Speaking of bass, how well do you know them?

Idaho is a trout state, but bass fishing is still popular here. Many of us didn't grow up fishing for bass and don't know as much about them as other species, but we've still accumulated a lot of misinformation and old wive's tales about the fish. Our friends at Outdoor Life put together a list of 20 bass myths debunked. There's a lot to learn there. Did you know bass can live in water up to 90 degrees? That's good to know during the peak of summer when some people assume it's too hot for bass fishing. The heat may be affecting anglers more than bass. Learn more HERE.

BASS...looks like a toaster.

Some would consider it an evasive species brought to by your local F & G boys.

Enjoy the Ride...there is no return ticket.


Roger, it seems a fish is a fish.
Those tips/myths are pretty much true for trout too- just different numbers i.e. temps and pH.

Good stuff though and a good reminder that the online mags like OutdoorLife, Backpacker, and F&S hold good reading.


I think bass fishing would get a huge boost in this area if Idaho and Oregon did a reciprocity fishing license in bordering counties- except steelies and salmon.

I've been a trout snob my whole life

But I've really started to enjoy bass fishing for the simple reason I don't have deal with other anglers, and they're fun to catch. I would rather not see them in places where they compete with trout, but there's no turning back the clock. Might as well have fun with them.


I've never met one.


You fry wants with that?