Lee Hightower, other young defensive backs impress; good day for 'D'; Nevada announces ticket plan for Boise State game

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Whether he played last year or not, Boise State sophomore Lee Hightower joined the Broncos with hopes of replacing George Iloka at free safety in 2012.

After an impressive debut at cornerback last season as a true freshman, Hightower is in position to do just that. Iloka was a four-year starter and NFL Draft pick.

“That was a focus of mine,” Hightower said. “I wanted to come in here, see what they were doing and hopefully get in right now. It’s a position I’m grateful for and blessed for and hoping to make the best of.”

Said defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake: “He’s exciting. He’s always in his playbook. He asks a lot of very intelligent questions. He made a lot of plays in the spring. He hasn’t really gotten that many opportunities so far (in camp), but he’s getting close.”

I’ll have more on Hightower in Friday’s newspaper.


Boise State’s new class of defensive backs has impressed so far.

“I like how these new young DBs are competing,” coach Chris Petersen said. “Maybe they just don’t know better yet. But they go hard, they take chances and I think they’re playmakers. Whether they play for us or not (this year), I don’t know, but they’re talented.”

The group includes cornerbacks Donte Deayon, Chaz Anderson, Deon’tae Florence and Trey Corta and safety Chanceller James.

“What I really like about my young guys right now is they’re excited to be out here, they’ve got great intensity, they work hard and they’re locked in,” Lake said. “They’re a fun group to be around.”

Lake, a new addition to the staff, wasn’t involved in recruiting most of the class so he got to know them over the phone and met them when they arrived this summer.

They have fit well with the veteran DBs.

“They’re hungry for football, hungry for knowledge,” Lake said. “They beat me to the film room. They’re in there just waiting.”


Senior linebacker J.C. Percy on the defense:

“We’ve kind of created a tradition of being one of the foundations to the success on this team. I feel like everybody, the juniors and seniors, that have been here and experienced that in the past, we’re trying to instill that tradition into the young guys so we can keep that tradition going.”


The first-team defense came up with its first stop of fall camp in a game-like drive in Thursday’s morning practice. Senior middle linebacker Tommy Smith grabbed an interception on third-and-10. The first-team offense had scored three touchdowns and a field goal in its first four drives of camp.

Also Thursday, senior fullback Dan Paul hit the blocking sled so hard during drills that the bag came off the sled. Other highlights: Anderson swiped a pass out of wide receiver Dallas Burroughs’ hands for an interception and true freshman tailbacks Jack Fields and Devan Demas scampered 30 yards for touchdowns on back-to-back plays.

The defense played well in the afternoon practice, particularly the front seven. Defensive tackle Mike Atkinson made two tackles for loss and forced a fumble. The first-team offense failed to score on its game-like drive for the second time.


Nevada announced Thursday that it has bundled tickets to the Boise State game with tickets to the Pack’s Wyoming and Fresno State games. That means Broncos fans who want to go to the game will have to buy the three-game “Power Pack” — $60 general admission or $81 reserved.

Nevada provided Boise State with 1,000 tickets for the Dec. 1 game. They are sold out. Two years ago, Nevada provided Boise State with 4,000 tickets.

The package will help Nevada sell tickets to its less-attractive home games and also force Boise State fans to pay more. Boise State usually has a huge cheering section in Reno.

The Power Pack goes on sale Aug. 27.


Camper of the day update (chosen by coach Chris Petersen for Broncosports.com):

Day 1: N Corey Bell. “Corey had a great summer and came into camp in good shape,” Petersen said. “Mentally, he is really on top of things right now.”

Day 2: TE Holden Huff. “Holden is making plays for us out there, and we like playmakers,” Petersen said.

Day 3: DL Darren Koontz. “Darren had a really nice day,” Petersen said. “He was playing physical and much faster, and he was nice and disruptive today.”

Day 4: LT Faraji Wright. “Faraji showed up to this camp ready to compete,” Petersen said. “He has been playing at a high level from day one, and he has been extremely focused.”

Day 5: LB Tommy Smith. “Tommy has been extremely focused thus far in camp,” Petersen said. “He has been working extremely hard and is playing very physical football right now.”

Day 6: RB D.J. Harper. “D.J. is running hard and making sharp cuts,” Petersen said. “He has been extremely precise in what he’s doing out here.”

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Pack This

I hope the 1000 Boise State fans making the trip are treated better than the last time we were there. Wolfpack fans are among the worst in my book.

Never again!

Agreed! Reno will never see another dime from me after the way we were treated by the Wolfpack fans.


Reno is still the nicest town in Northern Nevada to stop and take a dump in on your way to California.

Nv Casino's ......

are no doubt having a stroke, if Reno's grand plan doesnt work out their gonna take a big hit.

Chadd isn't the point...

