Boise State football opens at No. 24 in AP poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team will open the season at No. 24 in The Associated Press Top 25. The preseason poll was released Saturday morning.

The Broncos previously were ranked No. 22 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll.

This is the fourth straight year that Boise State has been ranked in the AP preseason poll but the lowest the Broncos have started during that stretch. The Broncos were No. 14 in 2009, No. 9 in 2010 and No. 5 in 2011.

This year’s ranking shows the skepticism in the national media about a team that must replace four-year starting quarterback Kellen Moore and rebuild its defense.

The Broncos received 212 points. Florida is No. 23 with 214. Louisville is No. 25 with 105.

Michigan State, the team Boise State faces in its season opener, is No. 13. Like the Coaches’ Poll, Boise State is the only non-BCS team in the Top 25.

Here’s the full poll:

The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press preseason college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, final 2011 records, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and 2011 final ranking:
Record Pts Pv
1. Southern Cal (25) 10-2 1,445 6
2. Alabama (17) 12-1 1,411 1
3. LSU (16) 13-1 1,402 2
4. Oklahoma (1) 10-3 1,286 16
5. Oregon 12-2 1,274 4
6. Georgia 10-4 1,107 19
7. Florida St. 9-4 1,093 23
8. Michigan (1) 11-2 1,000 12
9. South Carolina 11-2 994 9
10. Arkansas 11-2 963 5
11. West Virginia 10-3 856 17
12. Wisconsin 11-3 838 10
13. Michigan St. 11-3 742 11
14. Clemson 10-4 615 22
15. Texas 8-5 569 NR
16. Virginia Tech 11-3 548 21
17. Nebraska 9-4 485 24
18. Ohio St. 6-7 474 NR
19. Oklahoma St. 12-1 430 3
20. TCU 11-2 397 14
21. Stanford 11-2 383 7
22. Kansas St. 10-3 300 15
23. Florida 7-6 214 NR
24. Boise St. 12-1 212 8
25. Louisville 7-6 105 NR
Others receiving votes: Notre Dame 83, Washington 55, Auburn 53, North Carolina 32, Utah 30, Georgia Tech 25, BYU 22, Tennessee 15, South Florida 11, Baylor 9, Texas A&M 5, UCF 4, Cincinnati 3, Missouri 3, N.C. State 3, Houston 1, Louisiana Tech 1, Mississippi St. 1, N. Illinois 1.


Here is my AP ballot. For the preseason poll, I vote mostly based on recent history — that’s why I have teams like Boise State, TCU and Houston higher than a lot of people, and why I have Florida State lower. I’ll scrap this ballot as soon as the games start but for now I’d rather reward teams that have done something than teams that are expected to do something. In Boise State’s case, the Broncos have finished in the top 15 eight of the past 10 years, so I put them at No. 14. I’m not saying Boise State is better or worse than the teams around it (I have no idea, and neither does anyone else, which is why a lot of people think preseason polls shouldn’t exist); I just felt like it had earn the benefit of the doubt.

1 Alabama
4 Oregon
5 Oklahoma
6 Wisconsin
7 Michigan St.
8 Michigan
9 Arkansas
10 Georgia
11 S. Carolina
12 Virginia Tech
13 TCU
14 Boise State
15 Okla State
16 Stanford
17 Nebraska
18 Clemson
19 West Virginia
20 BYU
21 Kansas St
22 Baylor
23 Louisville
24 Florida State
25 Houston

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I think its great you defend your Top 25. Having put the Broncos at 14 makes sense after reading they have finished in the Top 15 eight out of the last ten years. The Broncos are much deeper and more talented than many of those past teams.

Good work man.

Me too

I think preseason polls are a shot in the dark, because they default to tradition over performance (Florida #23??). I agree with your logic Chadd as every team in college football has lost players and is looking to pull their squads together for a new season. There is so much uncertainty that every individual poll is just a guess.

Go Broncos!


Chad, you can never run for office.
The points you make are too logical and simply presented to be a politician.

BSU has lost a lot of

BSU has lost a lot of seniors but don't they recruit well? These players need some experience but they are very good players. BSU coaches know how to recruit and coach them up.

