Boise State set to join Big West, president says

By Brian Murphy

Boise State is set to join the Big West for most non-football sports, Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman on Wednesday.

"No doubt as far as I'm concerned — (from) everything I've heard, every e-mail I've read, every conversation I've had," Kustra said.

The only hold-up is a formal vote of the Big West presidents.

"It's not done in terms of one final vote by the presidents themselves and the only reason that's not done is try to get 10 presidents together in middle August before school starts. Once school starts, there'll be a vote," Kustra said at the dedication of Boise's Dona Larsen Park, which will house the Broncos' track and field and softball programs.

"In the meantime, there have been meetings with athletics directors, with faculty athletic representatives. I've been working closely with (Big West) Commissioner Dennis Farrell. Every indication we have is positive."

Boise State is scheduled to move its highly successful football program to the Big East for the 2013 season. The Broncos were scheduled to move their other programs to the Western Athletic Conference, but with the league facing collapse, Boise State has turned its attention to the Big West.

Boise State is a full member of the Mountain West for the 2012-13 season.

The Big East, Kustra said, has played a large role in helping Boise State gain acceptance into the Big West — especially in the days and hours leading up to the Broncos' June 30 deadline for withdrawing from the Mountain West.

"In those days, I had to go to the Big East and say, 'You guys are not neutral arbiters here. You must help us make this happen.' So the Big East Interim Commissioner Joe Bailey deserves credit for jumping in," Kustra said.

"It was heavy duty conversations until midnight of June 30th. Frankly what we needed to know was that the Big East was with us, that they stood alongside of us in helping make this happen. We know the power of these conferences and we know the Big West respects the Big East. It was important that the Big West saw this as not only Boise State's opportunity but an opportunity for the Big East as well to solve the problem they had with both Boise State and San Diego State.

"If we had not made the decision we made, San Diego State, according to them, would probably not have been able to hang in there. And the Big West couldn't handle that. They couldn't lose San Diego State. It was a true partnership in every step of the way."

Kustra said there was initial concerns from two or three Big West presidents, but that financial support from Boise State and the Big East has helped alleviate those concerns.

"It is a bus conference. They were concerned about the flights to Boise. We'll deal with that from a financial standpoint," he said. "... We're going to pay. The Big East is going to participate in that. Again, when it's all said and done it will be a more favorable agreement or arrangement than we feel we had under the WAC and it will also be one that is financially attractive to the Big West and takes care of concerns that they've had since the beginning."

Boise State would need affiliate agreements for wrestling (currently plays in the Pac-12), gymnastics (currently in WAC) and women's swimming and diving (currently in Mountain West) as the Big West does not sponsor those sports.

The members of the Big West in 2013-14: Cal Poly, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge, Long Beach State, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, Hawaii, San Diego State.

Kustra on new Big East commissioner Mike Aresco

The Big East hired Mike Aresco, a CBS Sports executive vice president, as its new commissioner Tuesday. Kustra was a member of the selection committee that chose Aresco. He said he was blown away by Aresco's resume and felt his television experience was key for a league that will negotiate a make-or-break TV deal this fall.

"Certainly you want integrity and familiarity with intercollegiate athletics, but who are we kidding? We must have somebody with significant media experience. Somebody who knows where the bodies are buried. Somebody who knows how to negotiate. Somebody who knows how much those companies are really holding back when they say this is the last and final offer. And that’s exactly what we got," Kustra said.

"This has come down to the fact that large conferences like the Big East must have very productive relationships with large media companies."

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Knew it all along



Agree. Great step forward.

This is great

for the basketball teams and the softball team (huge for softball).


yahoo...another step forward to no where


we came from no where......

Everybody Knows this is Nowhere -

Everybody seems to wonder
What it's like down here
I gotta get away
from this day-to-day
running around,
Everybody knows
this is nowhere.


After the gold rush

Nope-Was the earlier Crazy Horse LP...

with Cinnamon Girl.


You fry wants with that?

We live in

Idaho... which is just a fancy way of spelling "nowhere"


Isn't that in Iowa?
Thats the Buckeye state right?
How do you like living in the MidWest?

I swear, most East Coasters, they couldn't find Idaho on a map to save their lives.

Maybe playing in the Big East will help clear up that perception...

No...where? Know where!


You fry wants with that?

"knows where the bodies are buried"

Love it. In the Big East, that could be a lot of bodies too.

