? That’s great for the defense. Defensively, we get seven turnovers, we probably won’t lose many games. Offensively, we have seven turnovers, we’re not going to win any games. So we’ll have to take care of the ball better.”

— Petersen on true freshman wide receiver/kick returner Shane Williams-Rhodes, who made several big plays: “There’s no question we’re going to have some freshmen play for us. He’s a guy obviously that we’re looking real hard at. He showed up tonight. He’s one of those guys that that quickness is impressive. But we’ll see how he fits in the whole package.” Williams-Rhodes had a 42-yard TD catch negated by a flip into the end zone. “It’s going to be a great lesson for him to learn,” Petersen said with a chuckle.

— Cornerback Bryan Douglas, a sophomore, has been given the No. 1 jersey. Petersen said earlier in camp that young guys had to prove they deserved that number. Douglas previously wore No. 46. “What he did special is he took care of his academics,” Petersen said. “He did a very nice job there. He worked hard this summer. And I told him if he did those two things, I’d get him a new number.”

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Coach Pete just said they're

Coach Pete just said they're gonna have to put the tape on to see which QB did best.

Coach Pete would have said that

if 3 of the 4 QB's had thrown 8 INT's a piece.

§ email coming to you about the scrimmage


That would be great

First one I missed in years. But it was kinda cool listening to it on the radio

Southwick has no business in an FBS program

last night, that fact came to light. This is his 4th year in the program (RS JR)

You should have seen Joe's backwards over the head granny shot attempt of trying to get rid of the ball. I don't know what was worse. That, or his 2 minute drill, redzone possession, in which he spiked the ball on 1st down to kill the clock that was already stopped due to the first down that he had just picked up ( a wasted down) He then, in his next 3 downs, threw the ball into the stands( including 4th down).

My thoughts are that Nick and Jimmy will both be getting some 1st team reps next week.

BTW, Joe held on all of the kicking attempts, which is something that starting QB's typically don't do. Maybe that's a sign, who knows?


You give yourself way too much credit.

Maybe it's a sign

that regular holder Matt Miller didn't play, but that simple thought obviously didn't occur to you. As for your criticism in the red zone, the only play where Southwick erred was on 4th down when he should have thrown it in the end zone to give his receivers a chance, and didn't. As for spiking it on first down, he had 19 seconds and no time outs, so it's difficult to criticize that decision. The throws on second and third downs that went into the stands were the right play as nobody was open.

As far as the granny shot, he was being dragged down for a sack and had nothing to lose. He was trying to get the ball past the line of scrimmage to avoid the loss. You do understand that trying this cost him nothing, right? He either takes the sack or gets the grounding call, and the result is the same either way. You have no business being an FBS fan, that fact came to light with your lack of understanding exhibited in your post.

Whoa dude...

TBK has a right to his opinion. Relax man.

Downs are more important when you have a timeout with 20 seconds to go and you're on the 6 yard line. Coaches were telling him to spike it so its not his fault.

I too thought no QB really stood out, tho Joe was the best last night. There were some bad decisions by all of them and some foolish throws into complete coverage.

TBK makes a very strong point, even if you disagree with him. Joe has been around too long to make some of the immature passing decisions that he did last night. It was however, just a scrimmage. We won't really know how he'll play in a game for two weeks. We've been spoiled with great QB play so we shouldnt expect that these guys can replicate the accuracy and decision making of Kellen.


Where did you guys sit? We were about the 40-yd line North of the 50, on the West side. You just kinda disappeared.


I was busy trying to get Bronco staff to open the upstairs on the West side, which they eventually did. When I made my way back I saw TBK and his friend who looked liked he had been waiting for our return, leave to sit. We lost them in the crowd and ended up sitting South End Zone uppers, which were cool and awkward all at once.

How did you get on the 50 with everyone? That place was packed!

I was wondering about everyones thoughts and reactions as I watched. Wished we would of sat together. See ya September 1st.

There were lots of signs

I apologize. I wasn't aware that you were such a huge Southwick fan. If you think he played so well, perhaps you should sit Coach Pete down and sell him on the idea that Joe should he the starter because from what I can gather, Coach Pete doesn't share in your opinion, or else he would have named Joe as his starting QB weeks ago. Look, Southwick has been in the system for 4 years and played behind the winningest QB in NCAA. He should have solidified his role by now, but hasn't been able to do so. Luckily for him, the other QB's played worse!

