Emptying the nest, I'll be back Aug. 29

My second cherub is headed to college. He gets a vacation from me this coming week. Then, we're taking a road trip to school.

He's been a gentleman, scholar, athlete and friend and makes me proud every day. As does his sister, now a junior in college.

This space will be pretty quiet in the meantime. But, as the Terminator said, "I'll be back."

We wouldn't feel bad if you

We wouldn't feel bad if you stayed away longer.


Yet you read his articles.

And someone like you points it out, then I point that out...


You fry wants with that?

Speak for yourself. i like

Speak for yourself. i like Dan's reporting. I don't always agree with his opinions, but unless you're a pinhead, who would agree with any reporter all the time. Besides, it's a good thing when a father can take his kids to college.

Kudos, Dan. Have a good trip!

Enjoy Dan.

Looking forward to your return and your continued reporting! Especially on the ones that like to think they have gotten away with something!

Have fun!

Thanks for everything you do for the Boise community and the state--go enjoy your family. Please ignore people like pale_writer. You've certainly earned the thick skin.

What if the giant birth control flash mob steals your desk?

Worse than Occupiers, no doubt.


You fry wants with that?

Your son

and my son are good buds from Boise High - best of luck and all good wishes to him and to you. Hurry back, as we need your insight as the campaign(s) heat up.

I'll second that. Been too

I'll second that. Been too long you've been out of print; need some thought stimulation.