....that Nevada just wants to sell it's tickets and would rather have their fans than BSU fans in the seats. Why give the other team a home game. I think Ault finally gets that by now. They should be able to sell out the BSU game without the help of BSU fans. But if a benefit of this three game plan is duping BSU fans into paying for two extra games they don't need, I guess that's okay. Although still, Nevada would have empty seats for FSU and UoWy they'd rather see occupied by their faithful. Chadd don't placate to the spoiled Boise State fan dogma that the Bronco's always get the short end.

You aren't familiar with Nevada-Reno

They don't fill up their stadium on their own. Even when they have really good teams. That stadium rocked in the 80's. It's never recovered from the Tormey days. If BSU fans want to go, those prices aren't much different than what would be charged here for a single game ticket in Boise. Nevada has the lowest ticket prices in the MWC by a long ways. BSU's cheapest season tickets are about the same as their highest price tickets.

They will....

Be nicer. They were only so nasty last time because they won. They will be in their cars already by the time Bronco fans leave the stadium this year.

Screw job

Not only will Reno suffer so will the towns between Boise and Reno. Nice work Ault

Not a problem

We will never spend another dime in Reno nor attend another football game there. We have been attending college football for decades and have never experienced anything close to the despicable behavior we were subjected to there. We hold no animosity toward the Reno football team. They outplayed BSU. That was a football game, the fan behavior was a snapshot of the character of that town. We felt it was one small incident away from a brawl. We did not feel safe. How can you reconcile that behavior with a town that relies on hospitality services? You can't. I imagine the overtime costs for the Reno police will be astronomical this season as they try to correct their image. They might be able to contain the bad actors but seriously doubt they will succeed in correcting the underlying problem of fans who have no sense of propriety or understanding of how to treat visiting fans, regardless of the Mayor's apology. The irony is incredible.

When did the Reno tix go on

When did the Reno tix go on sale??????
Buy the tix, go to the BSU game, then burn the other 2. That's empty seats for their games.

Reno is to Las Vegas like Tijuana is to San Diego.

Reno can suck it.


I bleed Bronco blue but lived in Reno from 1956-2005. Always a few turds at every stadium, including ours. The only reason they are bundling tickets is so the attendance numbers look good. A.D. regularly hands out thousands of tickets to the supporting casino's. That way he looks good. Trust me, that is the only way the little general can look good.

Reno No More

Add me and my family to the list. We will never go back to Reno again.

Way to go

Dan Paul, just keep pretending that blocking sled is William Gholston. They should take that bag up to 6 ft, 7 inches in height to better simulate Gholston.

10 years from now

Paul is going to walking his kid around campus and will see that sled, he'll look down at his kid and say, "I tapped that"


funny funky


Once again the Reno admins don't get it

I'd be surprised if they sell even those 1,000 tickets. I know I'll never go back to Reno for a game there - EVER.

And with the stupidity of this sales plan of theirs I won't even think twice about not going to that game. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid...thy name is RENO

I'm gonna get in trouble

But what the heck.....

If Nevada ever comes back to the blue. Our ticket package should be, for each game ticket, Nevada fans must buy an Idaho season ticket package,,,,,,,,,

i like it

none of their fans could afford it but they would enjoy some football in the dome. idaho likely will be in the big sky by then so it would bring back some memories for any long standing reno fans. funk is a genius.

reno smeno

any time they come here to play us we should not give them any tickets and put the tickets in their section in a huge bundle at quadruple price with all the other home games for the full season.... and if there are any seats untaken at any games we will have no problem with fans on hand wanting them....


I say we don't stoop to their level and continue to show we have a lot more class than they do!

dan paul

can't wait to see dan paul steamrolling into the hole in front of the running back....

A good breakdown of MSU's D


Why don't you just skip it and make them starve, ya thugz?

N00bZ all of them.


You fry wants with that?

Add 5 more NEVER AGAIN

Their behavior during, after and next day was terrible. We always loved the trip but NEVER AGAIN.
The ADept is stupid to think many of us will go there again. 10k last time, maybe 4k this time.
No way am I gonna pad their ADept budget either.
Let me get this straight. You Piss us off, then give us 1/4 of the tix we usually get and NOW you want us to pay for 3 games?
What moron thought this was a good idea?
Just reaffirms my plan to throw a massive party at my house with BBQ I.stead.
REPEAT AFTER ME. "H@!! no we won't go, h@!! no we won't go!!"

Some Big East news


§ It better be worth more than

$50-70 million per year. Divided by 12, that's not exactly what was envisioned. Still, $5.8 million (if it is 70) would be a bump over the MWC, which was what, $2.8 million?

"They currently make $4 million per year after turning down a $1.17 billion ESPN offer in 2011 that would have paid full members (football and basketball) $13.8 million per year." Is this the root of Marinatto's ouster?


The MWC $2.5M is -all- conference monies....

