Timber harvest on Idaho state land sets record

A record 330 million board feet of timber valued at more than $50 million was harvested on state endowment trust lands in Idaho in fiscal 2012.

Idaho’s public schools are the largest beneficiary of the revenue generated from harvesting timber on state endowment trust lands, getting $31.3 million in 2012. All beneficiaries received $46 million, the Department of Lands said in a press release.

About 85 percent of the money came from timber sales. Over the past half a century, the management of state forests has generated more than one billion dollars.

Idaho State Forester David Groeschl said the record harvest was driven by a combination of factors including market demand, reduced availability of timber from private lands during the downturn in the economy, and a significant amount of state timber under contract.

“It represents about 35 percent of the total timber harvested in the state of Idaho, and state-managed forests account for only five percent of Idaho’s forests,” Groeschl said.

Did that include Phil Harts take?


Who are

"all beneficiaries"?
Since the land is owned by the People, then it should be assumed that it is they who receive the major benefit.
More details please, IS.

Don't expect

any follow-up details on any of these stories. I asked about details on Rocky's bit about oil and gas leases, nothing. It makes good headlines but no follow-up.

No surprise

With it nearly impossible to get a timber sale completed on Federal Land...State property as well as private property is left to create the lumber, jobs, etc. Ironical the federal government talks about jobs but kills industries wholesale.

Take this ironical and nuculer it.


You fry wants with that?

Idaho's $3.4 BILLION

per year tourism industry is much more valuable than cutting down our forests.

too bad we don't generate

too bad we don't generate revenue to manage our forests throu8gh timber sales, instead of spending billions to stop the resulting wildfires....

What about Obama?

I thought that since some dirty Kenyan born Muslim Democract was in office the forests were off limits? I mean what now will Idahoans be allowed to have even more guns? Or will forced healthcare only save the rednecks who shoot themselves? Talk amongst yourselves.

Are you hearing actual voices on Voices?


You fry wants with that?

Didn't your momma teach you to not display your ignorance

in public?

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

Methane study

Was reading a study recently about dying trees contributing to AGW by producing excessive methane. Of course the study was in an eastern forest, so not sure how they can apply the data to western forests.


Haven't we been told that state lands are to be managed to produce maximum returns for SCHOOLS? When districts are forced by unconstitutional legislative funding to ask their patrons for levies to operate, it only seems fair that we taxpayers should be told where the other 32% goes. Maybe paying for the good old boys' new offices in the capital?