Frisina makes early impression in Boise State football team's kicker race; updates on QBs, Dan Paul, Jerrell Gavins

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team’s kicker race has been narrowed to senior Michael Frisina and sophomore Dan Goodale, with Frisina kicking the best so far, coach Chris Petersen said Wednesday.

“Michael Frisina, I can see some growth there,” Petersen said at his first press conference of fall camp. “Dan Goodale at times shows really good flashes. It’s just all about consistency.”

Petersen said true freshman Sean Wale will continue to work as a kicker and punter but he doesn’t expect him to factor into the field-goal race.

Redshirt freshman Jake Van Ginkel won’t rejoin the team until school starts, the week of the season opener against Michigan State.

“I’m sure he’s kicking on his own,” Petersen said. “I haven’t figured kickers out. Maybe that’s going to help him and all of a sudden he comes in and is ready to roll.”

Other highlights:

— Petersen said that junior quarterback Joe Southwick, the two-year backup, stayed with the veterans for the first four days while the other three quarterbacks rotated. “As we go forward, those guys are just going to have to earn reps,” Petersen said. Asked for a pecking order, he referred the media to quarterbacks coach Jonathan Smith. Earlier in the day, offensive coordinator Robert Prince said that was a Petersen question. Petersen said the team needs to scrimmage more to identify the starting quarterback. He has two scrimmages planned and likely will insert some scrimmage periods into practice. “These guys are all kind of playmakers,” Petersen said. “Sometimes that’s what happens when you scrimmage — the instincts come out.”

— On the first five days of camp: “They’ve been good up to today. I thought our first day on the blue in pads was average in terms of our expectations of energy and focus. I thought they were focused, but I thought the energy needed to be better. Sometimes that’s what happens when you’ve got some youth there and some new seniors.”

— On the first-team offense, which has three TDs and a field goal in four game-like drives: “We have some experience on offense. We’ve got some guys on the O-line that may not have been starters but they’ve played. Coach (Chris) Strausser has done a great job with those guys. At receiver, we have some guys who know what’s going on there — a couple running backs as well. Joe (Southwick), he’s been around here four years and he should know what’s going on. I think all that added up.

— The Broncos don’t have a No. 1 for the second straight year. The last guy to wear the number was wide receiver Titus Young. It’s a popular jersey, Petersen said. “A lot of guys have asked for it,” he said. “It’s usually all those young guys who come in and see that there. You’ve got to do something before you wear that number.”

— Petersen says junior Matt Paradis is prepared to replace Cory Yriarte at center. Yriarte’s career was ended by a knee injury in summer conditioning. “If Matt stays healthy, we feel very good about him,” Petersen said. “He played some last year and did a good job. We’ve been really excited about him.”

— Petersen said he knew for “a long time” that Geraldo Boldewijn’s four-game suspension for violating NCAA rules was coming. “It’s unfortunate, it’s frustrating, no question about that,” he said. “We thought we had it figured out last time, but obviously we didn’t.” Boldewijn will miss the first four games of the season for the second straight year because of impermissible benefits from his high school host family.

— Senior fullback Dan Paul is fully cleared and is practicing. He was out for nearly a year with a groin injury that originally was week to week. “We’re really hopeful that Dan Paul can come back fully healthy,” Petersen said, “because he’s a really good player when he’s healthy. I just hope for his sake and all the things he’s been through, how long he’s been grinding at this, that he can have a good senior year.”

— Senior cornerback Jerrell Gavins has not been a full participant in practice. He is coming back from a serious knee injury. “Each day he does a little bit more,” Petersen said. “We’re trying to be smart and build him up. In his mind, he’s ready to go right now. It’s almost a fight every day with the trainers.”

— Walk-on Avery Westendorf of Cole Valley Christian has moved from tight end to offensive line.


The Broncos practiced Wednesday morning. It was the first day in full pads and as a full team. The first-team offense scored a touchdown on its game-like drive, again with a TD grab by wide receiver Matt Miller. Miller has all three TDs in those situations. Later, in another competitive situation, Miller made a fantastic catch in tight coverage along the sideline.


The camper of the day was senior linebacker Tommy Smith, whom I wrote about for Tuesday's paper.

The campers of the day so far (chosen by Petersen for

Day 1: N Corey Bell. “Corey had a great summer and came into camp in good shape,” Petersen said. “Mentally, he is really on top of things right now.”

Day 2: TE Holden Huff. “Holden is making plays for us out there, and we like playmakers,” Petersen said.

Day 3: DL Darren Koontz. “Darren had a really nice day,” Petersen said. “He was playing physical and much faster, and he was nice and disruptive today.”

Day 4: LT Faraji Wright. “Faraji showed up to this camp ready to compete,” Petersen said. “He has been playing at a high level from day one, and he has been extremely focused.”