Wow, BSU actually plays...

Wow, BSU actually plays... oh wait, wait...only ONE of them!

It is possible that BSU could sneak out a win in Lansing and then cruise their way through a cupcake schedule the rest of the year.

Let's take a look at other teams, shall we?
Alabama plays 3 top 10 teams already, along with an eventual bowl game against another top 10 team.

Hell, even Michigan sacked up (unlike BSU) and even goes to play AT Alabama!

If BSU would not have been scared, they could also been playing Nebraska this season if my memory serves me right.
BSU had a contract with Nebraska in-hand, but balked on it.

Good one!

I regret feeding the troll, but...

That's a good one, that BSU was "scared" to play Nebraska! So they chickened out from playing the preseason #17 team, and instead opted to play the preseason #13 team.

Yeah, the Broncos are real girly-men!

(JocDoc's analysis isn't very well tought out, compared with Cripe's.)


Same old anti BSU garbage coming out of your mouth. Don't you ever get tired of it? As Chad says the early polls are just a guess on what might happen. Some of these top 10 teams you are bragging about could drop like a rock. Then where would your stupid comments stand?

Also teams have to play the other teams in their conference, it is not like you get to pick and choose who you want to play. Then the uppity up teams that you seem to love are to chicken (or smart) to setup games against us. BSU is climbing up the ladder as fast as it can so your comments don't really mean anything. One last note, all teams play their share of cupcakes it's just that the SEC and other conferences are better at pretending they don't.

Of course I'm nervous about BSU loosing so many great players this year. But Coach Pete, his crew and the BSU players always seem to get better. GO BSU!!!!

I apologize to the other posters for feeding the troll.

Fact: BSU plays only one

Fact: BSU plays only one team in the above pre season ranking for 2012.

Fact: BSU played only one ranked team last year while Alabama played six and LSU played nine ranked opponents.

Fact: BSU was the school that backed out of a contract to play a series with Nebraska.

I love how BSU fans rail on the SEC for playing weak OOC teams. How many cupcakes can you plan when nine of your games are against ranked opponents?

Overuse of the word "cupcake"

Oh, come on now... You know as well as I do that BSU could not possibly play your vaunted SEC schedule unless they were actually invited into the conference. Is that ever going to happen? They've had very few opportunities to play SEC teams, though last year I seem to remember that they played in Georgia. They do the best they can with the cards they are given. You arguments are old, trite, and very tired. If you really want them to play in the SEC, why don't you lobby the conference on BSU's behalf to let them in? You'd need to remember, though, that this would require SEC schools to play both home and away.

We've gone through this

Rankings don't mean anything when an unworthy team is automatically annointed with the honor. Texas A&M, Florida and Mississippi State are the three best examples of overrated teams. The simple fact is that their names gave them a boost in the rankings, and they all had horrible season. Should a team boast about playing such teams, when the ranking was a mistake to begin with? No, they shouldn't.

Pre-season rankings are irrelevant. Boasting about such irrelevance is stupid. Nice try, tho, JokeDoc.

§ I wonder if JocDoc

owns a pony?

a puny one

most likely

they are both documented Michigan fans

At least Boise St. beats their cupcakes, Appalacian St. anyone?

I can live with a preseason ranking of 24, but I think Chadd is closer with his 14 ranking. Also, Chadd has watched several practices this year and has been able to witness the team and the talent first hand.

I also think the writer that gave Michigan a number 1 vote should have his head examined. If they can somehow get a win against Alabama, then they deserve some number 1 consideration, but based on recent history they shouldn't. Unless of course you consider buying your way into the sugar bowl and beating an average at best Va Tech team, credentials for a number 1 vote.

OK, I will get off my soap box now. Go Broncos!

I posted this to the ESPN

game board a while back. We also have a few Michigan fans there love to come in and hate on the Broncos.

I've been wondering why Michigan fan hates BSU so much. We've never played, we're not in the same conference, the Big House is more than twice as big as Bronco stadium, and they've been playing "big boy" football more than 100 years longer.

Then, it finally dawned on me.....

In 2008, while Broncos would beat Oregon in Autzen and finish the season ranked 13th, Michigan would finish the season 3-9 while losing at home to 3-9 Toledo at home in a nail biter.

