Idaho pays another $16k to defend Pam Lowe firing, still no record of payment to former ITD director

The total now paid by the state to defend its firing of the former director of the Idaho Transportation Department has reached $556,239 after an additional payment of $15,760 made Friday.

The news came Monday from the state controller's office, in response to a public records request. Through March, the Boise law firm of Holland & Hart had been paid $540,479 to represent the state.

Lowe sued in 2009 over her firing, alleging gender discrimination and political pressure to go easy on contractors who had made campaign contributions to Gov. Butch Otter.

It remains unclear how much, if any, the state will pay Lowe and/or her lawyers for agreeing to settle the case. Acting Controller Brandon Woolf said no money has yet been paid through the controller to Lowe or her attorneys.

A public records request from the Statesman to the Department of Administration's risk management division is pending. To date, state officials have said the formal details of the settlement announced last month have yet to be completed.

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That's a lot of dollars for a lot of wrong

Dump all the money on it you want but it still won't wrong a right. Arrogance is one of the most expensive traits a politician can exhibit.

New address

Butch is thinking of moving the capitol to the corner of Ignorance and Arrogance. The new motto.... 'We don't care what we don't know'. Replacing the beloved 'We're not happy til you're not happy'.

Our ineffective

State Attorney General's office could have lost this case for a lot less money, that the taxpayers still have to bear the cost for.

How much would it cost

to sue H&H for ridiculously overcharging taxpayers for their work?

You could Tweet for it.


You fry wants with that?

I hope

Butchy bubbles and his cronies learn a lesson from this snaffu...everybody knew the outcome the moment this event happened and I don't understand why they spent over 1/2 million bucks on a losing situtation. Ridiculous!

For that you could bring Nick Lowe to the Idaho Center!


You fry wants with that?

Otter et al.'s grudge costs us all

This falls well within the realm of, “you can’t be serious, please make it stop!” When our state agencies are forced to cut their budgets through the bone to make our short-sighted GOP Governor and Legislature happy, there is simply no excuse for such incredibly poor judgment on Otter et al.'s parts to not only wrongly fire an employee but drag Idaho tax payers through court to try to maintain their ever present sense of sanctimonious rectitude. Those in the Governor's office, Legislature and Transportation Board that forced this into court should have their pay docked to reimburse Idaho taxpayers for their costly grudge.

Enough already

Hey Dan, I know you are a lefty...that's O.K. But this story is tired and needs to die. No question the Governor and his cronies *%cked up...move on. Aren't there any other wrongful discharge cases you can dredge up and highlight?

Keep digging

This is an important story and it is the right and duty of the paper to get the facts out. I want to know just how much it costs to keep the good ol' boy network in power and grabbing everything they can. There are, in fact, more wrongful discharge cases, but none which will cost the taxpayers like this one. Keep up the good work Dan.

Your missing the point

You should be very concerned as this case has little to do with wrongful discharge and more with the inherent corruption of government. She wasn't fired because she was a woman she was fired because she thought that Butch's cronies over at URS and CH2MHill were overcharging the taxpayers for services that ITD could do cheaper in house.


Clem says, "She wasn't fired because she was a woman..."

Case dismissed.

Do not let this die

This story and similar stories do not need to die. They should be constantly brought to mind to remind Idaho voters of the misdeeds by politicians. There is no way this case was ever going to trial because some individuals could not and would not let court testimony be presented.

Thanks, Dan, keep up the good work to let us know what is going in politics.

This state is amazing

It just goes on and on. I think idaho is an idiocracy (government ruled by idiots). Does everybody here realize how we look as a state?

When in Rome

And California has a group geniuses?
New Jersey?
Alaska's Palin?

Need I list all 49?


Idaho looks awesome. That's why everyone moves here. !!!