Idaho health exchange: Time for the miracle workers

Another committee took a look at Idaho’s health insurance exchange predicament Thursday, and the prognosis wasn’t good.

If Idaho is going to create an exchange — an online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can shop for insurance — the state must submit its framework to the feds by November. Will it happen? From Emilie Ritter Saunders of StateImpact Idaho, here’s the grim assessment delivered by Penny Schweibert, project manager for the state Department of Insurance: “It would almost have to be a miracle.”

There is a flurry of discussion about this issue — and I can attest that it’s tough to keep the players straight. A legislative panel discussed the issue Monday. On Thursday, Gov. Butch Otter’s task force took its first look at the situation. I mixed up the two groups in the print version of a Wednesday editorial.

The lineup is confusing, but the Insurance Department’s message is clear. On Monday, department head Bill Deal told lawmakers that the state may not have enough time to set up an exchange.

If the state doesn’t do this, the feds will — as prescribed by the federal health care law. That gives the state little control over the framework.

The matter falls to Otter’s task force, which appears determined to move quickly and make its recommendations. A do-nothing 2012 Legislature has left no alternative.

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Insurance Exchange

The Idaho Legislature lost their bet on the PPACA being overturned by SCOTUS and now they're putting our chips on a Romney victory. Even if Obama gets voted out, the chance of PPACA being overturned is marginal. The Legislature is acting as a slave to ideology not reason.

free enterprise system

No matter how you look at it..any fed involvement in the health insurance industry will destroy the insurance med industry in a short period of time....feds have yet to run any program properly that is a forced down the throats of the citizens of this country...liberal socialism strikes once again against capitalism ..god help us

How does pure capitalism differ from anarchy?


Anarchism holds the state undesirable and unneeded.

Capitalism, with private property rights, provides goods and services to the public, for a profit. The capitalist system requires the state to use its courts and levy taxes for the public good.

This is our system. What is the system in your country?


Just try abolishing Social Security or Medicare and see how that goes down with the over-65 crowd. Those two programs were "forced down the throats of the citizens of this country," and now they are successful, and benefit millions.

Yeah, but there broke.

If the average lifespan is 50yrs. they are solvent.

Get into the new century. Massive changes are coming, your Govt. is lying about our saftey net. You'll see.

They're Broke

Because congress, both democratic & republican, looted the "social security TRUST FUND" over the last thirty years to pay for other government expenses. The blame rests with every congressman, senator & president that voted for stealing our retirement.

Many successful plans... security. Loved hearing Romney praise the health plan in Israel for controlling costs so well...universal plan with individual mandate. What a hypocrite.