Seriously dude, if you can honestly defend his poor choice to throw the ball into the air, backwards granny style, instead of securing the ball and taking a sack, then perhaps it's you who doesn't have an understanding of FBS football. It's poor decision making like that, and throwing the ball away on 4th and goal that makes me say that he has no business in an FBS program.

As I was not there

and only listened on the radio (cost me $10.00 but it was worth it). It is interesting to read the different view points of people who were there. From the radio point of view, it was clear that Joe had a clear edge over the others.

The radio take:

* At times it sounded like we had 8 DB's in the game at one time

* Every time the Williams-Rhodes kid got you could here the crowd react in the background

* Ajayi is the real deal

* By the sixth FG try I was no longer closing my eyes.

* The pre-game interview with Caves and Taylor Thorp was fantastic and gave some great insight to the competition that goes on in fall camp at BSU.

That's all

I could be way off here but....

looks like Patti might be redshirting. Hedrick probably lost his chance to be the backup, at least in the traditional sense. He may get on the field for special packages just like last year. Congrats to Southwick. I think hes going to do great. Patti will probably get the chance to start again next year, but more than likely will start as a redshirt sophomore in 2014. Just my opinion.

I agree

Hedrick showed why he never throw a pass last year, and only ran an option from the Wildcat.

Patti will get his chance to

Patti will get his chance to start Soph. season but if the recruits the broncos have coming in as expected over the next two years perform like the recruits they are who knows maybe patti will never start at boise. From all the recruiting that i follow they have some pretty talented QBS coming in. Southwick was by far the most efficient tonight.


His timing was completely off, an indication that the complexity of the playbook is leaning on him.

Patti would have looked better behind the 2nd or 3rd team

same with Jimmy.

I wonder what Joe would have looked like with the 3rd/4th team, Worse?

All in all, none of the QB's played well at all

Matt Miller?

Chadd, any idea why Matt didn't play? Didn't see him on the sidelines either like I did some of the other players not in action...


Petersen said he's fine. One of a few guys who are banged up.


There are no guarantees that Patti will ever start at BSU. BSU will continue to recruit QBs. If Southwick starts for two years then two new QBs will likely be on the team when it's time to name a new starter.

Good practice, thankfully two weeks of practice left

My 6yr son and I went and had a great time. We tried out 1rst row South bleachers and would love to watch a game from there. Williams-Rhodes ran right at us while celebrating his TD. He was screaming Yeah, I was screaming No because i knew right away the new rule would negate the TD. They've got to get him into the game, and keep after him like they did with Titus Young. If they can keep him focused he's going to be a game changer! The QB race has me a bit worried. I like most of what Southwick did until he was chased out of the pocket and tried the old toss a bucket of water play! Joe, sometimes you have to take the sack, no more underhanded blind tosses with no offensive players around. Patti has some promise, the ball comes out in a hurry, but i wouldn't doubt they'll redshirt him. Laughrea is looking like #2 to me, which after only going 1-4 is a scary thought, and Hedrick looks like he needs a lot of work.

Suprises of the night for me. 1) Williams - Rhodes, 2) Jay Ajayi. 3) Kickers, I watched both kickers warm up w/o pads and w/pads and both were very consistent with Goodale showing the stronger leg. I caught a couple of his kicks high up in the bleachers and they had some mustard behind them. It was a bummer he missed that last one, right away the crowd around me started in with here we go again!!

Overall lots of fun, and my son kept telling me best night ever all the way home! :)


Great post, thanks

I, too

am thankful for two more weeks, especially for the QB's to recover. All four appeared to suffer the jitters from the get-go, and it only got worse under that ferocious pash rush. Time in the pocket was sparse, and the cushion allowed by the DB's on the receivers was even more sparse. Had to be impressed by our DB's, especially the young ones, and the way our new coach has ramped up the aggressiveness in the secondary. And, maybe even more promising, Jay Ajayi led what looks like a phenomenal group of young running backs. Should make for an exciting season as the offense morphs into more of a ground oriented game. Can't wait.


I left the scrimmage with many of the same impressions. I also thought Jack Fields was very impressive, especially for a true freshman.

