Snake River Oil and Gas wins oil and gas lease bids from state

Snake River Oil and Gas was the high bidder for oil and gas leases on 1,900 acres of state mineral and surface rights in Payette and Gem counties auctioned Friday.

The auction made the state $4,450, of which $3,525 will go to the general fund. The tracts range in size from 0.28 to nearly 153 acres of state land.

About 395 acres of surface and mineral rights that were auctioned for lease are owned by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and $925 of the proceeds go to its funds. The Idaho Department of Lands administers the oil and gas leasing program for all state agencies.


Big bucks rolling into the coffers now!
How many other bidders participated in the leases Rocky?
Also, where were these leases advertised, coming up for bids?

It's your $15.95...

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