I still think we are looking at $8M from the Big East.

§ Interesting that there was no mention

of NBC's interest (bidding) in the Big East contract in that article. Likewise, nothing about CBS, either, even though it came from cbssports.com.

Best thing could happen would be a bidding contest. If NBC is serious about breaking into cfb television coverage (beyond ND and maybe a bowl game or two, don't recall how many they have), and making NBCSN a viable competitor to ESPN, they must have the Big East contract.

ESPN has (first tier rights in most) the B1G, Pac-12, ACC, Big Ten, second tier (to CBS) rights for the SEC, and what remains on the Big East contract. They have locked up the Pac-12, SEC, and ACC for the long term; B1G through 2015-16 and Big Ten through 2016-17.


NBC has nothing. They will pay $4.38 billion for the Olympics through 2020 and easily outbid Fox and ESPN in the process. Let's see some deep pockets.


'Scuse me while I run out to buy some Bud Light, a Ford or a Chevy pickup, and switch to Progressive Insurance. I'm inundated.


Will probably keep tight lipped until ESPN gets through their exclusive negotiating rights (9/1-11/30). If ESPN can't get it done the contract goes out to bid (to everyone) on Jan. 1. Unless ESPN just blows them away with an offer, I don't see the Big East not taking this to an all-out bid.

We'll see.......

§ If NBC gets the contract,

it would be the BSU (now considered a Big East lynchpin as stated in the cbssports.com article) "Game of the Week".

If ESPN wins it, it would be Mark May and company all over again: acknowledged but not much more.

Conjecture, of course.

My EMail to the UNR Athletic Dept.

Disclaimer: Boise State Alum.

I have been a Nevada fan for years, supporting Chris Ault and the friendly rivalry we've enjoyed for literally decades. I was in Reno two years ago when Boise State lost and will honestly say that's when the non-friendly rivalry started with me. Some Nevada fans were a$#$@#$! But I went out of my way to be extra nice to the few that made it up to Boise for the game last year.

Which brings me to my point. I was going to go to Reno this year again to support not only Boise State, but our rekindled rivalry. Then I find out that Nevada only released 1,000 tickets to BSU as opposed to 4,000 a short two years ago. And for anyone to buy any others we have to go all-in for some power-pack nonsense.

You are doing one of two things: Trying to eliminate out-of-town support for out-of-town teams, or just trying to blatantly take advantage of them. Either way it is pitiful.

Please take note that I will no longer support Nevada whatsoever in the future and that I think your new plan is not only greedy, but extraordinarily petty. I will be rooting for Wyoming and Fresno State when they play in your stadium, as I would not want those fine teams' fans experiencing what I went through two years ago.

Go Broncos!
--John S.

A Bachman that makes sense!


You fry wants with that?

Cool letter, bro

I bet you're proud.

There are some classy Broncos

But, unfortunately there are thosae Broncos that are only about hating something or somebody all the time. It is how they do life.

It is either the Vandals are bad,


now that the Vandals are no longer in the Bronco picture,

Some Broncos,

shift to hating Reno.

When Reno is no longer in the BSU picture, they will shift their hatred somewhere else.

There is a difference between a rivalry and pure hatred. Some Broncos don't get what a rivalry is and automatically focus on exptreme hatred because that is just how they are made up - hate filled little people.

The cycle of hatred among Broncos is never ending.

Possibly that is why a minority of Bronco Fans are held in such low regard by college football fans nationwide.

I myself can make a distinction between the Bronco Football Team and wish them only the most success; while recognizing some Bronco Fans whom I just feel sorry for their being such small little people and so poorly served in life with their BSU education.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - If you have not done so yet, please join the BAA and support the Bronco Football Team with more than just lip-service.


VNDL....That is one of your

greatest posts on civil rights....

We shall never be judged by the color (silver & gold) of our shirts ever again !!!!

I'm tired of the blues knocking the golds....

It must end in peace....

You work tirelessly for the good of all Mankind....Keep up the good work !!!!

§ Greatest potlicker post

of the day. Suck it up.

Give us your next (first) original thought.

Idaho is now the last afterthought in collegiate athletics ... and the last destination.

Keep at it.



You have never told us why you have such Extreme Hatred for Idaho Vandals.

What's up with that?

Were you rejected as a student at Idaho?

Were you rejected as a teacher at Idaho?

Were your family members rejected as students at Idaho?

Were you the victim of some nefarious plot by nameless Vandals who control Idaho and your life?

Do you feel 'less than' to Vandals by being around and exposed to us.

Something must be at the bottom of your psyche to continually demonstrate the Extreme Hatred of Idaho Vandals that you constantly espouse and trumpet.

Tell us, razor, so we can understand your internal pain.


§ Check your

sphincter ... your answer lies therein.



You fry wants with that?

Quit licking pot.

At least they aren't loose.


You fry wants with that?