Aggressive bear causes closures in the Trinity Mountains

The Forest Service closed Rainbow Basin area near Trinity Mountain on Thursday, Aug. 2 because of an aggressive and injured black bear in that area. The Rainbow Basin is about 35 miles north of Mountain Home.

Campgrounds in the area remain open. The closure affects the main trail leading from Big Trinity Lake (National Forest Trail 174) and trails that branch off of this main trail. In addition, National Forest System Road 129A, which leads to Trinity Mountain Lookout is closed. Access points to the closed area will be posted and signed.

The bear was reported to Fish and Game officials as acting aggressively on Wednesday, Aug. 1, and subsequently it was wounded by campers when it approached them. F&G officials attempted to track the blood trail, but it disappeared.

Bear scat in the area was located with candy wrappers in it, and it appears to have become accustomed to humans.

The public is being asked to report any sightings of the bear to Mountain Home Ranger District at 587-7961 or Fish and Game at 860-0582.

For a map of the closure area go HERE.



The poor bear wasn't being aggressive...

He was just slappin at all those mosquitoes.

Here is a good example of

Here is a good example of the TERRIBLE writing of the Rock.

Both Roger and Rocky report on the same press release....that's management's screw up.

But here is Rock's statement:
"The closure on the Mountain Home Ranger District of the Boise National Forest 35 miles north of Mountain Home affects the main trail leading from Big Trinity Lake and trails that branch off of this main trail."

Rocks takes 3 sentences and crams em into 1- without a single comma. WTH?

Rocks writes it was acting aggressively on Wednesday... Roger writes Wednesday, Aug.1st.

Rocks states that point as if HE saw the saw the bear. Roger writes, "the bear was reported to F&G".

So much better and clearer from Roger.

EVERYBODY at IS writes better than the Rock.

Here is the exact same story from a simple press release and Roger wins the Gold Medal for a MUCH better post.

Rock--- disqualified. He didn't meet weight. ha ha.



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