Crapo votes for bill that would save wind tax credit for now

Idaho Republican Sen. Mike Crapo voted with the 19-5 Senate Finance Committee majority on a $205 billion package of tax breaks that included a production tax credit for wind energy.

The $12 billion wind tax break, which the industry said was critical to its survival, has many conservative critics nationally and in Idaho. But it has many supporters, especially in farm state where it has brought welcome income to farmer suffering from a drought.

It had been pulled from the bill, which also corrects for a year the alternative tax hit on many Americans. That was the main reason Crapo supported the bill said his communication director Lindsay Nothern.

But the wind credit was added back into the legislation Thursday.

The production tax credit cuts 2.2 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced. And while it has contributed to the growth of wind power in Idaho in the last seven years the sunseting of a state sales tax rebate and the Idaho Public Utilities Commission action to reassess a program that requires utilities to buy power from renewable developers has all but shut down new wind projects in the state.

windtower blows

Back in the 19th century when America needed to build the railroads and inner city rail transportation systems we did not have the factories or infrastrure to accomplish this feat at a competitive price so Congress wanted to use taxpayer money to buy rail, locomotives, etc from Europe. Abraham Lincoln said no to this and convinced Congress to spend the extra money and support the developement of American factories and jobs. Which I believe helped jump start the industrial revolution and our rise to world power and wealth. Now government gives billions of your tax dollars to corps. to invest/make products overseas and shipped back to us. A good example is the windmill steel towers which come from China,most of the blades and motors from "pay no US taxes" General Electric from the EU.This is not a sound fiscal responsible government at work but a government answering to the lobbiest of the top 3 percent

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