Idaho names Blackman as starting quarterback

By Brian Murphy

Junior Dominique Blackman won Idaho's starting quarterback job, coach Robb Akey confirmed Monday night. Blackman broke the news on his Twitter feed earlier in the day.

Blackman, a 6-foot-5, 255-pounder, transferred to Idaho last year. He sat out the 2011 season. Blackman impressed in fall scrimmages, besting Taylor Davis for the starting spot. In two scrimmages, Blackman has completed 25-of-35 passes for 348 yards and six touchdowns (no interceptions).

"I’ve been telling everybody we needed separation to come about at the quarterback position. We feel that separation has created itself throughout this camp. Taking into account the practices as well as the scrimmages, the preparation, we have make Dominique our starting quarterback. He’s very excited about that," Akey said.

Idaho opens its season Aug. 30 at home against Eastern Washington.

Blackman originally signed with Washington, but never played for the Huskies. He played in 2009 at Los Angeles Harbor College and put up impressive numbers — 3,711 yards and 35 touchdowns. Blackman transferred to Old Dominion of the Football Championship Subdivision and redshirted in 2010.

He transferred to Idaho in the spring of 2011 and sat out last season for NCAA transfer rules. He has two years of eligibility remaining.

"It’s a blessing. It’s something I’ve been working for my whole life. To me, it’s just a blessing to have this opportunity. I have to take advantage of it," Blackman said.

"I’ve been told I was too big. I’ve been told I was too slow. I was too whatever. I just keep my mind positive and focus on the things that matter. ... I try to focus on doing my job and playing with passion. That’s my thing – play with passion.

Blackman tweeted earlier Monday that he had called his mother to tell him he was named the starter. He wrote that she broke down crying.

"Been long road(.) nowhere near over," Blackman said.

Akey said Davis, a junior, and senior Logan Bushnell will compete for the No. 2 job. Davis was 9-for-21 for 155 yards and two touchdowns (one interception) in two scrimmages.

“We’ll progress through camp with him working with the one offense. We’ll keep working Taylor Davis and Logan Bushnell with that No. 2 offense to determine our number two and three quarterbacks," Akey said.

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Best of luck to you

Best of luck to you Blackman. Last season in the WAC.

Has NFL size.

Does he have NFL skills to match?

Sounds like his mom hates

Sounds like his mom hates Idaho too. ;-)

that is funny

wish i'd thought of it.

81 - here is some humor you probably won't get, either.

What is real funny is that I went to Boise today and there was a crew doing seal coating on a road. 3 of the 4 guys working were wearing Bronco gear. It was about 101 and real hot with the sun beating down and they looked real tired and thristy and about to tip-over.


I was nice and comfortable in my SUV with the air-con set at 70 degrees and I was sipping a Lipton iced tea.


Somebody needs to do the work of seal coating our roads, might as well give some jobs to BSU Grads. Better than them being on welfare.

In the winter, these guys can maybe get jobs plowing snow in parking lots of sports bars frequented by Vandals.

I could always hire a few Bronco Grads to rake leaves in my yard in the Fall, for a few days.

If any Bronco Grads want to rake some leaves or some other easy to comprehend jobs, like maybe clean out my chicken coop or muck a corrall or two - just come on these blogs with a post that you want a job and I will get back with you and tell you where to go.

I am sure there are other Vandals that could tell you where to go, too.

Good luck and Kudos to you 81 for working and staying off welfare.

PS - Broncso81 - was that funny enough for you?


Not only is vndl a bigot, he now has to degrade the working man (who happen to be Bronco fans).

I wonder if he's ever put in a hard days work in his life......

B43S42U - why do you hate Idaho Vandals so much

My posting, obviously was meant as humor. Apparently it went over your head, which I am sure was not that rare of an occurrence.

As was Lilly's seminal post.

Her humor was insulting to the Mother of a Vandal and meant and with specific intent, to be so by Lilly. Apparently B81 thought her insulting post was humor.

So I gave a little 'turn the table' on B81.

And you rise to it also, being the pentultemate hypocrite that you are. Yep - you are a real 'Knuckle Dragger'.

It is not nice to insult the Mothers of either Vandals or Broncos -


it seems like a few so-called Broncos never miss the opportunity to go onto a thread about the Vandals and fire away cheap shots insulting Vandals and their families.

It is how some Broncos do life. Not all; but a few. You and the Out To Lunch Bunch are Broncos that are vile and filled with unreasonable hatred for Idaho Vandals.

What did the Idaho Vandals ever do to you to earn your hatred so, considering you are not from Idaho and not a graduate of an Idaho based college. You are just somebody who moved here and are not really connected with Idaho.

Why do you hate Idaho Vandals so much.

The glue that binds your obtuse Brotherhood in the Out To Lunch Bunch is just a common Extreme Hatred of Idaho Vandals shared by each of you.

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My post didn't mention the Vandals, had nothing to do with the Vandals.

I don't have to ask why you hate everything Boise State........

We all know why.

Keep sending your money in

You have any idea....

how much construction workers make? Maybe you should research a bit. They make as much as registered nurses, and construction doesn't require a Bachelor's degree.

Open your eyes, man.

Not to nitpick...

but I found this small error funny:

"Blackman tweeted earlier Monday that he had called his mother to tell him she was named the starter."

That would be quite the sight to see Blackman's mom playing QB for the Vandals.

small error

Maybe you should learn to read before you post.

The error was that he tweeted he had called his mother to tell (him) he was the starter


He didn't error, the post was edited.

Can we shut of the dumb italics OPIE? Close the equation.


You fry wants with that?

Good Luck Blackman....

Hope you do well at Moscow....

But remember, education comes first and then football at Moscow....

Hopefully, someday the Vandals will be back. But with location it is doubtful....

Moscow for education; Boise for football....


It's the VAN-HOLES...........nobody cares.

You obviously care

You read it and replied. Idiot.


Looks like the Out To Lunch Bunch flagged your post because you were right on.

Remember - on these blogs the Out To Lunch Bunch is the Cat's Meow.

I would say Cat's A_ S - but then I think they would flag it cuz they couldn't fill in the blank so they couldn't comprehend it. Three letter words are very difficult for them, at times.

You must remember who you are dealing with when you are dealing with the Broncos that constitute the Out To Lunch Bunch.

The poor things are not very smart.

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Go Vandals

Should be fun to watch

Mighty Vandals!

Excellent news. Go Vandals!

Get ready

Read on the comments section on the Detroit Free Press, "Kellen Moore is undersized and has weak arm strength, but makes up for it by being slow." Check it out yourself.

You forgot one thing...

He's one of the few in Detroit that isn't unemployed or in danger of being shot at.

So what.


You fry wants with that?

how about that killer

and he is still better, by far, than the best qb to ever play at idaho.

81 always hates Vandals - nothing new to see here

Spoken like a true Extreme Vandal Hater.

I always know what your post wil consist of - Vandal bashing pretty much sums it up.

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Funny stuff

A Vandal disses on Kellen Moore

A bronco points out that Moore is better than any Vandal QB, ever

And VNDL interprets that as "hate" on the Vandals......

A little sensitive for someone that hates all things Boise State