In 2009, Boise State would finish undefeated with a BCS bowl win over 4th ranked TCU. Michigan would finish 5-7 that included an embarrassing blow-out loss to 3-9 Illinois.

In 2010, The Broncos would finish 12-1 and ranked number 7 team in the country by the coaches, Michigan would finish 7-6 and not only lose to it's new adopted "daddy", Michigan State, it's signature win was a 42-37 nail biter over FCS UMass.

In 2011, Michigan finally has a good year, but the country is laughing at them when they are picked for a BCS bowl instead of higher ranked BSU, not because of their football team, but because of their fans.

Once you put all this into perspective, Michigan fan has good reason to hate Boise State

You make no point.

Michigan is the winningest football program of all time (most wins 888-306-38 and highest winning percentage)and you choose a string of the worst years in their history to compare BSU's best string of seasons in their history?

Let us nor forget that BSU has played the likes of Idaho nearly every year as well as the other WAC schedule. How much better would Michigan's numbers be if they played BSU's schedule each year?

Michigan has won or shared 42 league titles, more than any other college football program in any conference.

Since the inception of the AP Poll in 1936, Michigan has finished in the top 10 a record 37 times.

The Wolverines claim 11 national championships, most recently that of the 1997 squad voted atop the final AP Poll.

113 winning seasons.

23 undefeated seasons.

Largest crowd in football history 114,804.

3 Heisman Trophy winners.

Please give me BSU's division I historical stats.

Poor jocdoc

You make my point;

"Michigan is the winningest football program of all time"

Yet you hate BSU

How insecure is that?

I don't hate BSU

I dislike their myopic, homer fans!

BSU fans always seem to think that everybody hates their team and that everybody is out to get them. "The BCS hates us", "The ESPN guys hate us", "The national press guys hate us", "The conferences hate us"...

There is always this sense of inferiority about them unless they are comparing themselves to the U of I.

BSU fans are like that person that we all know, you know the one who complains about everything. They win the lottery then bi**h about having to pay taxes on it.
Many of the people outside of the BSU homers tend to get tired of the whining, that is all!


i noticed you conveniently chose not to respond to the holes poked in your post about alabama playing six ranked opponents & lsu played nine. if you hate boise state fans, why do frequent the boise state blog. something tells me some strange posts from jokedoc are about to show up on some michigan blogs.

I did not conveniently

I did not conveniently choose to do anything.
I read my hometown's newspaper, which happens to be filled with BSU football. I don't go to "BSU football blogs" or even web sites for other college football programs. I may take a look at, but I have never even looked at their blog.

In regards to the rankings of Alabama and LSU, the truth is that these programs played the aforementioned teams when those particular teams were ranked at that time. What more do you want?

I think that the rankings of that team at the time of the game are more important. Coaches get fired, kids get hurt, momentum shifts etc...

There are teams that play lights out for a while then trail off in the rankings because of a couple of late losses. Conversely, a team can play lights out at the end of the season, but never be ranked because of early losses as well. At the very least, when a team is ranked, it gives one an idea of how they had recently been playing up to that point.

Are you trying to make a point that Alabama, playing six teams ranked at the time of their mathcups, did not play a tougher schedule than BSU, who only played one game against a team that was ranked at the time?

What you seem to be saying is that Alabama playing the #1 ranked team in the nation (twice) doesn't amount to much?

So in your infinite

college football knowledge you believe......

Alabama beat the 12th best team in the country when they beat 7-6 Florida?


Ohio State beat the 16th beast team in the county when they beat 7-6 Illinois?


Oklahoma beat the 5th best team in the country when they beat 9-4 Florida State?

"What you seem to be saying is that Alabama playing the #1 ranked team in the nation (twice) doesn't amount to much?"

First, I didn't say that......

Second, the discussion is about "schedules", Alabama did not schedule the #1 team twice, and that's a fact.

The fact is that the Alabama schedule consisted of two teams that finished ranked, an unranked 4-loss team, an unranked 5-loss team, and 7 6 or more-loss unranked teams.

The fact is, the 10 unranked teams on Alabama's schedule had a combined record of 54-52.

