Will Paul Ryan change the presidential race? Not likely

How excited is Rep. Raul Labrador to see one of his House GOP brethren, Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan, on the presidential ticket?

Judge for yourself.

“I think Mitt Romney just won the election on Saturday,” Labrador, R-Idaho, told the Statesman editorial board.

If so, we’re going to see something that hasn’t happened in my lifetime. Or Labrador’s. Or Ryan’s, for that matter.
The history just doesn’t suggest a running mate can win a presidential election. Or even lose one: In other words, I see your Sarah Palin and raise you Dan Quayle.

History instead suggests that the buzz and the backlash over Ryan will fade into the background.

Which means that another prediction about Romney’s selection will likely fall by the wayside as well: the notion that putting the chairman of the House Budget Committee on the ticket will elevate this campaign to a substantive and overdue debate about the debt and spending priorities.

I hope it happens. It’s what our country needs.

There’s obviously plenty in Ryan’s record to debate.

There’s his own paper trail — such as his budget blueprint, which passed the GOP-controlled House in March on a party-line vote. And there is Ryan’s lesser-known work on a deficit reduction commission assembled by none other than President Barack Obama. Twelve of the 18 members of this bipartisan commission voted for a combination of spending cuts and revenue increases — a $4 trillion blueprint authored by former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo., and former Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles. Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho, voted for this plan; Ryan opposed it.

So, yes, we could debate about whether Ryan represents the conservative wing of the GOP’s most cutting-edge thinker on fiscal matters — or whether he is a partisan hardliner who would cut too heavily from social programs and does not have the ability to forge or accept bipartisan compromise.

We could debate all of that.

But history shows that presidential elections take their tone from the top person on the ticket — and that the focus, appropriately enough, falls to the top dog.

Will things be different in 2012? If they are, this truly will be a change election.

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I know. "This time it's different". And it almost never is. But...
Paul Ryan has left such a recent, comprehensive, explicit and divisve paper trail that one would have to be pollyanna to think the Obama campaign will not seize on it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportuinity to run a negative campaign on issues in stead of personalities. Not that the personal attacks will go away (no pollyannas here!), but it is inescapable that the Ryan record of proposals will in large part be adopted by the Romney campaign, warts and all. It is, after all, the reason Ryan was selected.

If social and political

If social and political extremism with radical governance were the people's government used to suppress your freedom then Ryan is your authoritarian man for the job.

Ryan is a radical social conservative who cloaks his extreme social conservatism in his fake budget concerns in-which his plans never balance the budget.

Ryans plans all keeps the government in debt because it justify radical budget cuts to completely shut down all forms of government programs that benefit all Americans.

If you’re a female and you thought Idaho’s purposed forced vaginal ultrasound was bad, well Ryan is the congressman who brought forth the national version of Virginia's extreme forced ultrasound bill, and the national version of the person-hood bill that would ban all forms of birth control in this country.

Women beware Ryan wants your personal freedom eliminated and he wants your voice silenced and put back in kitchen and bearing children……as god intended.

So if your idea of democracy and freedom is to comply with an authoritarian republican who dictates to Americans what freedom will be in a permanent conservative society then Ryan is your man………..

Don't forget that Ryan and Romney want to....

"put y'all back in chains."

Don't worry

I wont forget what the banksters got away with, and how R&R want to let them off the leash so they can do us over and over.

shackles are ok but chains are bad

It's ok for Romney to talk about shackles but not ok for Biden to talk about chains. I'll admit that Biden went a little far (how shocking) but the other side is now making a huge deal out of something that wasn't that big of deal.

It's like Sarah Palin talking about pit bulls and lipstick and then thinks nobody should be able to use the phrase "lipstick on a pig".

I wish they would all get over themselves and talk about the issues!


Dems do not want to talk about the issues - better to talk about tax returns, a dog on a roof, killing a woman by preventing her from getting medical care - talk about anything but the economy and unemployment - even if you have to make up a story.

I agree to some extent...but Biden was talking about the issues

when he made the statement about chains and the Romney campaign quickly diverted from the content to focus on their outrage over Biden referring to chains. If you have noticed, Romney's main message over the last few days has been about Obama's campaign style, not the issues. Both sides do it.

Paul Ryan change the race? Hmm, I don't know. But Biden might.

Crazy Uncle Joe is on a roll.

Biden will have him for

Biden will have him for breakfast in the debates. This election is still between going back to Bush/Chenney policies, which got us in the recession in the first place or giving team Obama more time. At the end of the day it is Romney vs. Obama. Besides being more likeable and smart, Obama has a clear plan where Romney changes positions by the day. Deregulation, cuts for the elderly, the youth and the working class to give tax breaks to the already wealthy; selfish objectivism and Corporate welfare over freedom, education, affordable health, infrastructure and equality of opportunity for all!

I actually think Ryan will likely win the debate

He is articulate and very knowledgable. Biden had it easy with Palin since she was in over her head, but Ryan has a strong legislative background. Plus, there is always the chance Biden will stick his foot in his mouth.

That said, Romney is still about as exciting as oatmeal and waffles on too many issues (oatmeal...waffles...maybe I should have had breakfast this morning?). He picked Ryan because of his budget expertise, then backs away from the Ryan budget because it is too controversial. He criticizes Obama for not running on his record, but he doesn't either...probably because that would bring up too many issues that he has either changed his position on or aren't popular with the GOP base.

"Romney is still about as exciting as...."

We've had four years of "excitement" and charisma - it's time we get serious about addressing the problems that are killing this Country - another four years of Obama doubling down on his spending spree doom my grandchildren to a life inferior to mine. Oatmeal and waffles look really good to me right now.

Ryan is more polished, I'll give him that...but he also appears

to be a hypocrite. Check out the latest 'stimulus' snafu. Additionally, for being seen as such an intellectual, his actual history of crafting legislation seems pretty thin. Personnaly I'd rather have seen Clinton picked for VP, but she has turned out to be a pretty good SoS.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Why would Hillary throw in with these Chicago losers?

They're going down and Hill knows it. Bill wants her to get on the ticket so he can stain the seal in the Oval Office again.

Hill will wait till '16, to contest Romney, unless a new young Progressive/socialist arises.