Reckless Kelly is done with the Knitting Factory, headed for the Morrison Center


Fans of Reckless Kelly are probably wondering why the raucous country-rock act’s next Boise gig is Feb. 1, 2013, at the seated but larger Morrison Center. Did the band outgrow the Knitting Factory?

“Don’t worry, this won’t be a quiet evening with Reckless Kelly!” multi-instrumentalist and singer Cody Braun explained via email. “We are just trying something different. We will be doing several theater shows next year and plan on working up a show that is geared for that type of venue. It will still be a full on rockin' RK show but you will be able to sit and listen instead of being distracted or banged around by the mosh pit."

"We have not outgrown the Knitting Factory but have outgrown the way they treat the band and mostly our fans. At the Morrison Center nobody will be pushed around by meathead bouncers or screamed at to get the f--- out of here the second the show is over."

"We are very excited to get the opportunity to play such an amazing venue as the Morrison Center and we hope that people will enjoy this rare opportunity to see the band in such a different light and comfortable setting."

Ouch. Bands and venues do sour on one another. That’s life. So it only seems fair to hear from the Knit.

“It’s obviously upsetting that Mr. Braun feels that way,” says Knitting Factory Entertainment COO Greg Marchant. “We take pride in the many strong relationships we’ve earned over the years, and we’d certainly be willing to sit down and discuss any issues with this band outside of a public forum.”

You can buy tickets to the Morrison Center concert beginning Friday, Aug. 17, at Select-a-Seat.

Ten years on, will either be around? Grow, change, advance.


You fry wants with that?

They've described the place

They've described the place well and they're not the only band who won't play there again.

Just a memory

We quit going to live show a lotta years ago primarily due to the the rudeness of the audience. Maybe we just changed but I always enjoyed the music and the artist...not the loud, rude crowd.