So you have something

So you have something against Florida when they were actually 4-0 going into the game with Alabama?

They lost to #3 Alabama then lost to #1 LSU, #24 Auburn, #22 Georgia, and finally lost to #13 South Carolina two weeks later. That schedule looks like murderers row!

Florida may not have been the #12 team in the nation, but they played a string of 5 ranked opponents in 6 weeks.

Apparently, by your logic, BSU should be applauded for beating Wyoming at 8-5, however, Alabama should be penalized for beating 7-6 Florida.

By the way, Florida played 6 ranked opponents and Wyoming played 2!

Um ya, I do jocdoc

The combined record of the FBS teams Florida did beat last year was 26-48 (that's a .351 winning %), not a single one of those teams had a winning record. And let's not bring up the fact that Florida was pushed all over the field by Furman (yes Furman).
"Florida may not have been the #12 team in the nation, but they played a string of 5 ranked opponents in 6 weeks."

It wasn't 5, it was 4, and lost those 4 games by a combined 120-53.
"Apparently, by your logic, BSU should be applauded for beating Wyoming at 8-5, however, Alabama's should be penalized for beating 7-6 Florida."

What does Wyoming have to do with Alabama's schedule?
"By the way, Florida played 6 ranked opponents and Wyoming played 2!"

First Florida played 4 ranked teams not 6. And again, what does Wyoming have to do with Florida's schedule strength?

Your are better than ESPN

Wow, again I am going by the ESPN web site, but I guess that you are much smarter and know much more about college football than all of ESPN. BSU should erect a statue of you in front of Bronco Stadium as you know more about college football than any other sole in the country.

ESPN clearly states that Florida played the ranked opponents that I had mentioned. I guess that you want to play politician and argue whether ESPN is correct or if some guy in Boise, Idaho is correct. If your thought process is clearly better than the "world wide leader in sports" then you are clearly the best!

When the #1 sports web site has the rankings listed under each team's schedule, then I take their word for it over some BSU hack who spends his entire day on blogs and calling sports radio shows talking about college football. Some of us actually are employed, don't live in our Mother's basements, and have social lives. I recommend that you google these terms so that you have an idea of what normal people do!

When I speak about myopic fans, I guess that I have you in mind!

Poor jocdoc

I upset you, I'm sorry.

PS Does this mean you'll stop with the uneducated hate posts on BSU?

PSS for the record, using your omni correct ESPN source, Alabama didn't play a ranked team from 2004 through 2007. In 2003 they did however list Alabama as playing #7 Tennessee, who was actually #22 at the time of the game and ended up being #15, go figure.

Remember, a keyboard is a terrible thing to waste.

It looks like you really are

It looks like you really are more of an idiot with each post. Did it ever occur to you that maybe they don't list the rankings from that far back?

According to your logic again, BSU did not play a single ranked team from 2002-2007.

What would be more accurate, BSU not playing a ranked team in six years or Alabama not playing a rarnked team for six years?

By your standards, Oklahoma wasn't even a ranked team in the Fiesta Bowl!
Wow, not such a big win now!

Poor jocdoc

So, you finally get the fact that your source of information is lacking.....

Nice work grasshopper, it wasn't difficult to grasp now was it?

Look what you've learned, Alabama didn't really beat the 12th best team in the country last year as your source states. And Alabama really did play ranked teams from 2004 thru 2007 despite what your source states. And despite your sources attempt to list ranked teams in 2002 and 2003, there listings are purely fictional.

So whats the lesson here grasshopper?

(hint, try a better source)

oh come on jocdoc

"I don't hate BSU" at least be man enough to admit how you feel. You are on every BSU article in the Statesman spewing your hatred towards BSU. You make insult after insult about BSU, you know it and so does everyone else that reads your garbage. You act surprised that the Statesman has so many articles about BSU, get a clue Einstein BSU is in Boise and The Statesman is Boise's home paper. I've never heard anyone say that ESPN hates BSU, ESPN has treated BSU great for years (except for a few idiots they have on the payroll). And of course the "big guys" hate the "little guys" crashing their party you cannot deny that. You talk about BSU fans whining, have you ever even read any of your whinny little posts? If you do not like BSU or the BSU fans comments, here is a great idea.... don't read articles about them. Wow is it really that hard for even you to figure out?