On another note, I believe the Big West does have some significant basketball history. Isn't that where Tark the Shark's Runnin Rebels won a NC and made some serious runs in the tourney?

Good News

Looking forward to seeing LB State and UCSB at Taco Bell Arena and continuing to see UCSD.


Where will gymnastics and women's swimming and diving compete?

They don't need a conference

All their competitions are "meets"

And think of the future ...

If, as we all hope, the NBE continues to add teams in the West over the next few years Fresno State and UNLV are certainly near or at the top of that list with AFA and BYU.

The BWC would literally fall all over itself to get Fresno State and UNLV into the conference ...

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The good- I get to watch Bronco football kick more arse on a bigger stage with better competition. The football team has earned it.

The bad- I'm sad to see that BSU paid the Big West to babysit all other sports so that it could send football out east for some dough and exposure. Not that any other elite BCS program would've done differently, but it shows some off-kilter priorities with collegiate athletics.

The Ugly- Why is Kustra talking about this publicly when its not even a done deal? What can possibly be gained by giving up the details that you had to push the Big East to help and it came down to a last minute deal and paying your way in? I don't get it...

Anyways where are we at now.... 16 more days? Can't wait.


...Kustra has got himslef in trouble with fast talking before.


BYU also has their non-football sports in the Great-West.

Byu should apply for membership in the Big-East BEFORE the 2 BILLION TV contract is signed.

Nobody in TV HAS 2 billion...

at least not NBC.


You fry wants with that?

Actually BYU is in the WCC.

Actually BYU is in the WCC. Better basketball and way better academically plus most of the schools have some very strong religious ties.

Swimming & Diving

It seems very odd to me that the Big West Conference does not CURRENTLY have Swimming & Diving as a Conference sport - seeing as how all of the schools in the Big West were located in California and California is a big swimming & diving State.

It's also additionally very odd considering that the following Big West Schools DO HAVE Swimming & Diving teams:

Cal Poly - Has Men's and Women's Swimming & Diving
U.C. Davis - Has Women's Swimming & Diving
U.C. Santa Barbara - Has M & W Swimming & Diving
Hawaii - Has Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
Pacific - Has Men's & Women's Swimming (no diving)
However, Pacific is leaving the Big West for the West Coast Conference.

Additionally Boise State and San Diego State both have women's Swimming & Diving teams (very good swimming & diving teams for both). When Boise State and San Diego State join the Big West there will be SIX schools in the Big West which have swimming & diving teams (at least for women) and only five schools that do not (CS Fullerton, CS Northridge, Long Beach State, U.C. Irvine and U.C. Riverside).

It would seem a natural fit for the Big West to add Swimming & Diving as a Conference sport at that point.

HUGE step backwards for our

HUGE step backwards for our once proud athletic department....FIRE KUSTRA!!!

Are you volunteering as the kindling?

Then stop squawking/


You fry wants with that?

Ceesey you nut case

At the very least, state your case.

otherwise stop with the "Rain man" act.

He will after Jeopardy is over.


You fry wants with that?

A step back or just maybe winning brings the fans?

In Boise State's last four seasons as a member of the Big West Conference, the Broncos led the league in attendance. During the 2000-01 season, the Broncos averaged 8, 448 fans per game to rank 57th nationally. In 1999-2000 Boise State averaged 7,657 fans per game to rank 67th nationally, while in 1998-99, Boise State averaged 7,988 fans per game to not only lead the league but rank 59th in the country. In 1997-98, a Big West best 7,040 fans per game turned out at Taco Bell Arena to rank the team 70th in the nation.

Fan Attendance

Those are mythical numbers! I was there and we have not had an average 7,000 butts in the seats since the early 90's.


Who to believe, idaholc or the NCAA.....

Boise State....Please watch the

counters by Michigan State....

Full backs goes off-tackle to the right and blocks #48, while the half-back gains 6 yards each time....

MSU could win this game....

Hey ugly

MSU rarely runs a fullback formation. Where you getting this info from?


So Boise is the state and Idaho is the country, right? Or did I get that backwards?

Such an irrelevant post

Do you also get confused with San Diego State or Kent State? Ball State? Fresno State? How about San Jose State?

No? Then how is it so hard to understand BOISE State? I should flag you just on the principle of the matter.

RMS there you go again

A poster should flag another poster only if the post is violative of the Statesman's Terms of Service.

Flags are reviewed periodically by Statesmen folks to see if the flag should result in a warning to the poster who violated the TOS or out and out banishment from the boards.