Day 5: LB Tommy Smith. “Tommy has been extremely focused thus far in camp,” Petersen said. “He has been working extremely hard and is playing very physical football right now.”


Boise State has updated its roster with new heights and weights.

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Surprisingly frank admission

"I haven't figured kickers out." -Coach Petersen

Ya think?


Very telling indeed. Especially since they cost us two league championships, a possible Rose Bowl, a NC game, and millions in revenue.

They better get their sh it together

They didn't cost "us" a thing.

It is funny how the defense has gotten a complete free pass from fans for the Nevada and TCU losses. I think they were the major problem in both games. Hopefully Coach K can keep them motivated to actually finish 4 quarters this year in conference games.

The Nevada loss does suck because it should have been made, but Nevada never should have been leading with 30 seconds left either.

TCU was a complete breakdown in the secondary, no pressure on the QB for almost 3 quarters, and turnovers by the offense (people only remember Drews, but there were others as well). Not too mention, fairly bad play by the BSU QB in the final moments of the game, which is probably why a kicker was on the field to begin with.


That bsu QB moved that Boise team down to the 20 and should have been given at least two more plays before bringing out the kicker. All tcu came down to was having players in all the wrong spots, no fault of anyone, and the broncs almost still won. Couldn't have been prouder in defeat.

The Nevada loss

The problem wasn't the defense. The problem was the offense. They scored so quickly, the defense didn't get any time to catch their breath, and Nevada's offense (specifically current NFL QB Kaepernick) wore them down.

That bad fair catch interference call was the difference-maker. If it was called correctly, the Broncos get the ball inside Nevada's 25. With Kellen, those are almost guarenteed points. The bad call resulted in a score for the Wolfpack. That's a 14 point differential.

They weren't

"The Nevada loss does suck because it should have been made, but Nevada never should have been leading with 30 seconds left either."

Nevada wasn't leading with thirty seconds left. Their one and only lead came on the game-winning FG in overtime.

Nothing like sugar coating it....


and commentforhire I think your memory is a little foggy on a few things. Let's just start with UNR leading with 30 seconds to go...I believe it was tied. But your point is accurate; the defense was suspect in both games. But Obama has a point too. The kickers didn't miss tough 50 yarders into the wind. They were both kicks that were makeable.

the nevada game

the ball is on the 9 in the middle of the field. after titus & kellen hooked up for one of the best plays of the year. absolutely should have made and we would have been in the rose bowl. i'm over it though:)

You are a CUR


You fry wants with that?

We need

Dan Paul healthy to block William Gholston, the huge DE for MSU. He will be coming after our QB, who ever that is. As for numbers, it's interesting that Coach Pete seems more concerned about protecting #1 than #11. Maybe Kellen's humble approach is that it's no big deal, you need the number then use it. Kyle Wilson and Titus made that #1 pretty special, also.


I think his point is that it's kind of a "look at me" number ... so he wants it to go to someone who is proven.

Donte Deayon

I checked the updated roster - 5'9" 143 lbs. That's about how big I was after high school. He better be a lot quicker than I was.

Frisina and Goodale...?

Aren't these the same crappy kickers BSU had last year? Come on....


In all fairness to Coach Pete, I think he was enamored with Van Ginkel at that time and viewed him as the Next Big Kicker for BSU (the fall back man and safety valve to fix kicking ills for the 2012 season).

Unfortunately it sounds like we got sold snake oil and/or there is an attitudinal orientation problem with the young man.

I don't blame Coach Pete for that, at all.

Sometimes these scholllie players turn out to be duds - especially when htey are treated like Prima Donnas during the Recruitment Process.


BAA Member #63799

Very different

scenarios between the Nevada loss and the TCU loss. Both could be blamed on the defense but in the Nevada game it was the front 7 and against TCU is was because our first 3 corners were out. Come one, HS level pump fakes waa all TCU needed to do to get decent receivers wide open.

Blame the defense and defensive staff for the Nevada loss. I agree. The TCU loss was just bad luck. We win that game going away with Gavins and Taylor in there.

Let's not forget

That Hout was out of the Nevada game and he was our best run stopping LB.

Doug Martin

Missed D Martin big time for the TCU game which is another reason that game was lost. We have him and Jamar and Broncs win going away.

I had the same thoughts

The "pump and go" normally doesn't fool a seasoned secondary numerous times in the same game.

nevada and tcu

the refs took over the nevada game and turned it into what it never should have been.... in the tcu game we were missing 7 key starters....
in the tcu fiesta bowl all the experts were talking about a tcu blowout.... i stopped in vegas and threw down a one hundred dollar bill taking boise state and the points....
the experts are talking about a michigan state blowout and i feel no less confident that we will beat them too....
i have a feeling what coach pete's winning strategy will be, but i won't write it here.... i'll let michigan state read about it after the game....