There's Not 2 weeks left

For the ones saying, Glad there's two weeks left... huh , there's 11 days til the game, take off the travel day, game day itself, the coming sunday or monday off and you only got 8 days of pratice left. One week really of good pratice left is all it is. Lets hope for improvement all around.

Williams-Rhodes had a 42-yard TD catch negated by a stupid flip into the end zone. Hope he doesn't do that during a game.

Civility....We must have civility in our


Many posts too harsh....

Look at Idaho as an Indy and 121 comments with most very un-civil....

It is obvious that Patti will be the qb....

At MSU, whoever starts at qb probably wont be the finisher....that is when Patti will come into play at around the middle of the 3rd quarter....

The Broncos should win this game, unless offense has too many turnovers....also, watch the off-tackle to the rights....

At a boy ugly

Can I get your opinion, is this civil?

More like Clear evidence of . . .
Submitted by VNDL on Wed, 10/20/2010 - 4:44pm.

the results of inbreeding all life long.

You can see that when Asian commie pinko ducks phuck Oregon green and yellow ducks - the results are a bunch of really goofy looking cross eyed ducks with buck teeth, no tail feathers, and a color pattern that resembles a Perian rug.

or do you have a double standard when it comes to "civil"?

§ And that's ANOTHER

ROFLMAO !! stated before, I cannot comment on

another bloggers comment, unless I see all of the comments that finally led to that comment....

You see, when posting just one comment it can be taken 'out-of-context' and shown for political gain....Politicians do this all the time....

I need to see, all of the comments before the particular blogger made that statement....

Maybe that blogger said to the other blogger too many ant-Vandal stuff and thus the blogger vented and posted something that the blogger now wish he would have thought over before blogging?

Look at the 121 comments on the Idaho Vandals....Many un-civil, actual most un-civil....

Why does Idaho going independent ire so many Boise State Football fans? What does Idaho have to do with Boise State anymore that still draws so much ire? Idaho is no longer in Boise State's picture, so what is the point of un-civility towards Idaho?

At least we can all agree Boise State has had excellent football from 2006-2011....Time will tell on 2012....

Ugly the Vandal! has Spoken !!!!

§ Here you go, ugly.

Now you can read the entire thread "in context" and maybe then can stop being a wimp-out. It's about halfway down page 3 of the blog thread, which means it was 120+ posts long. It was aimed at BDuck ... the same BDuck (DBeav) I roasted in the oft-reposted "sit in your own sh-t" that your runty little pal likes to toss around, as if it's a big deal.

This smart-arse friend of yours got banned for that post ... or haven't you realized that yet. "I don't know the context." Sure you don't. The Statesman did and kicked his sorry butt out.

How about you read that entire thread and then come back to post about "civility". You haven't been around long enough to "get it" and keep following, while panting, these blogs' littlest loser. Geez, get a spine.

We don't give a crap that you are fake BSU "fans". Sh-t, even JocDoc has more credibility than you two. And that's a stretch. At least JocDoc make a feeble, flawed attempt to actually talk about football. He shows knowledge of teams, records, conferences, rankings, schedules, and doesn't pretend about anything.

You two, on the other hand, are the most disingenuous posters the blogs have ever witnessed. You aren't fooling anyone with these 9-3 "predictions", "look out for the fullback", "join the BAA or you aren't a real Bronco" baloney. Neither you nor the other runt lays down any criteria. Internet wannabe important is all you are.

And when we get together as we have done in the past two days, you'd better believe we're laughing at you. Get a spine. Next meeting is Sept. 1 at the Ram on Broadway, 2pm. Maybe you two could show up to back up all your collective bullsh-t. Or get lost.

So you do have

a double standard......

Maybe we should repost certain uncivil posts made by a blogger directed at you personally from a year or so ago. They are pretty bad, you are called many names. You remember when you first started posting here? I remember a particularly nasty comment about you, spandex and your about downright uncivil!

Anyway, you think about it, maybe we could use them as examples of what uncivil posts are all about. Kind of an educational tool (no pun intended), so to speak. need one asked....

Should I forgive my Brother just 7 times?....The Great One answered, 'not just 7 times, but 70 x 7 times'....

VNDL and Ugly met at the Canyon Crest....

