Finally, Garden City begins rolling on bike path improvements

Here's a sneak preview of a Friday editorial on the Garden City Greenbelt.

For too long, Garden City has been the end of the trail for Greenbelt bicycle commuters and recreational riders.
One way or the other, that’s going to change.

First, the city has finally procured $727,760 from Uncle Sam to build a bridge that crosses the Boise River, connects with Greenbelt trails to Eagle — and detours around a contested, 1 1/2-mile no-cycling zone in Garden City’s upscale Riverside Village subdivision.

When the bridge opens next summer, cyclists will finally have a Greenbelt route linking Lucky Peak and Eagle. About time. It sure beats the circuitous, 2 1/2-mile detour city leaders cooked up to divert cyclists around Riverside Village.
Meanwhile, in November, Garden City voters will get to decide the fate of the cycling ban.

This too is a long time coming. Garden City leaders have spent more than three decades skirting around an agreement to create an uninterrupted cycling route, siding with Riverside Village residents. City Hall could have and should have gauged the will of the people years ago.

But as Mayor John Evans points out, if residents vote to overturn the bike ban, then this ordinance goes on the books. It could be subject to amendment, he said, but the City Council would have to have a “pretty good reason” to go against the will of the people. Seems like a fair starting point.


And let's see... how many articles and editorials has the Statesman done AGAINST the Garden City Council/Riverside HOA?


I'm not sure what you're driving at, but we have written several editorials over the years, urging the city to overturn the cycling ban.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor


Well that's good.
Sorry, I must have missed em.

While change is happening,

when is Garden City going to begin enforcing codes requiring those pompous Village People to move their junk (lawn furniture, fire pits, etc.) off public land, along with the "No Trespassing, Private Property" signs the Village Idiots post at the water line? They don't own the Boise River; they're delusional enough to think otherwise, however.


Hey! Those are Mayor Evans' neighbors you're dissin'!