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It is up to you whether you flag pople or not - but usually it is good manners to actually have a legitimate reason per the Statesman's TOS to flag other posters.

If you go back in history to when Boise State Junior College was established by the Episopal Churh in the early '30s, you will learn, over time that 'BSU' really stands for

Boise's State College.

Also, you will learn that per the Idaho Legislative act that officially established Boise State University - the real true name is

Boise state university.

With a small 's' for state and a small 'u' for university.

So, echnically it is 'Bsu' and not 'BSU'.

Only the truley enlightened and knowledgeable refer to it as Bsu.

Go ahead and flag away, as I know you will not agree with this posting.


Get a grip

Obiously, I was joking about it. Was his comment flagged? Sheesh.

I can't believe I'm writing this to a guy of your age, but GROW UP.


I installed a new DSL high-speed modem this afternoon and, in the process, my Blogsickness Bag software was temporarily disabled. So, I've seen some posts that normally aren't visible.

It's funny that the chief offender, one who has indeed been banned before, yaps about flagging and losing credibility. This little fellow's credibility was shot full of holes a long time ago. That's why we laugh at him in some email asides and when we get together.

Talk about being on topic, refraining from personal attacks, and remaining appropriate? Whoa, this little troll leads the violation nation. Remember, this is the same vermin who once declared "... as I don't really care if P2's daughter's life got saved or not (one less Welfare Rat) ..."

He's probably lucky that P2 didn't kick his azz into his esophagus that day at the Ram, although I understand it was ...

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He stands as tall in lack of civility and mature discourse as he is shrimpy in stature. That's why we gave him the bum's rush. Hope he enjoys sitting in his own sh-t.

vndl = ()o()

vndl/aqrunt used to be viewed as one of the crew, the good guys, until he turned virulent after Kustra's remarks about UofI. The facade disintegrated rapidly until only the bitterman remained. Now he's an outcast and pretender, trying to muster some measure of respect with his kazoo. Few, if any, buy his charade.

As far as the Statesman looking into flags and complaints, I'm fairly convinced they don't. Otherwise, this diminutive Broadway Bridge Troll would have been banned again long before now.

Just more....


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believe it.

Like I've stated before, a blight on the blogs. You two bring nothing to the table but strife, negativity, and divisiveness. How about you go find a nice Vandal blog to infest? Maybe you would find acceptance there rather than the ridicule you so richly deserve here.

Dipsh-ts and losers.

razor ????

from websters....strife is:

the act or state of fighting or quarreling, esp. bitterly, struggle, conflict....SYN. Discord.....

razor, really?

Go ahead with and some others are the type....

§ Ever been on a real forum

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You and aqrunt are losers and lend NOTHING to the discussions that go on here.

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no discord, no strife....

everyone, please agree and love Razor !!!!

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Puppy dog.


What is ugly supposed to get?

I am curious.

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§ Check your

sphincter ... your answer lies therein.

Another mature well thought out posting by razor.

We got lots of posts by razor for the historical bin tonight.

Thanks razor...

A few of us just spit all over the place reading that. I cant see his posts and only see ugs stuff on the "Beat" not the "Turf". I wonder what old P2 is up to these days...

JL....If you run into P2 let him

know I still owe him $150....

I hate to owe someone without paying it....

§ Well, JL

We get to revisit some of these histrionics tomorrow. Am definitely looking forward to that. Moe and Curly have no idea what great entertainment they've provided. Larry is lagging, but maybe will catch up.

I'd love to hear P2's story about what happened at the Ram with aqrunt. However, I'm solid with what Wiz told me and it's pretty cool. Seriously, aqrunt is lucky to still have the ability to toot his kazoo out of either end!

You behave or we'll call the Canadian consulate.


You fry wants with that?

Regression in the name of progress!

ALL ABOARD! ALL ABOARD…..for Davis, Fullerton, Northridge, Long Beach, Irvine, Riverside, Santa Barbara, aaannd.....Cucamonga! Boise State gleefully jumps back on the train to the California City League.

Webster defines regression as, “A return to a former or less developed state”. A year after Mark Coyle and coach Rice valiantly tried to engage students and fans to embrace a new program in a Conference with the #5 RPI in the country, we regress back to #25 where we were 11 years ago.

Why should I continue buy season tickets to see crappy teams in a crappy conference. Why should Coach Rice stay?