VNDL is a good man, an American hero, and provided many good and insighted posts--that is until certain folks 'tarred-and-feathered' him just cause of opposing comments....

Now what about certain cronies and homers?

Are certain cronies and homers 'bigger' Bronco fans than many of the Vandals that support it?

Lets be honest! Bronco fans come from all areas of Idaho--not just homers....

§ How's this?

What kind of truck were you driving that day ... Tundra or a Ford? What kind of boots were you wearing?

You claim to have two advanced degrees and being a potato farmer who has time to post when no farmers would ever be at a computer. Exactly which building on the U of I campus is named after you? Which variety of potato is named after you? These all are claims made either by you or aqrunt.

Let's see you two big Bronco fans show up at the same place at the same time. Then we can talk.

You have two advanced degrees and come up with the term "insighted posts"? "Insighted" isn't a word, ugly. Gee, that's the way aqrunt would write. Do you realize just how stupid that makes you appear?

You and little pal aren't fooling anyone and haven't for a very long time. Keep up the charade, it's mildly humorous.

Quick, "call" aqrunt to log on to support this nonsense. He's quite heroic I hear.

VNDL is not a good man.

VNDL is a POS that is an old chicken who likes to stir things up.
Here is the truth about what happened at the Ram a year ago. There was a meeting. I got there early and VNDL was sitting at the bar alone. (probably like his whole life) and I walked up to him with my three little girls and said VNDL? Do you know who I am? he guessed a few names and I told him I was P2. VNDL had referred to my children as welfare rats in a post and I told him that that was unacceptable and he needed to apologize and never do that again. He said some crap about how I said some Vandal fell out of a window like that was the same thing as criticizing ones family. I told him that he needed to knock it off. He told me to F off. I got real close to him and said "listen you old man I could kick your a** you need to man up and apologize." He said he would not so I gave him a little mafia double slap across the cheek. Just a little tap tap. And he backed down, with fear in his beady little weak old man eyes, he apologized. I am not proud of threatning an old man, I like to think I am above that. I am not a fan of doing things like that in front of my kids. I am ashamed of that, I am ashamed that I let these blogs get to me. But that old man is a class one tool. And he deserves everythign his lonely life gives him. What a loser. What a classless chicken typical pride of the U of I. VNDL wrote down his name and addy I told him I did not feel comfortable giving him mine. If you guys want some fun look him up in the legal system. Find out about the lonely old man named VNDL.
Ugly, you owe me money and you owe all of us a time free of your drivel.
No welcome back guys, I'm not back. But I do keep up on the old broncos. Obnug is sooooooooo nice!
Hopefully I will see ya'll at the games!


Good to hear from you!!

Been dying to relate my visit to Carrol College.

Well said, you are missed.


Your character does not surprise me one bit....The world is full of big boys slapping the old men down....

Your character also shows in your statement, '....Ugly, you owe me money....'

P2, for a long time I have posted that I paid B81 and VNDL a debt....and that I still owed P2 and will get it to him when he lets me know....

let me know !!!!

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and get P2 his money, even if you have to walk to Boise.

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I dont have to walk to Boise, dufus....

I have posted many times that P2 needs to let me know how to get the debt to is up to him....just let me know, and Ill do....when I owe, I owe....

Ugly wont give p2 his money...

Ugs is a dirty liar. I've been telling this board this for months. He isn't who he says he says. Never has been.

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P2 knows it too....

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razor....I will

do you know P2 address?

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Got it, loser?

Whatever ugs...

You sound like such a sniveling little cry baby. Your word means ZERO. Now Run Along. You dont deserve to be posting here any longer.

§ And he was

called on it by Wiz long before that.

He seems to think it's on P2 to go collect. If I got my azz kicked on bet as badly as ugly did, I'd want to clean that slate quickly.

He's only looking to welsh on the bet. We need to boot this clown just like we are readying aqrunt's exit. Two losers trying to bring down the blogs. Sorry, not going to work.


Ugs is a Grade A CLOWN. His time on here is limited.


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Glad Im a Vandal....



Boom. Outta here.

Props to ya for taking the high road, JL

I wish I would have done the same and not responded to P2 the way I did. P2, sorry. This forum is about football, as such that's what my posts will consist of. Thanks