Many human-caused wildfires are easily preventable

This came from a press release from the Payette National Forest and correctly sums things up: “Particularly troubling is that 11 of our 38 wildfires have been human-caused fires,” said Randy Skelton, Deputy Fire and Aviation Staff Officer. “These are preventable sources of wildfire and the public plays a key part in our efforts to prevent these types of wildfire. Please be especially careful with any possible ignition source and call the authorities if you see smoke where it shouldn’t be.”

It's going to be a brutal fire season, and we will probably be dealing with smoke, fire closures and other hassles well into fall. There's nothing we can do to prevent lightning strikes, but there's plenty we can do to prevent other forest fires. Remember Smoky Bear? Regardless of whether you're in an area with fire restrictions, be extremely careful with campfires, stoves, grills, cigarettes, engines (chainsaws, ATVs, pickups, etc.) because they can all start fires.

It never hurts to carry a shovel in your vehicle when you're in the woods, and be ready to call 911 if you spot a wildfire. Firefighting resources are going to be stretched thin, so preventing fires is critical this summer.

Cigarettes butts and the butts that throw them

Seems everywhere I go I see small (and large) burned areas right on the roadside. No dought more than 90% are caused by irresponsible cigarette smokers tossing their butts out the window. Do they think they just disappear after they toss them? Do they think there is a little butt fairy that comes along and picks them up? Perhaps a little tiny fireman fairy that flies after them extinguishing their carelessness? It's time to grow up and take responsibility for your trash.

It is not rocket science

I can never understand that the majority of campfire rings i run into are full of dirt. After I dig a hole...clean up the area and i wonder...the creek was 30 yards away, why not fill the ring with water and stir. Oh did I mention the half burnt cans, bottles and other garbage mixed in the dirt? Little wonder about the disrespect for Idaho's cherished outdoors. Makes me crazy...leave it cleaner than you found's not rocket science.

That's why I have a HOUSE


You fry wants with that?

Fire pits are not garbage cans!

Slob campers are disgusting.

Is this a pitch for birth control?


You fry wants with that?