Welcome to the Pets Unleashed blog

Welcome to Pets Unleashed — a blog that I hope will become a valuable resource, as well as a fun place to pass the time for Treasure Valley animal lovers.

This blog will be a place where you can find a variety of info:

  • adoption events at local shelters
  • fund-raising walks, special events
  • information about pet health issues
  • profiles on local individuals and groups involved in animal welfare, rescue
  • tips for new pet owners
  • Q&As with veterinarians, other experts
  • information on local dog parks, trails
  • links to topical animal-related stories, blogs
  • local reader stories / photos
  • pet-related services, providers
  • any suggestions, pet-related questions you have? e-mail kmoeller@idahostatesman.com



I've been a reporter for nearly 20 years, and I've written more animal-related stories than I can count. All pet owners have stories (The dog ate what? The cat peed where?) — and we love to share them, whether it's over coffee or standing in wet grass at the dog park. Let me get this conversation started by telling you about the newest
addition to my life: Gracie.

Gracie is a 10-month-old reddish-brown and tan Australian Kelpie-Border Collie mix, all herding dog, or so I was told. She's a pound puppy, and I had to wait a month until her broken hind leg was healed to take her home (they believe she was hit by a car). Her
favorite things: sprinklers and running fast. Her tail also wags for: all people, other dogs, peanut butter and the Boise River. To me, she's joy personified, always happy to go-go-go — or stay. She just wants to be with me. All the time. A foot away. She's looking at me now. Just kidding.

I'm 42 years old, and Gracie is my first dog ever. It has been a humbling experience trying to keep her properly fed, exercised — and out of trouble. My two cats (one very old, one young) have adjusted remarkably well, though none of us got any sleep for the first week.

The new pup has chewed and/or destroyed three leashes, a bedspread, two soccer balls and several electronic device cords. On the bright side, she's taken me on many walks (we're working on the pulling), and I've met some wonderful people (and dogs) along the way. Now I can't imagine life without Gracie.

I have new respect — and a much clearer understanding — of why groups that adopt out dogs encourage potential owners to study up on the breeds, learn about the needs of dogs of different ages, and seriously consider the costs (adoption fees, licenses, food, vet bills, toys, replacing damaged items, pet deposits at apartments, etc.).

Unleashed is great.

If it's kinda chubby and doesn't bite.


You fry wants with that?



Take it with you. Don't leave the baggie on the trail. Take it with you/your dog.

re: good tip!

I hate having to dodge the poop piles when I'm out walking my dog. I don't understand why some dog owners feel like they can opt out of cleaning up after their pets.

Good Blog

And glad to see that Katy is writing it!

My Kelpie is 14 and slowing down.

Send me a photo of your dog !

I'd love to see another Kelpie ... and maybe I will share it with others. ;-)

Send to kmoeller@idahostatesman.com


She is a little over weight and deaf now.

great animal photos !

Those are all awesome, and your pups & kitties look very well loved. ;-) There is definitely a certain look that Kelpies have, regardless of their fur color.

Critter Photos

Thanks. We tend to take in critters that need homes. The Kelpie has been a loyal friend for many years.

re: critters

All the photos were great — loved the donkey and his name. Very clever.