That AT

Alabama with Michigan is actually at Jerry's place in Texas. But heck, what's one more mistake in your blogs? Also, Nebraska wanted no part of a home-and-home.

Nice work JocDoc ....

Cupcake State scheduling is a required course in Donkey U home economics - how to bake blue cupcakes! Watching all the Cupcake State homers spin it is too funny! Well, we do play a team that received 2 votes - LOL! I hear College of Idaho is looking for a home and home in 2014. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Oh Chad - Is there any other voter in the entire AP poll who voted BSU higher than you? Just wondering.

What's even funnier

is that people like you and your sister JocDoc actually think that you know everything. Another funny thing is that you like to talk about things that you don't like. If you really hated BSU so much, why even bother to talk about them? There are many things that I don't like, but unlike you, I'm smart enough to not waste my time to talk about them.

Cripe was the highest, but....

not outrageously. Here are the names of the voters and the rank:

Chadd Cripe - 14
Robert Cessna - 15
Joe Walljasper - 16
Doug Doughty - 18
Harold Gutmann - 18
John Silver - 18
Josh Kendall - 18
Cecil Hurt - 19
Joe Giglio - 19
Andy Staples - 20
John Shinn - 20
John Werner - 20
Phil Miller - 20
Seth Emerson - 20
Bob Asmussen - 21
Eric Hansen - 21
Jeremy Sampson - 21
Ray Ratto - 21
Tom Mulhern - 21
Austin Meek - 22
Ben Frederickson - 22
Dirk Facer - 22
Erik Gee - 22
Hays Carlyon - 22
John Adams - 22
John Clay - 22
Kirk Bohls - 22
Matt McCoy - 22
Bob Condotta - 23
Brandon Marcello - 23
Chris Murray - 23
Doug Lesmerises - 23
Mark McCarter - 23
Steve Sipple - 23
Bill Rabinowitz - 24
Charles Davis - 24
Fred Lewis - 24
Glenn Guilbeau - 24
Greg Auman - 24
Ira Schoffel - 24
Keith Pompey - 24
Keith Sargeant - 24
Pete DiPrimio - 24
Rob Long - 24
Anthony Gimino - 25
Carrie Anderson - 25
Chris Fowler - 25
Kyle Ringo - 25

Unranked: Adam Zucker, Brent Axe, Garland Gillen, Harry Plumer, Jimmy Burch, John Hunt, Jon Wilner, Kyle Meinke, Mike Hlas, Mitch Vingle, Scott Wolf, Tom Murphy

BTW, Bob Asmussen voted Michigan #1

I know someone who is

having an absolute fit right now.......

Any guesses?

§ Did he used to work at ESPN

or does he still?

His current staus......


§ Did he get 4% of the vote

while getting shot out of the saddle?

I do believe you

are correct.

§ Well, then

we can pretty much guess what Mark May will have to say about BSU.

Ever notice that two avowed supporters of Bronco football (and supposed BAA members), who post here frequently, never participate in the "troll patrol"? They don't ever come to the defense of BSU, although they post here almost daily? Why do you suppose that is?

CJ is probably busy

reviewing tape of Washington St football practice to prop up his vendeta anginst coach Leach.

Thank you ...

You answered my question - Nobody had Cupcake State ranker better than homer Crippe!

§ Preseason polls

I get why we have them and it's because interest/debate/chatter/ad revenue is generated.

The problem that's always existed with the polls is the notion/practice that, once positioned, teams don't drop until they lose. That makes climbing difficult for lower-ranked or unranked teams. Guess that's why I like the computer rankings better, even if the formulas aren't known. I'm siding with those who feel the coaches and AP rankings shouldn't come out until after first month of the season, similar to the Harris poll.

Chadd, on a side note, could you please give Rick Lantz a call to request a nice 3-4 mph breeze (not enough to hamper the firefighters) this pm before the fall scrimmage? Geez it's smoky out there.


liked that you left out Texas and Florida until they actually show something. I think that you have the Broncos about right until we see how the new guys shake out. I like this team, the national writers don't look very deep in evaluating our new roster, they just cite the "name" players we lost. Also, by placing us just inside the Top 25, they give us a longer way to go if we, in fact, do surprise this year.

When a fact isn't a fact...jocdoc

Indisputable facts:

Boise State played 2 top 25 teams on it's schedule last year, not one.

#14 TCU and #19 Georgia

Alabama played 2 top-25 teams on it's schedule last year, not six.

#2 LSU and #5 Arkansas

It is a common mistake by those less-knowledgeable college football fans that somehow the ranking at the time teams play is what should be used when discussing ranked opponents. This method of course has been debunked for obvious reasons, unless you actually believe that Alabama didn't play a 7-6 unranked Florida, but instead played the 12th best team in the country in 7-6 Florida.
Indisputable Fact:

Boise State did NOT turn down any Nebraska offer. Nebraska shut down talks of a one and done at Nebraska for 2011, they then turned down an offer for a home and home from BSU, they then offered a 2-for-1 deal (with zero money involved) and Boise State did not even answer the offer.

What actually happened with Nebraska and why it happened is actually very interesting reading.

As a side note:

In 2011, Alabama's regular season consisted of 2-ranked teams, one 4-loss team, one 5-loss team, seven 6 or more loss teams, and and FCS team.


never lets facts get in the way of brainless rant. he'll have a good excuse if michigan gets beat by alabama.

§ Two more facts

1. Every team is, obviously, 0-0 and no team is leading in anything.

2. Preseason rankings, apart from establishing a ladder, are nothing more than opinion, conjecture, and guesses.

Stating that "BSU plays only one team in the above pre season ranking for 2012" (as "fact" based on as-yet unsubstantiated opinion) means absolutely nothing.

In "fact", every team is ranked. Whether it's 1-25, just outside the top 25, or from 50-120, every team will have a certain number of ranking points from the top down to zero. The notion that a given team is more or less "worthy" based on preseason opinions, conjecture, and guesses is ridiculous.

Limiting one's perspective on bases such as "ranked in the top 25" or "from a BCS conference" is, as ugly has identified, "myoptic vision".

The computers when averaged, love them or hate them, provide (imo) a much better and less-biased measure.

Palm's 1 - 124

Note the Alabama and LSU SOS rank...............

I guess you should call ESPN

According to ESPN, you are wrong!

Alabama played:
#23 Penn State
#14 Arkansas
#12 Florida
#1 LSU
#24 Auburn
#1 LSU
By my count, that would equal SIX!


BSU played:
#19 Georgia

Again, by my count, that would be ONE ranked team!

And one other thing, the last time that somebody made an offer for something and the other person did not respond, it is considered to be turned down!

Spin how you will, homer!

Poor jocdoc

Please re-read my post. There is some real college football education in there for ya.

As for Nebraska, I suppose you can say that BSU not even responding to the laughable 2-1 offer from Nebraska as turning it down, so be it.

For the record, Shortly after BSU "turned down" the laughable Nebraska offer, Boise State signed a 2-1 deal with Michigan State (that included a market value pay-out of $1.2 Million)

Also it should be noted that thanks to Nebraska calling off the one-and-done game in 2011, BSU signed Mississippi State for that same date. They would later move the Mississippi State game to 2014 and accept a game against Georgia for the 2011 dates. Oh, Nebraska signed Tennessee-Chattanooga for the 2011 date (But they save $150K off their $59M profit).


slight correction

ole miss, not miss st

I stand corrected


How accurate are the AP preseason polls?

Here are the 2011 preseason picks vs. 2011 final results for some schools that turned out to be over rated. Notice that 7/8 school are from "major conferences".

Florida State #6 - actual #23
Texas A&M #8 - actual NR
Notre Dame #16 - actual NR
Ohio State #18 - actual NR
Mississippi St. #20 - actual NR
Missouri #21 - actual NR
Florida #22 - actual NR
Auburn #23 - actual NR

7 teams in the preseason AP poll didn't even finish in the AP poll final top 25! 8 teams, almost a third of the teams in the preseason poll epically underpreformed.

War Chadd! War Broncos!